Gertrude Tapes

This is an attempt to create a complete Gertrude Tapes discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

GT010 RAKE KASH Herr Tambourine Mann LP (corelease with Chthonic Records) 69 Questions/Foreign Lands/Magda/Hot Tears/Autumn Crickets/Dear S./An Old Man Goes A Wandering/Herr Tambourhine Mann/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14
GT012 DAS TORPEDOES/RAKE KASH Split 7" Lathe Cut (Corelease with Unread) DAS TORPEDOES 3 Granovsky Uliea/Morfiy/RAKE KASH Hoskins/Danube Reflections
GT016 DAS TORPEDOES The Russian Submarine K7 The Last Goodbyes-Leaving The Port Of Murmansk/Off The Coast, Submerging/Dreaming-Sounds Of St. Petersburg/Alarms Sound Emergency/Last Letter Written/The Last Voyage
GT017 DAS TORPEDOES The Madness Inspiration LP (Corelease with Unread) Act I/Act II/Act III/Act IV/Act V/Act VI/Waou
GT018 RAKE KASH Rake Kash LP Stonebreakers/Rittenhouse Square/Year Of The Rabbit/The Wheat Sifters/The Crack-Up/Mirren/The Citize/New Directions
GT021 SIMON JOYNER A Rag Of Colts: Disgraced Songs 1987-2012 LP (Reissue of the Unread Tape)Goodbye To My Loving You/Summer Is A Chariot/Please Don't Disturb/May Day, 1941/Dizzy's Trumpet/Begging On My Knees Blues/When People Lose Their Color/Papa, They Hung Your Kid Out To Dry/September Said/Your Record Sounded So Beautiful (When I Was Drunk)/You Take A Train, I'll Take A Bus/Exit Casa De Fantasma/Here Come The Horses/Summer Will Breathe Again
GT025 C. WORTH A Farther Sea K7Below, Below/A Storm Petrel/"Come Up! Come Up!" The Old Man Called/Shroud, To Shroud, To Backstay/Dawn, Even As We Slept/Find Your Own Way Back/Oh, Miss Sarah.../Lasy Voyage/Kelp Tide/An Albatross, Asleep Upon The Sea/A Farther Sea/The Days Adrift/"Still, There Is the Sunlight on the Water, And All Around..."/The Buoys/Blue-Silver/A Tern/Another Tern/Islands Far from Home
GT026 MARK RITCHIE Kidology K7 Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday
GT027 CITIZEN ELECTRICAL Archive Spinoffs LP 10:19/6:21/4:40/12:22/2:08/6:42