Gazer Tapes

This is an attempt to create a complete Gazer Tapes discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

06 POPPEL Hit It CDPittsburgh/How Many Days/Conceived Ideas/Hit It/On A River/Colours/Pleasure/Twisted Mind/She/Garden
15 THE THIRD KIND Magnetic Feels K7 All Day Lazy/Sunset Town/Sleepin Walkin/sIREN SounD/Golden Tube/Slowly My Mind
23 THE ISLAND DWELLING BIRDS BAND Indian Canyon Triatlon: Speed I K7 The Island Dwelling Birds Band/By The Minute We'll Be Winnin'/#33/Gotta Get A Get-Away/Catch Me By The River I'm Walking On/#7/Consider Us Punk-Jazz/Trees (Travel, That's Where I've Been)/#14 #15 #16/The Space Between Numbers/Dazed Lives Going/How Old Is Clinton?/#5/Forwards Ever, Backwards Never/Truck To Think Of
25 VARIOUS ARTISTS Gazers #3 K7 –DAPHNE TUNES Bagpacking/DOORBELLS Distance/POPPEL Don't Wait/THE BV'S Distill Life/KLOOTHOMMEL Slice Life Like Pie/SPACE DAZE A Black Hole/STOOP KID Go Home/CAR PARTS Replacements Song/FIERCE FRIEND The Great Elephant/KASSEI Prak/KOOKENHAKEN Pleased As Punch/SUPERKUT Ik Los Op/VEELVRAAT Momos/ORO SWIMMING HOUR Drastig/RANGERS BAKED WHALE/WILLIAM Delay Cassoulet/ANNE VAN DE STAR Trammel/SIX HANDS Random Acts Of Desolation/KEEL HER Not The First/THE THIRD KIND Sister Jeannie/R. STEVIE MOORE Cool Daddio/OUTTA HERE Thinking/SPRINTERS Bredbury Street/KOKOKU Ilona/HEAD ON STONE At The Fire
26 POPPEL Make Sense K7Flower/Listen/Don't Wait/Clarity/Make Sense/Love/Just In Case/Not Normal/Couch/Kill Time/Show/Land
27 WOLF SHERIFF It's A Place Of Death & Decay K7Anhedonia/A Place of Death & Decay/I'll Have What I'm Having/Jim.I.Am
28 YADAYN Jean-Louis K7Ludwig/Johannes
29 STOOP KID Nothing At All K7Thougt This Was The Uniform/Done Deal/Welcome To Saptown/In Utter Neglect
31 THE HANNAH BARBERAS Into The Wild K7Breakout!/Our Girl Is Gone/Slow Cooked/What Are You Celebrating?/Foreign Ways/I Can't Go Outside/Always Falling In Love/Hurry On Home/No Mystery/Ted Wedding/(I Wanna Go) Out/I Like You In Blue/Into The Wild
32 FILIBUSTER Future Anachronisms CD Alien Nate/The World Is Dying I Just Wanna Feel Love/Treasure/Gee/Labrador/Impromptu No. 1 in G/Hung Parliament/Rest Is Words/Future Anachronisms/Sticky Wicket/Cold War Stills
33 TONSILS Nightmares Out Of A Bag II K7Give Up/Life After Death/I Think That We Do/Never Felt Better/Forever/The Crack
34 SOFT JOHNSON Soft Johnson Plays Gitarrio K7Swim Girl/Ev Pal/Jajajaja/Hoboken/Liesbet Draak/Bluesing My Religion/Maar Toch/Zonder Jou/Is That Girl Kidding Or What/Atmosferio/Het Kan/Mama/Dinsdaggio
35 LISETTE The Week 2 K7Mon. Simon/Tue. What Is Coming For You/Wed. Go On/Thu. Somehow/Fri. With You/Sat. And The Stoners
37 THE WRS The Wrs K7 (Corelease with Salty Dog Records, Le Cèpe Records, Rockerill Records)Magic Powder/Spit/3's For Lalala/Byzance/At The Bottom Of The Sea/Nobody Is Perfect But You/Inavouable
40 DE PORTABLES Silver Series #1 Like A Version K7 Ronny & Karina/Synth Maria Aalter (Aalternative Version)/Ronny Et Carine/Stereo Speedwagon/The Spring Summer Turned Into Winter
41 DE PORTABLES Silver Series #2 Version Killer K7Tony & Carina (On Dub Us)/The Spring Summer Turned To Winter In Time/Dubby Decker & Marimba
42 DE PORTABLES Silver Series #3 Version Suicides K7 Synth Maria (Not Feat. David Hasselhoff)/Even In The Remote Distance/Even In The Social Distance/Awkward Non-Silence/Synth Maria (Again Not Feat. David Hasselhoff) Part II
43 DE PORTABLES Silver Series #4 Vestal Versions K7 Radio Synth Maria/From Nothing Comes Anything/Frituur Vangelis
46 DE PORTABLES Silver Series #5 Version Mojito K7 Uuflaki Space Station/(I'll) Never Wear Those Shoes Again/Converging/Johny & Marambient/Filthy Bumblebee/Pale Blue Dot
48 OUTTA HERE One And One Is Two K7 Truth Is Near/Peace/Smartass/Pod/Chill/Big Boss Man/I'm Going Back
49 DE PORTABLES Silver Series #6 Version Islands K7 Collective Disguise + Around & Around/Wintertime Is Coming (And Going)
51 DE PORTABLES Silver Series #7 Version Hyperloop K7 PLAT (Playing Apart Together)/Even In The Distance/Indefinable Splendour/From Nothing Comes Anything/Goldilockdown/Ancient History
52 DE PORTABLES #8 A Version's Tale K7Uuflaki Space Station (Life Is Tidal At USS)/Monday Eve Cooldown Unfortunately Not Featuring Nick Kamen)/Paper hug/Monday Eve Cooldown (Fortunately Algelijk Toch Wel Featuring Nick Kamen)
54 DE PORTABLES #9 The Version Of Gent K7Where Did We Go Wrong/Was It Somewhere Along The Way To Miami/I'm Aim Of Yaw/Johnny (&) Marrtini Dry, Not Stirred/The Doorbell Of Perception
56 DE PORTABLES #10 Version Mary K7Strereo Speedwagon Into Johny & Marimba/Another stero Speedwagon Into Another Johny & Marimba/Stereo Speedy Speedwagon (Weiland remix)
57 DE PORTABLES #11 The Version Underground & Nicole & Hubo K7 Goldilockdown With Pink Putin/Goldilockdown/Goldilockdown At Nicolruyt & Hubo/Stereo Speedwagon (DC's "Hard Times When You Are Waiting For A Train" Mix)
58 DE PORTABLES #12 72 Versions (In The Sky) K7The Ongoing Transformations Of Regina Groove, Part I/Goldilockdown Syndrome/Johny In The Distance/The Ongoing Transformations Of Regina Groove Part II