Flannel Banjo/Tar Owl/Sardine Magozine/Freakshow Tapes

This is an attempt to create a complete Flannel Banjo discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

  CHARLIE McALISTER Flourescent Package Deal Chicken #1 K7 Mars Battle Flashback/Hospital Food/Prissy Miss Kate/Welcome/Throwing/Garden Club/Wrench From The Bench/Mary Jones/Version III/BC/I Read You/Florescent Chicken Package Deal/32 Feet/Chicken Bone Planecrash/The Majic Green Horn
(Freakshow Tapes)
CHARLIE McALISTER Bad Music For Good People - A Collection Of Sounds You'll Love To Hear Over And Over Again K7 Late General Hospital/Secret Of The Blue Planet/Flies And Worms/Orgna Hoses/Spinning Corderroy/Jazz Ball
Nutrition/The Compactor-The Smasher/Euphia Dance Song/Houses Of The Crab/Mysterious Island/Opera Of Buttons/One
Thousand Years/City Of Triumph And Heroes/Scarabi/House Of Halloween Pranx/Donut Stretcher/Raincoat And Overshoes-
Mathew/Talking Fishbasket/Through Slippery Pipes
09   CHARLIE McALISTER The Dylarama Plan & The BBQ Masters K7  
(Freakshow Tapes)
ELONGATED TWINS Elongated Twins K7 Cottage Cheese Thighs/Dead Machine
11 CHARLIE McALISTER Flourescent Package Deal Chicken #3 K7 The Cats In The House/King Grubber/Mary Sue/Number Fifty/Cool Daddy Jazz Sirene/Jumby/Blister Evils/Hydrant/Insect Ga-lad-i-a-tor Fights/Someone Stole The Pig/Number Fifty Three/Larry Goes Home/The 1-4 Experiments From June/Land Of The Mermaids/I Hate You/Call The Fire Dept/Maria/Das Bolus
12 CHARLIE McALISTER Flourescent Package Deal Chicken #4 K7 (came in plastic bag with various found objects) Song Of #4/Blistex Fashion Sho/Chicken Doctor-Spastic Laughs/Horny Hyatt/Orpeus And Wailing Beezer/I Am Beautiful/Fling Saucer/Larrysland Of Laughs/Gunk 15/Mggo Maggo/Jazzo/The Chief/Liquids/African Village/Report/Xp#5/Cocumbers From Canada/Dogs Eatin/Im A Musician
13 (Freakshow Tapes) HEAD INJURIES Head Injuries #1 K7 Spring Sprong Howdy Song/Moss factory-Water Pests/Radio New Guinea/Abrasives One/Soul Hole/Reddish Mauvebrainwave-Spit Powered Motorotor/Knucle Under/Number Ten/Mad daddy/Mammal/Number Twelve/Crax Minus A16-Twisting Scares/Dick Brain Gogo Cycle/Halls Temples Holes/On Edge/Number Fourteen/The Sinking Mannequin/Electric Vibrato death/Globus Serine Approach/Mantus/Joe Saws Broomstick/Railroad Turn
14 HEAD INJURIES Head Injuries #2 K7 Ant Farm/Fire Truck Red/Fake Flying Saucer/Largolator/In The Center Of Earth/Calm Before The Storm/Head Injuries Live
15 HEAD INJURIES Head Injuries #3 K7 Call Of The Mudmen/Jaws Of Bruce/Channels/Florecent Chicken Package Deal/Route X/Pilot/Grub Stodder Shutey/Launch To Nowhere/Space Hornet/Pull The Rug
(Freakshow Tapes)
BLOWN GYRO Fire Ant Mound K7 Oyster Dream/Chicken Bones/Bushes On Fire/Chewing Dolls/In The Temple/Spaceship Campfire/The Big One/Glove/Good Morning Dave
18 CHARLIE McALISTER Electro Dubber K7 Untitled/Untitled
(Freakshow Tapes)
(Freakshow Tapes)
(not sure about this one)
  Dance Grubbers K7  
(Freakshow Tapes)
BLOWN GYRO Bean King Wheelie Spectrum K7 Pan Rat Boy Of The Forrest/Nodule Specie Ignius/Emergency Stamp/Electric Gas Clog/Hammer Bra In/Specto Theatre/Cells/Robot Girl/Baby Farm/Vines-Abrasives II/Route X
23 ANTS AND BATS PLAYING SOCCER Compost Heap K7 Wearing Pink Sox/Riding Backwards/Ice Cold Wind/Give Me A Shave/Up On The Sun/Mysterious Rythmns/Duct Tapeman 7 Forget/Flat Tire/Turkey Prod/Playing French Horn/Wheelbarrow/Hi Folks Uncle Ned/As Is Was Never Be/Makes Bottle Rockets (Honey)/The Flying Nemisis/Venture To Sculpture Isle/Plaster And Straw/Poetry Game/Nimrod Ride/Give Me Some More/Ronnies Wallet/Hey Ronnie/Away Away Oooh/Little Red Car/Golden Brown/Construction Man/Driving Piles/Ronnie The Rooster/Rain/Jigo/Gilligans Island Paradise
24 CHARLIE McALISTER Rick Raines Singz Poison Ivy K7 Sweetpea Song/Rick Raines Singz/Questions For The Ceramic Oracle/Owls/Ask The Exterminator/I'm OK/2#/Glamour Of It All/881-7125/Smart As Paint/Light House/Grocery Store/King Neptune/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
25 CHARLIE McALISTER 60 Minutes On The Berm K7 Old Jazzer/10 Ft Tall Giant/Gorilla Family Vs G. Erwin/Dear Garla/Wander And Wonder/Chineezer A/# 200/I Must Prepare/Exciter Film/New Land/College Try/Mary's Farm/Deep Sea Dwellers/The Take Off/Tuesday #1/Tuesday #2/60 Minutes/Song That Gives-Receives/Chineezer B/Death Gargoyle/Path/Never Been West/Telephone Explainer/Direction We Want To Go/TTC/Composition/Galactic Horn/Play'n Flannel Banjo/Kristy/Red Zone/Middle Of The Night/Plan/The Architect/Old Jazzer Part II
26 CHARLIE McALISTER Hot Air And Noise K7 Parallel Existance/Teenage Queen/Yellow Rose/Maybe Baby/Osprey Float/Light And Airy/# 257/The River/# 281/Rosey And Red/# 302/Fun/Bongo Punt/Journy Through Unknown Lands/Fireworks/Maraska/The Gift Of Gab/Yes Sir/Dive/Flannel Bellie Dance/Im Ganna Wail/What Spring Brings/# 301/Come Along With Me/Little Doughgies/Shumtie's Flutie Twang/Subjects Flying/Rain Has Gone/Alive/Very Long Road
27 CHARLIE McALISTER Recorded Passages From The Fire Ant Mound K7 Scooter Of Paris/Plugging Away/Lorna Bun Die Corn/Simultaneous Gorge/Backyard/Into The Blow/Grey Day/Sweet And Sour/Found Plastic Heal/Down To Davy Jones/Must Have Been Sleepwalking/Drinking Song/Construction Failure/Clouds Of Change-Tale/Sister Craft/Fruit Soda/Sokhopp-Ho Ho Ho/Decay And Heat/Crab Bell-Norgle/Money Makers Barbra Break Out In Funny Rash/Im Not Bored/Clammy Collage/# 306/# 307/# 308-This Is Mom/Get Along Kitty/Banjo Tub-Peru
28 CHARLIE McALISTER #28 K7 Collage-Textures/Enter Kizer/Lonely Highway/Flora's Old Foot/My Poem/The Mark I Made/The Void/Motorcycle Accident/#383 Sink/#391 Collage-Coconut Shake/Untitled/Canned Football/Last Strong Hold
29 CHARLIE McALISTER Waiting For The Glamour Mule/Two Bags Of Cassettes K7 Untitled/Untitled
30   CHARLIE MCALISTER I Haven't Any Sealegs K7 March/Pinup Girls WWII/Spring/#394/I Get Mad/The Girl Of My Dreams/Xmas Day-Jambed/Dry As A Bone/New Years Day/Time To Cash In/Chicago/Abandoned Civil War Fort/During The Movie/I Found A Steering Wheel/I'll Dream Of Heat/Visit/Subdivisions Of Shit/The Stranger/Preditory Insect/Storm That Never Came/Fill Me (Jigger)/The Pirates Let Her Rip/New Orleans Style II/#393/The Idiotic Person
31 CHARLIE McALISTER 7 Years Of Recording 1987-1994 K7 Yes Sir/The Emergency Stomp/2 Excerpts From #18/Excerpt From #9/Subdivisions Of Shit/Flattening Out/Scooter Of Paris/Excerpt From #19/Hi Folks/Lighthouse/Hypnotiser/Raincoats And Overshoes/Horney Hyatt/Excerpt From #11/Play'n Flannel Banjo/Ant Farm/Excerpt From #20/Excerpt From #29/Chicken Doctto-Spastic Laughs/Moss Factory Water Pests/Construction Man/Call Of The Mudmen/Chewing Dolls/The Mark I Made/Number Twelve/Dear Garla/Euphia/I Want To Speak To Ben Matlock/Excerpt From #19/Yello Rose/Gogyra/Hey Ronnie/New Years Day/Pan/Rat Boy Of The Forrest/Drinking Song/Xp#5/Excerpt From #20/I Love Mary Sue
32   VARIOUS ARTISTS We Got The Ball Package Deal K7+VHS+T-Shirt (cloth covered box containing #31/project N video/flannel banjo t-shirt)  
33 CHARLIE McALISTER Southern Promenade Porch Party K7 Let The Ralley Begin/Six Days In March/The French Plumber/Febuary Air/Pappi's Dream/Thats The Plan Man!/All Is Not Lost/Scraggily Biker/Obituary Collage/It's Not Me----/The Porch Cat Skiffle/Today Is My Birthday/Late In The Evening/The Battle Of The Insects/#399/Six Days In March/My Sleeping Dreams/Luck Turning Bad/#400/Take Your Own Chunk (Ballad Of Suburban Sprawl)/I Came Out To Kansas To Clean Out Your Basement/#401/Mal De Mer/Drums Of The Crab Nebulus/Excerpt From Colage Gorge
34   PROJECT N 20 Min VHS Video VHS  
35 CHARLIE McALISTER Subhurbian Beachtown K7 Hope For Rain/Urge To Leave-Spreading Collage/Fake Fire Alarm-#406 Southern Poe Party.../Lercy's Anthem/#409 End Of May/Football Game/I'd Promenade With You/The Dream Of The Siren/Waiting Song/Existence Song/Sleep All Day/Queen Of The City/Suburbian Beachtown/#408/The Final Frontier (Suburbia)
36 CHARLIE MCALISTER Miracle Ear K7 Bees At The Head's House Isle Of Palms SC/Uncle Ned's Audio Letter/Radio Station In Paris/Train In Atlanta Airpot/Piano At Caroline Beelands House Charleston SC/Happenings In Front Of The Pompidou Center Paris/Static Electricity Machine At City Of Science And Industry Paris/Football Game In Paris/Fountain In Paris/Bees In A Graveyard In England/Fount Pleasant Christmas Parade/Robert And Maria On The Palmetto Bug/Sprinkler In The Backyard/Vhf Radio On Ken o War Cay Bahamas/Am Radio Rec. In Bahamas/Various Birds Rec. On Isle Of Palms 1988/Guitar Rec. Chicago 1988/Swan Rec. In England/Flight Attendant/Train Station/Church Bells In Cherbourg France/Water Running Out Of Pipe In England/Subway Construction Paris/Kurd? Ralley o The Bastille Paris 1993/New Years Party Around The July Column Paris/Stairs At Catherine And Isabelles Studio Paris/Metro In Paris/St. Michaels Church Bells Charleston
38 CHARLIE McALISTER/YAK & Cakes, Pies, & Cauliflowers K7 YAK & Butt Dance/The Future & Graham/Oh My Stars/Broccoli & Braunschweiger/Man In The Caboose/Maximize Onset/Modest/Cloverleaf/No. Central Iowa/CHARLIE McALISTER The Story Of Baby Ned/Happy Place/Waiting For The Bus/I'm So Alone/The Big One/We Don't Know/I Feel Worse
39 VARIOUS ARTISTS Belly Up And Down For Davey Jones K7 TUGBOAT: 3001 Atlantic Ocean Green/GEORGE WILLARD The Sea Is Indifferent/MEAN SPIRITED ROBOTS Monster On The Water/CHARLIE MCALISTER Mal De Mer/YAK AMPERSAND Don't Forget You Buoy/JERSEY TUSHI AND CYRUS REGO Ocean Rain/ORANGE CAKE MIX Ocean Sunrise/DAVID JEWELL Movies Stargator/ANNE HELLER AND LOW END LARS Rock The Boat/MAC MCALISTER Excerpt From Narrative/MONSTERS FROM THE ID Bottom Of The Ocean/BOXBOY WITH BUGGERED BY NERDS Seashell/FURNITURE HUSCHLE Hawaiians/BISCUIT Sea 77/SPONTANEOUS BOB Children In Wells/JARBOE Troll Lullaby/CASH NEXUS Trouble Maker/PASTE Star Of The Clear/VISIBLE EL ROY Seashell/BEUREGARD JONES Down Into Da Water/ANNE HELLER Spider River/CHARLIE MCALISTER Not Going Down To Davy Jones/JEFF POOLE L-Shaped Sun Over A Sea Of Bricks
40 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Gift Of Gab! K7 MONSTERS FROM THE ID Underwear Honey/GIANNI SANTILLIE For Nettie/EEL O Dawn And Payne/DAVID JEWELL Untitled/PESKY CANARIES Mudville II; Tim/JAMIE AND CHARLIE MCALISTER Asphalt Love Triangle/ASHLEY HOLT Drunk/JAMIE MCALISTER Untitled/ANNE HELLER Tantra/DAVID JEWELL Untitled/MONSTERS FROM THE ID King Turtle/EARL AND OSRAM Bristol Temple Meads/JAMIE MCALISTER Untitled/THEM! Renato's Fallen Angel/T.H.U.D AND BUZZSAW Wash Away/LANCE MICCIO AND CHARLIE MCALISTER Brooklyn Burger World/BILL FERGUSON AND CM Excerpt From Icecream Wraparound/CRISS BAYNARD Excerpt From History Of The World
41 ASHLEY HOLT Jonathan Martin's Combat With The Black Lion Of Hell And All His Combined Power K7 The Fuzz/Sofa For My Soul/Goldilocks/Tell U Y Tomorrow/Wheelchair/Beauregard/Balloon/Something's Not Working/Meat Is Murder/Vitamin/You Piss Me Off/Jesus Shaves/Ajax Windows/Mr. Eclipse/Frankenstein/There's Water Everywhere/Unmarked Car/Drunk
43 CASH NEXUS Harling Fieldgate's Pliers K7Edith Keeler Must Die/I'm Not Like You/Defenestration/I've Got A Gun/Harling Fieldgate's Pliers/(We Want To) Shout It Out Loud/Two Feet (I Saw You Naked In my Dream Last Night)/The Self-Deprecating Song
FURNITURE HUSCHLE Easy Glider K7Hey There/Hello/Be A Cop/Child Killer/Hawaiians/I Built A Woman/Instantly Person/Dairy Fire/The Man Who Bent Spoons With His Mind/Me and Bobby McGee/Zero Coupon Bonds/Mercury Bobcat/Laotians/Free Range/Thigh Master
46 BUZZSAW/JAMIE McALISTER Dr. Maladroit/Voyage Into Fate & Other Tales K7 BUZZSAW Untitled/JAMIE McALISTER Logs And Dogs/Women Don't Do That/Fields Of Frozen Barracudas/Report From Midatlantic-A Hurricane Without A Name/Premium Suicide In Suburbia/Rest Area By Frank Lloyd Wright/Weerd In A Good Way/Voyage Into Fate: Glum/Paradise Joe
50 VARIOUS ARTISTS Lonestar Palmetto K7 REBEL HEIRS Bride Not To Be/CALEB FRAID Showboat/ANNE HELLER Freylekh For The Oppressor/DAVID JEWELL Excerpt/REGUCLARITY Public's Fine/LOW END LARS Occult Physiology/CALEB FRAID Yeah High/RIBEYE Blackeye Bumfuck/WHISTLING IGLOO GUYS City Of Austin/ASHLEY HOLT Somethings Not Working/WILLIAM MEAD Song Writ'n Cowboy/.005 Excerpt/STAN LOLLIS Excerpt/DIESEL FISH Albatross/WHILHELM HERCULES & THE CHOCOLATE BIRD BEAK Excerpt/JEFF POOLE The Pentagon And A General Named Eddie/JAMIE McALISTER Voyage Into Fate/KEVIN TAYLOR Excerpt/DOUBLE DONG Hard On/C. McALISTER & THE CORAGEOUS GALVANIZERS I'm So Alone (Live)/ASHLEY HOLT National Anthem
51 KING FROG The Cabinet Of Dr. Calamari K7 Jeff Fucillo Drank A Whole Bottle Of Gallo And Stuck My Nose Flute Up His Butt/A Super 8 Film Called Venezuela.. Xylophone And A Turntable Live Recording Of The Sound
52 GENUINE HILL-PEOPLE MUSIC FROM GEORGE WILLARD ... And Flatlanders Aren't Welcome K7 3time Lunatic/Say Ta Do/You Don't Belong/So Far Away/I Won't Miss You/She's In Love With A Criminal/That Dog Would Laugh/I Used To Make Her Smile/Take Me Back/Harvest Is Coming/Pants/What Good Would It Do
55 VARIOUS ARTISTS Women Of The Sub-Underground Compilation Cassette K7 CHORTLE OCD = Happiness (Excerpt)/Subconcious Interference/CANE Restart/JULIANNA PELOSO Plants In Bloom/DRAGON AEROGATOR Agent 3/Postcards Or Lighthouses/THE ARIELLE PROJECT Bothways/TEDDYFIRE Homework/DOWN RIVER The Roof Song/MICHELLE GLAW Sad Song About Sin/LITTLE DEBBIE Feel Like Makin Luv/Sometimes/GODDESS IRENA I Oh Christmas Tree/Message Of The Gods Telepathic Receivdth/NINA K. Spook Lucas/LISA Intentional Defecation V's Incontinence/ANNE HELLER Indian Summer/QUIMLING My Uterine Wall/KALAH ALLEN Sarah The Whale/NEENER Mentos/JARBOE Love Poem
56 ANNE HELLER Gracefull & Moist: Solo Works 1996 K7 The Butterfly Rips White Threads From Her Eyes To See The Dance Of The Ages/Indian Summer/Wood Nymphs Frolick Around The Poteau-Mitan/That's What It Goes In This World/Oshun, Save Me From The Darkness/Vestigial Digit/Mourning Bird Meets Snake And Scorpion
58 BUZZSAW The Paper Race K7 Can Can/Tales From The Vienna Woods/Millionaires/Toe Down/Tarantelli/Bullfight Song/Irish Washerwoman/The Road To The Isles/Aloha Oe/Peterskaya
59 ATOM EVE Atom Eve K7 Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
60 THE AMERICAN TENANTS II K7 Untitled/Untitled
61 CHARLIE McALISTER I'm Living In A Stump K7 Cheap Shit/The First Day Of the Rest Of Your Life/Totally Male De Mer/I'm Gone Away/We Aint Got No Piano/Complete Failure/Chubby Bubby/Spring Break/Shag Dancing Is Cool/The Shipwrecked Girl And The Crabman/Return Of The Nemeses/Rock Around The Clock/Hallucinating Runaway
62 ATOM EVE Whalers In The Opium Den... K7 Their Prewhaling Lives/The Ocean Calls/Hunting The Great Fishes/Inside The Opium Den/Identity: Lost/Outro
66 VARIOUS ARTISTS Speech & Sounds By Relatives K7 Family Feud Intro/Brian Tharpe And Calvin Stanley Talk About Thanksgiving/Terry Reed Solo Project-How'd You Meet Grandpa/Elvis Movie/Vhf Radio-Sailing On My Brother's Boat/Arden Jones (Brook's Uncle) Tells Story/Edmund Shower (My Grandfather) Recites Part Of Poem/Uncle John Peel/Christie Gorman With Her Mother, Sister And Brother/Funerals/Mac McAlister (My Father) Tells Story/My Mother And Father Adjust Heading/My Brother Jamie And Sister In Law Leigh Describe Christmas Parade/Ferguson-Sanchez Family In Venezuela/Chris Fischer And His Cousin Wally-The Space Shuttle/Carl Bufkin Discusses Family/My Brother Robert Explores Barge/Brooke's Aunt Talks About Dancing Kid/Looking Into The Window Of An Antique Store/Arden Jones Tells Another Story From The 60's/Rob Kinneman And His Father At Indianapolis Speedway/Terry/Kevin Taylor And His Grandfather Clarence Wiring The House/John Merrit's Grandfather Playing Piano Over The Phone/My Father's Narrative Recorded While Sailing To Bermuda/Christie Gorman And Her Grandmother/Fornell Family Thanksgiving Include Darrel's Mother, Aunt, Brother In Laws Mother, Nephew, Dad And Niece/Regina Pyles' Message On Answering Machine About Gettig Married (Now Divorced And Remarried)/My Brother Robert-Is It A Process Jimmy?/My Grandfather Testing Tape Recorder/My Brother Jamie/Music And Sound From Jamie And Leigh's Wedding In France (Includes Step Sister Molly)/More Sailing On Roberts Boat/Ashley Holt-Family Dog/Part Of An Audio Letter From My Father In France/Arden Jones Tells Story
    CHARLIE McALISTER AND THE PAPER MILL BOYS Showboat Grande (K7 Flannel Banjo) I Came Out To Kansas To Clean Out Your Basement/Suburbian Beachtown/The Glutton/Waiting For The Bus/I'm So Alone/Liquor Store/Leroy's Anthem/The Circus Of Life/Rollercoaster/Mississippi Luau/Pants Falling Down/6 Days In March/Yes Sir/Urge To Leave
    CHARLIE McALISTER Flourescent Package Deal Chicken #2 K7  
  ASHLEY HOLT The Bachelor Butcher Bishop K7 Stoner EV/New Mantra/At All/I'm A Little Teapot/You Need Everything/I'm Working On It/Bob Missile/Irritant/The Bread And The Butter/You Told My Mom/The Big Nothing/Ear, Nose And Throat/Stoner EV II/Our National Anthem
  BLOWN GYRO Operation Mindfuck K7 Launch To Nowhere/Channels/Beezer's Cellar/Robot Girl/Nodul Specie Igni/Emergency Stomp/Electric Glas Clog/In The Temple/Oyster Dream/The Big One/Hammer brain/Specto Theatre/Spattered Face/Sphinx
    DAVID JEWELL Slaphappy K7  
(I'm not sure this is a Flannel Banjo release) DAVID JEWELL Lizards Again K7 Today They Showed Me Lizards/Of Course/I Had Already Seen Lizards/But That Doesn't Make/Any Difference To Them/They/Showed Me/Lizards Again
(Freakshow Tapes) BLOWN GYRO Screamin TV Genie K7 RA Spectro Micron/Beezer's Cellar/Spattered Face/Sphinx/Twitching Spider Woman/Rodons Resistor/Escape/New Guinea
    ELONGATED TWINS The Edge Of Rust (K7 Freakshow Tapes) (Elongated Twins are Charlie Mcalister and Bill Ferguson) Flattening Out/Cottage Cheese Thighs/Fierce Impact/Interference/Skin/Depth/Euphia/Growth Of Culture/Input/Short/Rust/Intialman/Breather/Organic Noise
  THE BIG TENT ROCKN ROLL ACCORDIOON COMBO The Circular Circus Waltz K7 Journey To The Intro/Start Off A Song/Big Sneezers, Egg Eaters/Magicmarkerville/Gabi In The Army/The Pentagon
Secretary And A General Named Eddie/The Psychotherapeutic Shower Stall Product/When We Moult/Ain't A Fetcher Or A
Jumper/Two Glass Eyes/Sad Chicken Pickin'/Middle Name: None/The Doormouse & Alzo/Bury My Bones In Baltimore
  VARIOUS ARTISTS The Compilation That Never Was 2xK7 (Corelease with Unread and Doormat, TX)

SINISTER DEXTER Pleasure/MAC DAWG I Think Were Alone Now/ASSARIA Linedancer/INVISIBLE BARBED WIRE FENCE Shipwrecked/FLAMING INTERIOR DECORATOR - - - -/KING FROG Tritium/WOOD PANELING Kitchen In Murnich/CLUPPY Oh My Friends/ANDY GISH Deep enough/PASTE - - - -/MISSING SONGS Kathy's Train/H. COBB & BANJO JOE Bottle #11/WEIRD PAUL My Cat Eats Moths/EEL O The Afterbirth Of Cool (Part II)/ED ROONEY Domestic Disputes/SMARTY PANTS Marooned/JUPE LUOMA - - - -/CASH NEXUS Harling Fieldgates Pliers/SIMON JOYNER Dizzy's Trumpet/BUZZSAW & C. MCALISTER Bratley's Tail/SWAMP GASZ - - - -/AMERICAN TENNANTS Javcee M./FURNITURE HUSCHLE Be A Cop/DAVID JEWELL - - - -/FROG STRANGLER & THE COUNTRY CREAMERZ Fight/CALEB FRAID My Heart Goes Out/GEORGE WILLARD What Good Would It Do?/ATOM EVE - - - -/FUCILLAGE Clean/ASHLEY HOLT Sofa For My Soul/JAMIE Joe/PIANO REEVES Entry Into Vinyl Heaven


Tar Owl

02 PIANO REEVES Vinyl Sided Dance Numbers Somebody Left The Record Player On K7 Horns Of Brass Raggo/Great Time Raggo/Buffet Raggo/Waltz/Entry To Vinyl Heaven/#8/#9/Delicious Bird/#4
02 CALEB FRAID (This Is) Well Oiled Machiner) K7* Shirley Temple/Do Lord (Instr.)-Do Lord (Vocal)/Bryant Gumble/My Heart Goes Out (Again)/Yeah High/Love Song/Sport Enough/Dancing Queen/Spellcheck Mathematics/Suffer/Showboat/Honeyed/Here You Again/Resolution (Cut Out Secrets)/Valentine/Wels End/Oxidized
04 HEAD INJURIES I Am Not Yet Fully Recovered K7 Marsh Beat/Calm Before Storm/Route X/Water Pests/Grub, Stodder, Shuteye/Electro Zone/Call Of The Mudmen/Jaws Of Bruce/Trip Into The Mind/Ant Farm/Fire Truck Red/Fake Flying Saucer/Halls, Temples, Holes/Number 14
05 CHARLIE McALISTER Cold Waves K7 Cold Waves/Vibrating New England/Glacial Death/Cold Waves 2/Bubblin' Steam Vent Rag Dubber/Cold Waves 3/Polynesian Ice/Limpet/Destroyed Statues/Ice Parts I & II/Cold Waves IV 4
  CHARLIE McALISTER Clawin With Our Jowls 2xK7 (Corelease with Unread) Sweet Susie/Chattering Jaws-Frog Pump/Space Play/Play #2/Clogged Claws-Gurglin' Jaws/Lasagna/Futile Serum-Dialing Sticks/Journey To The Sun Act I/Partial Lock Jaw/We Robbed A Liquor Store/Spanish Lesson/The Skin Of Their Teeth Makes Coats/Baywatch-Memphis-Iran/The Sack Is in The Bag/Gob Creek Monster/Ice Cream Wrap-Ukelele Dub/Trina/The Fire & The Village/Marcus James/Story Of Tiny/Fried Sandwich Play

Sardine Magozine

9+10 SARDINE MAGOZINE Double Issue 9 And 10 (Book+CD+Lathe Cut) CHARLIE McALISTER South Carolina Afternoon/The Day The Strand Burned/The Seaman's Act Rag/Fiberglass & Lifejackets/Heritage Not Hate/I Don't Like It (Too)/God Sent Me A Redneck/Do The Crab Trap/College Pride/Carolina Treet/Tourism Is Dead/Triangle State Mental Zone/Triangle State Mental Zone Continued/Carolina Moon/Publick Defendant/Bonne Voyage Mixed/Maxx'd Out Mixed/Hugor/Fell Apart/Carnival Fantasy/ERIC OSTROWSKI Dragon Paddle Dance
  CHARLIE McALISTER Battle Of The Dugongz K7 Untitled/Untitled