This is an attempt to create a complete Fisheye discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

SCHOOL 1 VARIOUS ARTISTS Neon Signs In A Dralon Sky K7 CHILDREN AT PLAY Tuning In/PASTE On NME's/TEA CULTURE Given Away Free With The November 23rd, 2000 Issue Of National Geographic/PRICK DECAY That's What Mothers Eyes Are For/BROWN TOWER Take A Bath/OMIT Disconnection/THE SHADOW RING A Flash Of 8-Watt/HOOD Alfred Wainwright/SCAREDY CAT Can't Believe/CALVIN PARTY Less Is More/GOOSEWIND Saint Of Confu/WIZARD HO HO Hallowed, Weened/MOLST Bounce/REFRIGERATOR Plastic Lasts Forever/POLYP Monster/CHILDREN AT PLAY Obligatory Feedback Fade/RAKE Beaver Dam Deconstruction/70 GWEN PARTY The Guilt And The Gallowmongers/HOOD Abstract Paintings Of Meaningless Thoughts/DERV Proverb/SUPERFLUOUS Heal The World/THE BUCKNALLS Postcard/JACK GEEK Zen Yobbo!/PRICK DECAY Tin Squat/MY DEVIANT DAUGHTER Zealot/LIECHTENSTEIN GIRL Tug/EARL & OSRAM Your Suburban Intoxication Friend/THE GOLDEN MILE No Eyes/W.O.R.M. Fog