This is an attempt to create a complete Fayettenam discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

TT01 HEARTBREAK SCENE The Szabo Songbook CDAlibi/Baby Song/Daytime Emmy/Delighted/Don't Make Me Sorry/I Should Be With You/Love Outside Movies/Remember Free Love/She Wants Fun/The Situation/(Some Kind Of) Watershed
TT02 FRANKLIN BRUNO Local Currency: Solo 1992 - 1998 CD Milkcrate/In A Sourceless Light/News From Cupid/About You I'd Ask/Wholly Heavy Heart/Winter's Just A Word/Medium Of Exchange/Keeping The Weekend Free/Purity Test/Shooting Past Me/Cat-Scratch Fever/The Irony Engine/Pointless Triangle/The 101st/No. 119/Fond Icicle/Soggy Girl/Sleeping Through The Jane Pratt Show/Rice King/Coupon/Dream Worth Dreaming
TT03 FRANKLIN BRUNO Zero Return 7" Waterweight/Medal/I'm Not Ashamed
TT04 PETER PETER HUGHES Fangio 7" Operational Detachment Juan Manuel Fangio/El Narcoavin
TT05 PETER PETER HUGHES Fangio LP My God Is An Angry God (Juan Manuel Fangio Castiga Los Pecados Del Mundo)/La Consciencia Intranquila De Juan Manuel Fangio/Edwardian Gray/Bebe's Song/El Hombre Mas Macho/Compared To Their Predecessors, Today's Politically Motivated Kidnappers Are Total Dicks/Los Viejos/Beat Your Halfshafts Into Swords (The Radicalization And Redemption Of Juan Manuel Fangio)
TT06 THE HUMAN HEARTS Art Books 7" Art Books/The Last Words Of Her Lover