Face Like A Smacked Arse

This is an attempt to create a complete Face Like A Smacked Arse discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

BMA01 SPACEHOPPER A Nally Retro Hardy Chat Tied Sex Excess L.P. 1994 K7 Beliver/My Friends Have All Gone/Dreamteam/Not Allowed/Rainbows/Is This Real?/Happy Birthday Dylan/Todays The Day I Change My Underpants/Naughty/Frog/My Mum And Dad/Lady Muddana/Bodies/Bob Monkhouse
BMA22 EARL & OSRAM 20561: Pilon K7 Cat Got Yr Tongue?/I Am Corporate Man/Candle Scalpel Ballad/Adman Conciusness/What Now Mr. Clever?/Miracle Ineptitude/I'm Into Indie!/Eschaton/Knife/Unnatural Disaster/Eldorado/No Safety Zone/Next Years Scandal/That's Some Car You Have Thayre/Pop Rock/Suburban Intoxicator/Balustrader/RU486/No Easy Way Down/Futurist Carnival
BMA28   ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS A Spike Through The Heart Of Jelly K7 Centre Of It/Veils Drum Dub/Centre Of It Distortion
BMA52   MLEHST Pharmacological Preference K7 You Pays Your Money You Takes Your Chance/The Works
    FUTURE SPERM BRASIL Future Sperm Of The Jedi K7  
    COCK E.S.P. Mono Mad Men K7  
    OLIVER JESUS HISTIQUI Escudrinando Por La Puerta Del Sol K7  
    DR. GRETCHEN History Is Written By Feathers K7  
    INCA EYEBALL Your Nose Controls You K7  
    THEE SHRINKWRAPPED GENIUS Straight Tomato Joose K7  
    CRAYOLA SUMMER Odds & Sods (But Mainly Sods) K7  
    CRAYOLA SUMMER Straight Tomato Juice K7