Eldest Son

This is an attempt to create a complete Eldest Son discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

ESBS06 BÜGSKÜLL Gargamelodies K7 It's A Monster/Lewis/Space Shuttle/Fences/Eavesdropping/Not The Fall/Half Of It/You Don't Know/Disclaimer/Dope Smokin' Son/Someday Soon
ESBS07 BÜGSKÜLL Magic Tremolo K7 My Dream Is Of Destruction/The More Guppie/Meurange/The Demystification Of Mars/The Conquest And Subsequent Apportionment Of France/Beginning To End/Drill/The Slow Death Of President Mother Jesus
ESBS12 BÜGSKÜLL Assorted K7 Next Wave/Sunny Day Song/Stiff As A Board/Fences/Eaves Dropping/The Demystification Of Mars/Not The Fall/Disclaimer/My Dream Is Of Destruction/I've Got The Dope/Someday Soon
ESPF1 VARIOUS ARTISTS Several Kinds Of Small Fuzzy People Gathered Together In Bands And Grooving To Floyd K7 JEFF BYLES The Gold Its In The.../SONE She Took A Long Cold Look/MOTORGOAT What's Uh The Deal/THUNDERSNAIL The Nile Song/NEW BAD THINGS Bike/BÜGSKÜLL One Of These Days/KURTZ PROJECT The Gnome/CAPITAL EYE Vera/GOOSEWIND Another Brick In The Wall/MINNOW Long Gone/VIXEN HAILER Brain Damage-Eclipes/THUMBTACK See Emily Play/WALLPAPER Carefull With That Axe Eugene
    VARIOUS ARTISTS A Tribute To Prince K7 MARK Dirty Mind/MINNOW (WITH HILARY) Paisley Park/NEW BAD THINGS Darling Nikki/PASTE The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker/HABIBI When U Were Mine/SPEED BUMPS I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man/KURTZ PROJECT Little Red Corvette/QUASI Take Me With U/ACTION PUSSY I Would Die 4 U/REFRIGERATOR The Cross/VEHICLE I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man/BÜGSKÜLL The Beautiful Ones/MARNIE Seven/TOM, CARRIE & MATTHEW Nothing Compares 2 U
    BÜGSKÜLL Scaring A Nation 2xK7  
  BÜGSKÜLL Time Is Not Our Fried 2xCDI've Got The Dope/Death Comes Closer For Us All/Chains/Dope Smoking Son/Lewis/Fences/Space Shuttle/Muerange/Stand On Your Head/Not The Fall/Its Gonna Be Pretty Angular/My Dream Is Of Destruction/All Members Please Rise/Disclaimer/Stiff As A Board/Mandroid/False Alarm/Next Wave/Sunny Day Song/The Bloat/Exit/Pure Love