Eerie Materials

This is an attempt to create a complete Eerie Materials discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

  VARIOUS ARTISTS Eerie Boutique K7 EVERYTHING EATS A SQUIRREL Infinity Cricket/KINGDOM SCUM Claw/SLUDGECRYPT Magnetic Snotrag/You Smell Like A Book/I Own A Rifle/ENE The 7.6 Theme/EEYORE POLYP GRUEL Conquer And Vanish/PLASTICINE GEL MONSTER My Bride Electrikinky/SOCKEYE Kill Yourself/CAVE CLOWN MICROWAVE Three Toad Piano/Deathleham/SOCIETY OF THE OBSCENE SPECTACLE Nation Of Outcasts/YOUR FOLKS THROWING UP ON MY FOLKS Fuck Your America/DETUNE Stole Mamma's Heart/EVERYTHING EATS A SQUIRREL Conformity/EEYORE POLYP GRUEL Prayer Tank/CAVE CLOWN MICROWAVE When Galaxies Become Ants/THE POPSICLE MELTS Little Catatonic Girl/SOCIETY OF THE OBSCENE SPECTACLE Subtruth/SOCKEYE Jizz On Your Facial Disk/ENE Sum/KINGDOM SCUM Fur Is Good, Grow Your Own/DETUNE Poor Little Donkey/IN WOMB REEK EVIL Slave Play/EVERYTHING EATS A SQUIRREL Kill Kill Die Kill Die Die Kill/SLUDGECRYPT Pile Of Bile/Leningrad Redneck/Snoring Beasts, Bubbling Breasts/FORK KNIFE SPOON I'm A Freshman/EEYORE POLYP GRUEL Puke Ellington's Pajamas/CAVE CLOWN MICROWAVE I Eye Aye
  EVERYTHING EATS A SQUIRREL Flowers Of Chaos K7 Introduction/Twisted Heavens/Nudity/I Had A Dream Last Night Involving A Very Tiny Turtle/Flog/Holy Horseshit/Lobotomy/Excommunicate/Spring/Grab Lady Justice By The Balls/M.P.E./Greenish Pink/The Butt Song/Moths/Intestinal Necklace/Ode To A Bunny/Flowers Of Chaos/I Hate Punk Rock/Suction Cupcake/Grandfather Picnic In Surgery/Jacob's Bladder/Gum/Fiddlesticks/Infinity Cricket
  VARIOUS ARTISTS How To Kill Frank Sinatra K7 BRANCH MANAGER Map/BIG POO GENERATOR Toilet 4 2/NAUGHTY DED HED AND THE GOTHIC HAIR FREAK ART FAGS Go Off!-Behead The Greedheads/THE VERY PLEASANT NEIGHBOR Screwed On Backwards/GANG OF PORK Clone City/DETUNE 533B For D.C./COLON ON THE COB Rope A Dope/LOU MINATI Blackmail Me?/COMECON Ulcer/SERENA SLAB Ain't Nuthin But A Riot Y'all/BUTTSTEAK Scrabblepimp/NEW KILLERS ON THE BLOCK 1 Point Of Light/GANG OF PORK Acoustic Stupid Song (A.S.S.)/VOLKSWHALE Jimi/KEPONE Flyvop/THE SOMEDAY PEOPLE I Like/EDO Big Surprise/THE WALLMEN Coupon/BIG POO GENERATOR Rear-Entry Pants/EDO We're EDO/CLOACA Systems/THE WALLMEN Theme From Hula Week/NEW KILLERS ON THE BLOCK Don't look At Me.../WORLD OF SPEED Eating Maya/KINGDOM SCUM The Honorable Way To Become A Maggot/DETUNE Metal Radio II/BIG POO GENERATOR My Poo/GANG OF PORK Little Sip Of Drano-His Day/LOU MINATI Mr. Barnett/THE SOMEDAY PEOPLE Tristana/BOY IN LOVE I Don't Want To Diet/THE POPSICLE MELTS Froggy Shuffle/KEPONE Shit-Talk/SPORTSCREME John Lennon Stuffed Seven Irish Setters Up Frank Sinatra's Pussy/THE VERY PLEASANT NEIGHBOR The Bacon Bit/VOLKSWHALE Volkswhale/NAUGHTY DED HED AND THE GOTHIC HAIR FREAK ART FAGS Special Towell/AURORA PARALYSIS Porpoise
  VARIOUS ARTISTS How To Worship Mosquitoes K7 ESMIRELDA I Ain't Gonna Kiss Your Ass/THE EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE Bombs And Rectangles/THE PURE PLASTIC TREE #12/MAN WITH GUN LIVES HERE City Dwelling Girl/SLIANG LAOS Nationwide/BATTLEHAM 13 Miles/THE GLAND PUPPIES My Half Brother, Vomit, Keeps Saying "Clotwurst!", Clotwurst!, Clotwurst!, Clotwurst!, Clotwurst!, "!"/THE GLAND PUPPIES Mrs. Bill Pineapple/APOCALYPSE THEATRE Freakshow/THE EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE Rebel Without A Pause (Whipped Cream Mix)/VOODOO MUZAK Excerpts Of Coloured Disease VI/NEW KILLERS ON THE BLOCK Pickle Jar-Not Your Job/DESTROY THE NATURAL Dreadful Chuckle Prong/OLIVER SQUASH He Died On Tuesday/PLASTICINE GEL MONSTER Mucusflower/ENE Cryogenic/APOCALYPSE THEATRE Rose Red/FISHSKEL Alcomasochism/AVAIL Observations/ANITAS LIVS Boahra/GEEZER LAKE Where's The Safety?/KINGDOM SCUM Johnny Can't Fuck/HOLY RODENT Gun$, Guitar$m and VCR$/DESTROY THE NATURAL Five Ninety-One/SECRET SIX White Chixx/SECRET SIX Riot Song/ROB CHRISTIANSEN Confusion Just Thinks It's Sex/BOY IN LOVE Walk With Jesus/WARM FUZZYS ARE ALL OVER MY SKIN A Little Bit Of Everything/THE GLAND PUPPIES Dr. Microwave/THE EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE Feel Crappy/VOLKSWHALE Pile O'Shit/THE PURE PLASTIC TREE The Annette Song