Crunchy Food

This is an attempt to create a complete Crunchy Food discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

  ANNE HELLER/ANNE + LARS Mass Of Quivering Protoplasm/Quotations From Charlie Chan K7 ANNE HELLER To Lay A Trap/A Little Heaven/Step Softly/Pontificate/Take A Gun To That Machine Head/The Day Is Long And Night Is Upon Us/Liberating Factor/The End Of The Empire/Mike Ringelspaugh's Car/Bad Attitude/Love Song #2/Waste Is Motto/ANNE + LARS Rock The Boat/I Want To Annoy The Neighbors/International Tot Fanfare/Saint/A Flower/Trash The Brain/Graveyard-Zombie Arcade 
  LOW END LARS Scars K7 Hubcap Pt. 3/Hubcap Pt. 1/Evil Clowns/Whales/Pots And Pans/Guitar Tree/Hubcap Pt. 2/Greek Coffee Shop/Scars/Natural High/Helicopters/In The Sky/Ghostly/Shit Bird Flying/St Cloud Sinewave Supernoise/Our Battlecry/Saturation Threshold/One String Guit. Solo/People Are Stupid/Guitar Man Pt. 8/Space B-210/Hunted... Despised!
    ANNE HELLER/FUNGUS Alchemical Pursuits Of The Dispossed K7