Colorful Clouds For Acoustics

This is an attempt to create a complete Colorful Clouds For Acoustics discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

004 THE AZUSA PLANE/ROY MONTGOMERY Split 7" THE AZUSA PLANE She Was Into S&M And Bible Studies, Not Everyones Cup Of Tea She Would Admit To Me. Her Cup Of Tea She Would Admit To No One/ROY MONTGOMERY Cumulus And Fugue
011 TWO PROJECTS TO HARNESS THE SURGE OF THE TIDES Two Projects To Harness The Surge Of The Tides 7" (Corelease with Astro Lanes) Wave Crests In The Oceans Of Air: Forerunners Of Sonar/One Voice, Two Sounds (Part I)/Sound Profiles From Wave Crests: One Voice, Two Sounds (Part II)/Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand
012 A.M.P. Studio EP 7" Justlikeit/Sceneseason
013 THE SPIRES OF OXFORD The Spires Of Oxford CD Graves Of Two English Soldiers On Concord Battleground/By The Statue Of King Charles At Charing Cross
014 TRANQUIL To Reach The Heavens, The Stars Must Divide CD Alexandra/Kentucky Propeller Factory/Summer Bunnies/I Won't Be Your Virgo/Tokyo Stealth Dub/Where Is Andrew Eldritch When You Need Him?/Smoking Beagal/Repulsive Diamond Whisper/Tomorrow Comes Faster Than You Think
015 K-GROUP/OMIT Slow Movement 7" Slow Vanishment/Long Rise/Slow Movement Toward The Abyss
016/017 THE AZUSA PLANE America Is Dreaming Of Universal String Theory 2CD Strings 1/Strings 2/Strings 3/Strings 4/Strings 5/Strings 6/Strings 7/Strings 8/Strings 9
018 THE AZUSA PLANE Result Dies With The Worker CDPhiladelphia, PA - Phi Lamb Fraternity/Philadelphia, PA - Pontiac Grill/Philadelphia, PA - Khyber Pass Pub/Washington, DC - Mellatronic Festival/Chapel Hill, NC - Transmissions Festival/London, UK - The Garage/Providence, RI - Terrastock 1/San Francisco, CA - Terrastock 2