Chthonic Records

This is an attempt to create a complete Chthonic Records discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

CHT01 WORK IN PROGRESS Work In Progress K7 National Pastime/Rinse Repeat/The Bullseye/Must/Do What You Want To Do/Pay For The Rain/The Affluent Society/American Recession/The Destroyer/Like No One Else
CHT04 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Think I Might Be Autistic K7 ED ROONEY Random Room Sounds-This Old Hymn/ERIK SAHD You Gotta Keep Trying/1H86335 Wetlands/DBPM The Fork In The Road/JOE BROOK Righteous Man/MARK MCMAHAN The Green Chapel/FEEL FREE Red River Banks/SAMUEL LOCKE-WARD Real Hard/JOHANNESTANZ Give Me A Name No. 1/GLADHANDS Refrigerator Mother/ED GRAY & COYOTE BLOOD Just Born/RAMON SPEED Stopping By The Platte On A Summer Evening/BEN TRICKEY Tangle/EGG & DART Richard Pryor's Vacation Home/L. EUGENE METHE Pale Plums/JONATHAN BOULAY I Leave It Everywhere
CHT05 RAKE KASH Herr Tambourine Mann LP (Corelease with Gertrude Tapes) 69 Questions/Foreign Lands/Magda/Hot Tears/Autumn Crickets/Dear S./An Old Man Goes A Wandering/Herr Tambourhine Mann/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14
CHT06 JONATHAN BOULAY/TIMOTHY BOULANGER Jonathan Boulay/Timothy Boulanger K7 JONATHAN BOULAY Babies/Light Of The Moon/De/Color Of Blue/Don't Die In Me/Dirty Hands/TIMOTHY BOULANGER Scorpion Woman/WBEZ Management By Our Boss Mr. Torey Malatia/The Boy In The Well/Promontory Point/Friends Like These, Huh Gary?
CHT08 TOBY GOODSHANK!/SAMUEL LOCKE WARD Toby Goodshank!/Samuel Locke Ward 7" (Corelease with Slumber Party Records) SAMUEL LOCKE WARD Nothing For Me/Bliss Blue Skies/The Top/TOBY GOODSHANK Beach/Alana/Virgo Song
CHT14 THE WANDA JUNES Factory Plaza K7 I'm A Horse/Folk Attempt 1/Out On Territory Trail/I Will Not Dance/Five Finger Discount/However You Want/New Restaurant/Avocado Pie
CHT43 SIMON JOYNER AND DAVID NANCE Last Stand Blues: Live At The Barn Deluxxe K7Sonny/Galveston Blues/Last Will And Testament/Old Days/Illuminations/The Black Dog/I Wrote A Song About The Ocean/Nostalgia Blues/Everything's At Stake/Joy Division/Farewell To A Percival
CHT666   VARIOUS ARTISTS It's Halloween Time 2xK7 (Corelease with Almost Halloween Time) C. WORTH Backbones, Neckbones/CHARLIE MCALISTER Sea Goblin/FURNITURE THREE Apple Valley Death Investigation/CITIZEN ELECTRICAL Seasons Shifting/MATTHEW EDWARD CLARKE Creeping Feeling/CHARLES DINGUS Hack Frauds / Lackluster Blockbuster/WILL SIMMONS & THE UPHOLSTERERS The Bomb/KIDS OF THE ATOMIC AGE Texas/CALEB FRAID Deer Park/COUGHETERIA The Ghosts We Know/T.E.V. Graveyard Bongo Boogie Woogie/REFRIGERATOR Another Ghost Town/NUTRITION FUN Mauvais Sang/MR. MICROWAVE No More Screem Queens/HOOPS A Monster at Home/JOHN DAVIS There's One Time of Year When Everybody Thinks It's Okay to Beg/RESTAURNAUT I Was Possessed (By A Ghost)/HOCHENKEIT Coach Randall (666)/PAINTED FACES Hippy Halloween/BINGO TRAPPERS City of Diamonds/GOOSEWIND Vrykolakas/TIFFANY BOULANGER American Nightmare/ED ROONEY Thriller/Chiller (excerpt)/CHRIS BJORNN That's What You Get For Living in a Place that's Haunted/BOB BUCKO JR. We Are Not All Monsters/WIO Summer of 69 Square Meters of Serpula Lacrymans/NICOLE KIDMAN Virginia/BLACK CUM Hungry 4 Flesh/GLADHANDS No Fearô/MONOGAMY Last Year's Costume/PLUNDERSHOP FT. MICHAEL OVERMAN Michael's Letter to the South Southern Carolinians (Live on WUSC, Columbia 2007)/NEIL A. Dungeons & Dragons is for Adults/HOME Ghost: A Ghost Story by Home/WICA INTINA To Essentially Become Again a Stranger/CORPSE CALYPSO Summer/MARIJEAN Untitled/PHIL YATES Ninjas vs. Zombies (Let's Keep Our Heads)/THE DEBTS A Song to Lift the Veil