Car In Car Disco Product

This is an attempt to create a complete Car In Car Disco Product discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

  NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Biographer's Ruse K7 Register (Live 2/11/93 Anthill Pub, U.C. Irvine)/On A Wall (Live 5/31/92 Munchies' Shrimperfest)/After The Housewarming (Acoustic) (Live 7/31/92 WHRB, Cambridge, MA)/Ribdate (Live 5/31/92 Munchies' Shrimperfest)/Yes, I've Been In Love (Live at WFMU, easrly August 92)/Smothered-Register-Political Man (Live 5/31/92 Munchies' Shrimperfest)
  PARTY OF ONE Super Leggera K7Horseshoes/My New House/Claremont Cometh/Dark Matter/Winsconsin Optimist/Chinese Motherlode/Novice/Planned Obsolescence/Venus/(I Ain't Got No) Health Insurance/Stewing In Yr Juices/Self-Help/Heavy Water/I'm Never Leaving Home Again/One Too Many
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Silvergate And Dovetail K7THE CONGRESS Rig Veda, Opulent/CASH NEXUS Featherbed/WCKR SPGT Making Love Will Cure My Sick Heart (version 3)/POCKET O PIANO Cornstalks/THE MARRIED COUPLE Satan Homo (Dogs on the Stairs)/THE LIVIN' B' JESUS Pictures/NÜTZLICHE AUSDRÜCKE Der Stab auf Leiben/CHICKEN DAMAGE Good Girls Don't/THE THREEGOS Livin' in Bridgeville/WCKR SPGT Bad People/WCKR SPGT Tarmac/MASSENGIL Go Surf Kid/THE SALVATION BROTHERS Locusts and Joel/FURNITURE HUSCHLE Furniture Store/THE CONGRESS Delilah Statueseque/MIKE KINGSTON Everybody Has A Pimp/WCKR SPGT Nudge/T.H.U.D. 31732/NAPKIN Lost in Reality/CHICKEN DAMAGE Furniture Store - Keep On/CASH NEXUS History SPOTS Quickly/THE SALVATION BROTHERS I Want To Know
    WCKR SPGT Finger Me CD 
  WCKR SPGT A Tea Party Of Love CDFor You And You/The Caring Song/How Did You Meet Them?/The Brightest Star/Everybody's Dead (Oh No)/One Night In Grand Rapids/E.E./Inside Me/Flinch Mob/Old Boxing Footage/Howard's Sores/Small Circle Of Friends/Glimmer Of Truth/Habeus Corporal/Finger Me/WEA/So This Is What They Call Early Retirement/Marriage At 30,000 Feet/Freud Was Right/Difficult Month (100% Fun)/Isle Of You/Temple, Church For Jews/We Seek The Beautiful/Fire In Her Eyes/Your Red Hair Hides A Long Neck/Trail Of A Bad Man/Head Through Iowa Now
  WCKR SPGT Finger Food K7 Capricorn One/I Wonder How It Works/Singles at Church/Habeus Corporal/Honoring The Family Of Three/A Glimmer of Truth/Knot in Jail/Found Beauty/e.e./The Pest Won't Leave/Stephen Hawking, Registered Sex Offender/I Can't Speak For You (Deaf Mute)/Head Through Iowa Now.
  WCKR SPGT Pure Heaven K7 (also on Traumatone) Breakfast At Epiphany/Effective and Still Sad/Times For/The Crucifixion Of Mr. Finicky/Vicarious Nephew/Iz One Z/Relegation/Heavenly Love/Envisioning Sex/Dairy Fire/White Foam/Nothing To Write Home About, Really/Evening Gown/When Love Is Unlikely/Pure Dynamite/You're Old/A First For Everything/I've Got Your Nose/Clown Boy Division/Avenue Of The Giants/Crumbly Man/Sweet Nothings (Going To Burma)/Many things/Icy Flies/Intimate Self/Ron Howard/Fake Part/Heir baby/Furniture Store/When The Cows Come Home
  CASH NEXUS Dancin' On The Devil's Tail K7Happy Birthday/Six Foot Room Underground/Dancin' on the Devil's Tail/Detrimental Blockade/I'll Pop The Corn/Rain/Monday and Tuesday Heat/In Charge of the Weather/Another Girl, Another Planet
  CASH NEXUS Mislabeled K7 Brotheltown/Egalitarian Backflip/Regarding Camus/I'm So Satisfied/TroubleMaker/Nothin' But The Best For My Baby/I Will Not Forget You/Letter To Assisi/Someday My Love/Even As We Speak/Never To Return
  CHARLIE MCALISTER Have Fun This Summer K7 Anything Butcroquet/The Day The Strand Burned/Independence Day/Im Dying/In Front Of The Post Office Version Two/Im Staying In The Parking Lot/To Hell With The Monkfish Man/There's No More Room/#423/Sue-Beezer-Outer Space/Sandcastle Wrecker/Robbery Song/Jamie Reading/The Dead Bird/These Last Days
  CHARLIE McALISTER The Fake Puntegg Roll Bomb Pass K7Dreams Of Suburbia/Grande Strand Night/# 403 3 Days/Space-Play/Lucky Day/Fight Song/Textures 3/Neo-politan Fog.
  FURNITURE HUSCHLE Phantom Limb Newsletter K7Lonely After Dinner/Smatter/Jad Fair Is Bono/Porch Song/Maximize Your Profits In A Tax Sheltered Investment/Another Fine Day For Tori Spelling/You Saw The Moth Jesus Christ/Child Killer
  FURNITURE HUSCHLE Music For Rakes/Lamp For Sale K7Untitled/Untitled/Locus of Control/Hard To Die/Thrush/I've Got Your Nose/Dairy Fire/Debts With Corsicans/Riboflavin/Imagine Dating/Comfort is Stagnation/Lime/Orange/Looking For Your Foot
  FURNITURE HUSCHLE Lemon Zest K7Untitled/Untitled
  THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Taking The Dative K7 Orange Ball Of Peace/Standard Bitter Love Song #8/Chino Love Song 1979/Wrong!/Going To Jamaica/Alpha Gelida
  FURNITURE HUSCHLE Not Without My Daughter K7Not Without My Daughter/The Powerful Word Of God/The Men Who Bent Spoons With His Mind/AAArizona/Glue/Cripple Physicist/Lamp For Sale/Short Talk About Urine And Feet/Furniture Blues/I Never Saw You/I Never Met You/I Never Paid You Full Banking Commission/I Never Started Smoking Again/I Never Called Florida/I Never Stopped Itchin' When Red Hit The Kitchen/I Never Saw You There
  PASTE Calm K7Starter For You/Empty Out/Empty In/E-E-E-E/No Movement/Beauty King/And The World/Blood Ghost 4/Incredulity/Fitz/Hornet's Nest/On 4's
  PASTE Tension K7Hurry Home/Dexatrim/Back To The Fourth/Dirty Wedding/Your Mess/Middle Age Fancive/Mistaken/Rodent/No Sound/Under Your Hide/Officer/Your Shape/Steeper/House Filled With Room/House Without Room
1994 WIZARD HO HO AND NANCYMAN AND THE UNDERCAKES Speaking In Tum-Te-Tums (K7 Car In Car Disco Products) WIZARD HO HO The Year Before Last Years Model/NANCYMAN AND THE UNDERCAKES The Girlfriend/WIZARD HO HO Childstar/NANCYMAN AND THE UNDERCAKES Balloon #1/WIZARD HO HO Double Or Jeopardy/WIZARD HO HO Desperately Seeking Brian & Julia/WIZARD HO HO The Ragged Dreams Of Highly Elastic/NANCYMAN AND THE UNDERCAKES Untitled Song/WIZARD HO HO Lazarus & Me/WIZARD HO HO Exhuming Todd Carty/NANCYMAN AND THE UNDERCAKES Balloon #2
    PARTY OF ONE Trans Magetti K7 
  T.H.U.D. Vagina Power K7 33129 (Paste Voice)/13862 Drawoh/24925/32334/31732/The Wave Music Café, Epiphanies Of Midnight In The City
  T.H.U.D. Space Patrol K7Up Against A Wall/Bravery/Painful Perfection/The Return Of An Old Disease - Goiter/Orgasm/Love On A Shoestring/The Ingredient In Toothpaste That May Blacken Your Teeth/Under The Stairs/Orgasm (Continued)/Illustrious Omission/The "Light" Dessert With More Sugar Than Brownies/Decision/Schizophrenic Causes Reconsidered/Why You Should Make Your Own Baby Food
  FURNITURE HUSCHLE I Built A Woman K7Terror Song/Instantly Person/I Built A Woman/Battle of the Network Stars/I'm Not Franklin/Tattered and Thin/Hurting Words (live-Cup of J 3/95)/Last Cigarette.