Bridgetown Records

This is an attempt to create a complete Bridgetown Records discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

01   KEVIN GREENSPON Streets Of Socal 3"CD  
02   KEVIN GREENSPON Greetings From La Puente 3"CD (Corelease with Dust Wind Tales)  
05   THE LIFE OF GIRLS TODAY Women's Cancer 3"CD  
06 KEVIN GREENSPON Del Tecate CDR  Enerdrunk/Del Tecate/Hurricane High Gravity (Feel The Pull)/Bassett Hounds/Truth Serum/Oddly Shaped Suburb/An Affair/Tallcans, Flings And Fate/Hot Import Nights/Girl, I've Got Standards/Telepathic Hotel/Tecate Heaven
07 NICOLE KIDMAN 20 Years Old And No Girlfriend CDR My Life/To Die For/My Everything/Oh, Mama! (Happy Feet)/Australia/Clone War (Stepford Wives)/Batman Forever/Practical Magic/The War (Cold Mountain)/Woman Overload (Malice)/Birthday Girl/Eyes Wide Shut/Fur/Dogville
08 CLARK 8 School Of Expression CD Coping With Modernity/Sara Saroquel/Wintery Flags/Little Guy/Milkweed Pod/Pentupagram/Internet Dating/Recluse/Tilt A Whirl/Norwegian Gun/Raised By Sharks (TechnoXplosion Mix)
09 KEVIN GREENSPON Cultural Geography Of The United States CDR (Corelease with Family Time Music) Boston Holiday (MA)/Caressed By Bethany (OK)/Texas Ain't The Reason (TX)/Hole In The Desert (AZ)/Annoying Boy From Illinois (IL)/Dade County 305 (FL)/Disco Fantasy Number 2 (TN)/Tha Atl (GA)/Shooting Star Over Mount Rushmore (SD)/A New Land For A New Life (NC)/Hockey Mom (AK)/Most Of The Movie Fargo Doesn't Take Place In North Dakota (MN)/Fargo Revisited (ND)/Old Age In New England (ME)/Shivering Like A Dog In Switzerland (MI)/Death Of A New Mexican Salesman (NM)/Orange County (CA)/The Monster Of Dragon Run Forest (VA)/Who Cares (DE)/That Rich Girl Hannah (MT)/Cocoa For Cold Hearts (WI)/The Most Wastful State (SC)/Weekend At Westdale (IA)/It's Not Burlington (VT)/Broken In Love Park (PA)/October Bridge Day (WV)/The Heart Of Dixie (AL)/South Of Salt Lake (UT)/Race Day (IN)/Swingers (LA)/Mount Vernon Fried Chicken (KY)/Situation At Mccarran (NV)/Shake 'N' Fries (ID)/Retarted At Target (CT)/I Want To Rock (AR)/Punch Drunk Love (HI)/Down In The Sound (WA)/Crow Canyon (CO)/Core On The Shore (NJ)/Washed Hands Of Toledo (OH)/Crabs Are For Lovers And Vice Versa (MD)/Inadequate (RI)/Divine Secretes Of The Yaya Sisterhood (MO)/Cheyenne Shining (WY)/Tornado To Oz (KS)/Pilgrimage To Portland (OR)/Ghostride The 'Ssippi (MS)/Twisted Like That River (NH)/You're So Sad (NE)/New York, New York (NY) 
10 NICOLE KIDMAN/KEVIN GREENSPON Blue Crush K7 KEVIN GREENSPON Maybe/Awkward/Pieces/Graduated/Nostalgia/NICOLE KIDMAN Tyrone/Littletrux/Popular/Columbine/Yearbook/Loser
11   KEVIN GREENSPON Golden Road K7/CD  
12 BABY BIRDS DON'T DRINK MILK Jam Packed Full Of Awesome K7 Strum Strum Bang Bang/Sleepytime Rowboats/Helicopter Soup/Betty Rebel/Keep Quiet Golden Vulture/Train Song
13   KEVIN GREENSPON Purple Hearts K7  
14 LAND OF ILL EARTHQUAKES Heartbreak Bombardier K7 One For The Books/Run And Hide/Heartbreak Bombardier/Skippy's Delight/Don't Pose For The Picture/Bomb Drop On Me/Off To The Races/1968
15   KEVIN GREENSPON An Endless Distance CD  
16 CLOUD NOTHINGS Turning On K7/CD Can't Stay Awake/Old Street/You Are Opening/Turning On/Hey Cool Kid/Water Turns Back/Whaddya Wanna Know/Real Thing
17 VEHICLE BLUES Punks On Transit CD Punks On Transit/Campbell And Potomac/Pauly/Ma Hawk/Subway Riders/365 Ft Wide (Vitreous Humor)
18 NO PAWS (NO LIONS) No Ghosts CD Don't Be Afraid Of Where You Live/No Ghosts/Content/Hills/Kobe/No Ghosts (Version)/For Sean
19 KEVIN GREENSPON Corridor CD Once By Chance/Sinking/Drift Away/Alarming Return/Eyes Forward Still/Unbearable Keepsake
20 NICOLE KIDMAN Teen Worship CD Material Issue-Taking back Sunday/Forever Crushed/Bottom Of The Ocean/Life Really Sucks/Bottom Of The Ocean (Demo Version)/Girl At Stater Brothers/Im In Love With A Jehovahs Witness/My Miley/Miley Is Awesome/I'm Just A Normal Girl
21 TRUDGERS Always Crashing Heaven CD Moist Mouths Eject/Star Crossed Klutz/Crashing Heaven/Wait For You/Nothing Perfect Ever/Outgrowing Halos/We Only Come Out At Night
22 HEDIA Apnoea CD Of Maple/Apnoea/Leporidae/Fell Voices/Domicile/Featherache Part II
23 KEVIN GREENSPON In Serial CD Horizon/Dead End/Find A Way/Depart/Finally/J.G./L.T./S.K./L.S./Flicker/Fade/ Sentience/Surveillance
24 BYODEATH Snowy Eyes K7 Half Shaved Head Half Long Hair/Snowy Eyes/Scared To Mosh/Sleeping Mutie/I Wanna Bully You/Black Jelly Bracelets
25 VEHICLE BLUES Changer CD Changer/Winter Lamborghini/Real Loner Shit/Worn Out
26 JUNIOR LOW Heavy CD I/Dirge/Kimberly/II/Smokes/III/Sunburn
27 R. SAWYER I Burn CD Constricting Realities I/Amaryllis/Constricting Realities II/I Burn/Blood Bright Star
28 DAVID JABERI Out CD Thoughts/Zaster Zone/Pick Urself Up/Don't Rain/Mood Ring/Good Things/Treat Others/No One Like You/Survive
29 ANCIENT CRUX Stage Fright CD Stage Fright/Alma Reville/Proximity/Man Running/My Pillars Of Shame/Untitled 1/Strange Situation/Benevolent Void/In Teen Dreams/Colossal Debt/Demand Respect/Untitled 2/Karen Centerfold Speaks
30 WEED DIAMOND Carry On + Sweater Kids CD Mint In My Mouth/Carry On/Mr. Vacant Stare/If You Love Me Let Me Go/Grand Piano Jam/Blurry Afternoon/No More School/Chelsea Koral/I Can't Understand You, Girl Bear/All Of Denver Is Wasted/Janie Moved/Arlington Baby/Wilbur
31 KINDEST LINES Kindest Lines CD Hazy Haze/Destructive Paths To Live Happily/Baltimore/Prom Song
32 KEVIN GREENSPON/CLOUD NOTHINGS Split CD KEVIN GREENSPON Post-Life/Carpool Pepsi/No Ghosts/Open Book/Growing Up/CLOUD NOTHINGS Underwater We Make Friends/You're Not That Good At Anything/Skeleton In The Basement/Dead Girl/I Apologize
33   KEVIN GREENSPON Push You Away Forever CD Unwelcoming-Threshold/Ache/Push You Away Forever
34 SCHOOL KNIGHTS Rush S.K. CD Cliques/Bullies/Recess/Prom Queen
35 TRUDGERS Bedrooms On Fire CD Autobus Daydream/Star Crossed Klutz/Crashing In Your Car/For Marc/Rushed Words/We Only Come Out At Night
36 WHIRL Distressor K7 Preface/Leave/Blue/Ghost/Meaningless/Child/Sandy
37 JUNIOR LOW Almost Forever K7 Almost Forever/Bloodlust/This Was Important/Shadow Corner/Dead Weekend/Trish Keenan
38 JEN PAUL/NO LAKES 1965 Ghost + Cherry Sap CD Sailor's Ball On Ghost At Sea/Votre Coat/Julian's Bridge/Wheel And A Chime/Late Film/Shivers/Sea Blues/Muerte O Casamiento Durmiente/Snow Drone/54/ Train Hollers/Mas/Bottled Ships/Sl Boxxrree/Brunette/Black Paws
39 KEVIN GREENSPON Common Objects K7 (Private edition of the LP that came out on Family Time in 2010) Lien/Spark/Pale Twin/Unwelcome/Threshold/Glass Prison/It Might Take Me A Few Years
40 NIMA Demon + Wet Dream K7 To The Man On The.../Mister/Demon/Change Of Plans/For The Meantime/Wet Dream/Special Nap/Little Rosenheim/Change Of Plans (Piano Taboo)
41 LAND OF ILL EARTHQUAKES Lines K7 Lines/First Dance/Amy's Song
42 R. SAWYER Aulea K7 1/2/3/4/5
43 LEE NOBLE Persona K7 Beached/Personal Day/Carve An Image/Skin And Hair/Eyes Meet The Night/Straight Black
44 DEREK ROGERS The Exhaustion Of Emotion K7 Unto The Keeper/Isolation Space/We Know Not The Errors Of Our Ways/The Fire Was Burning Down/The Exhaustion Of Emotion/Firm Implantation/Primitive Honor
45 A.V.R. Ascent Home K7 First New Day/Dust Of Origin
46 HOLLOW SUNSHINE Grey Again K7 Grey Again/Unwilling
47 SKY STADIUM Plateau K7 A New Time/Grand View/Uplifted/Point/Somewhere Else/Ground
48 BRAHMS Pressure K7 A Full Embrace/Sixteen Candles/Hope-Hate/A Life Ends
49 SUNDRIPS Peripheries K7 Cloud Boundary/Wind Assistance/Caught In The Rain/Aurora
50 FORMER SELVES Fait Accompli DVD Intro/Moment/Percolate/Ornament/Zones/Fait Accompli/Among Other Things/Align/Actio In Distans
51 GRIZZEL TOE/HERMIT CONVENTION Split K7 GRIZZEL TOE Wet Cliffs/Transitional Brain Pain Syndrome/HERMIT CONVENTION Kafkaesque/A Million To Me
52 CHICKEN SANDWICH Complete Discography K7 No Surprises/Brain On The Ground/The Rise And Fall Of Kevin Greenspon (Parts 1 And 2)
53 JON BARBA If We Say It In Unison K7 Back To The Future/So Many People (On This Planet)/I Thought I/I Dont Want To Be (A Loving Person)/Morning Piano/You'll Be In My Heart/Ashtma/Long Drives/F.y.l.
54 SEA OLEENA Sleeplessness + Sea Oleena K7 Southbound/Sleepless Fever/Insomnia Plague/Untitled/Sister/Milk/Orion's Eyes/Swimming Story/Asleep At The Wheel/Island Cottage/Cold White Sheets-Empty Bed/And/Little Army/Lull
55 KEVIN GREENSPON Paradise A.D. CD Barring Will/Surface Rift/Confronting Mirage/Paradise A.D./Impending/A Simpler Time-Passing By Quickly-Shatter And Repeat/Machine Shop/Heart On Chain/X.A. Assembly/Atrophied/City Breeze/Fireflies/Upper Class/Window Pane/Soft And Clear
56 VEHICLE BLUES Koz Park K7 Koz Park/Oscar Bought A Boat
57 ANCIENT CRUX 2011 Tour EP K7 Magnifying Glass/Terms To Control/Purgatory/Cauterize It
58 KEVIN GREENSPON Waypoint K7 Waypoint/Renewal
59 KEVIN GREENSPON + JON BARBA Southpaw K7 Southpaw/Girls School Punk Soda
60 MANDARIN DYNASTY Perpendicular Crosstalk K7 Toledo Blues/Lap Steel Blues/Fawn Brodie/Stark Ivory/Strings For Tea/Perpendicular Crosstalk/The Forbidden Zone/I Work For The City/It Is Mine/Prospector/Revelation Tremors
61 FORMER SELVES Hope K7 In Flore/Common Years/Holding Infinity/Walls/Hope
62 BUCHIKAMASHI Seireikai K7 Afterlife/Hereafter
63 HAKOBUNE November Light K7 Off In The Distance/The Leaf Strewn Path/They All Know That You Have Come/Perturbation Of The November Light
64 REIGHNBEAU Ashes K7 Slip/Flutter/Snakes/Fingers/Light/Restless/Shadows/Ashes/White Trees
65 SKY STADIUM Continental K7 Visit/Breaker/Look/A Millenium/Talavern/Become/Edge Of The World/Peace Recording/Navigation/Guide To Floating/Offering/Gateways
66 GIANT CLAW Clash Of Moons K7 Hello Tomorrow/Kiss For The World/New Soft Moon/Clash Of Moons
67 DR D.R. BARCLAY One Note K7 Untitled/Untitled
68 N.M. N.M. K7 Body Jargon/Hormone Squirts
69 AURLAND GRUVAN Smaragdgrön Havet K7 Untitled/Untitled
70 CHASMS The Science Of Consciousness K7 Matter/Duality/Total Depth
71 FORMER SELVES Telos CDR Confines Of Canyons/Echolalia/Healing/Balance/Turning Point/Telos/What Comes Before/Aerial/Without Form/Vanishing Point
72 KEVIN GREENSPON Maroon Bells K7 Fifteen And Descending On Corona/Maroon Bells/Passing The Days/Scaffold/Opacity Of Man/Die-Cast
73 VENN RAIN Serene Beam K7 Blue Green/Turnstone/Shiver Slowly/Scroll/Mirage
74 JOHN THILL D.E.A. Fires K7 Indian Blanket/Solar Hits/Ominous Sounds/Poncho And Moonlight/D.E.A. Fires/Budding Fruit/Informers/The Grow/Pilgrims/Weeds
75 HOBO CUBES Serpensulla Gardens K7 Shade Bathers/Fragment Fusion/Keygen Atmospherics/Hypnotherical Fascination/Bending The Love You Keep/Open Heights
76 DESERT OF HIATUS Compendium K7 A Priori/A Posteriori
77 SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE Slowed Down Footage Of Farming K7 Tribal Analogies/Every Cell Scatters/Flamingo Bursts/Slowed Down Footage Of Farming/Reframing Moment/A Way To Understand Transitions
78 ULTRA DOME Home Videos K7 Lost In Space/Things Worth Forgetting/Retreat/Localizer/Time Fades
79 SECRET COLORS Higher Views K7 Follow The Drummer/Beacon/Higher Views/Dropping In/Visit From The Psychonaut
80   KEVIN GREENSPON Bracing K7  
81 KEVIN GREENSPON + SKY STADIUM Kevin Greenspon + Sky Stadium K7 KEVIN GREENSPON Surface Rift/Confronting Mirage/Paradise A.D./SKY STADIUM Over The Sea/Vertical Shade/Settings/Total Life
82 DEREK ROGERS Don't Stop Bereaving K7 About Identity/Ex-centric/Visional/Backing Yield/Don't Stop Bereaving/Dreams Unfulfilled
83   KEVIN GREENSPON Folding Focus DVD  
84 PAPER ARMIES Tell Me To Give Up K7 Imitations Of Drowning/Pictures Of Anything/Is It Alright If I'm Scared?/Knowing That You Ruined Everything/Tell Me To Give Up (Part 1)/Tell Me To Give Up (Part 2)/Understand/Accept It
85 / AHT 015 KEVIN GREENSPON + NICOLE KIDMAN Already Dead 7" (Corelease with Almost Halloween Time) Southpaw/Already Dead/Thirst For God/Girls School Punk Soda
85 / AHT 015 KEVIN GREENSPON + NICOLE KIDMAN Already Dead 7" (Corelease with Almost Halloween Time) (Limited edition of 50 copies with handmade handdrawn all different sleeves) Southpaw/Already Dead/Thirst For God/Girls School Punk Soda
86 NOW Are You New Age? K7 Are You New Age?/Drone Of Dume/The Good Life
88 TOM HUMORIST Everyone Works So Hard K7 Tugged Apart Inconsistently/Temp A/Mosquito Swells/Clawing/Great To Be Fun Again/Song For Julie/Everyone Works So Hard/Harrowed & Restored
89 REIGHNBEAU Friends K7 Blood/Whittle/Harmony/Drive/Greys/Rain Hands/Organa/Splinters/Foreverr
90 SCHOOL KNIGHTS Lethargy K7 Heritage I/Weird Times/Low Tide/Silicone Drip/Heritage II/Chairs: Repurposed/Don't Be Happy/And the Moon Descends Upon the Temple, Which Was
91 WIDESKY Flotsam K7 Flotsam/Jetsam/Coriolis/Gyres
92 HOLLOW SUNSHINE New Light K7 Old Light/Indifference/New Light/Resistance
93 R. SAWYER Attention K7 Paralysis/Condition/Temper
95 NO PAWS Healthy Men K7 Landlocked/Failings/Different Dreams/Healthy Men/Consistence/Territory/Lacerate Wildly/Celestial Bodies/We Were Giants Orbiting
96 BRAHMS Shimmer/Suffocate K7 Unbound/Resonance/Self Exile/Insomnia/Shimmer/Rivers (Interlude I)/Rivers (Interlude II)/Christmas Eve/Suffocate/Ammiversary Song
97 MARIPOSA Holy Ghost K7 Highways/Gravity/Memoria/She Goes Alone/Roadkill/My Friend/The Woman Becomes The Herd/La Llorona/She Had Some Horses/The House/Bedrest/Carniceria/Holy Ghost
98 HAUSU Total K7 Chrysanthemum/Leaning Mess/1991 - 2091/Gardenia/Recovery/Tetsuo/John Codeine/Vasari Joust/Kool Off/Bleak
99 COUSINS Bathhouse K7 Abdicator/Envelope/Brother's Books (To My Beloved Little Sister)/Drone/Howl/Untitled/Xuxa/A-Fun/Aokighara/Family Photos/Maustrap/Mono No Aware
100 KEVIN GREENSPON/FORMER SELVES Betrayed By The Angels/Apropos Of Golden Dreams LP KEVIN GREENSPON The Last Good Day/Against Words/Muted Guard/On The Other Side Of Silence/Betrayed By The Angels/From Concrete To Carelessness/Truth And Falling/FORMER SELVES Golden Dreams Empyrean Waltzes/Watercourse Way
101 BIG WAVES OF PRETTY It Is A Sight He Never Forgets K7 Big Waves/Feeling Stoned/Blissed/Shine Licks Shadow/Goldenrod/If You're Not Going To Sparkle What The Fuck Did You Come For
102 PAPER ARMIES Trying K7 Embrace It/Walls/I Lied (I Miss You)/.../Nowhere/Trying/Leave Your Room
103 FILARDO Unknown Sessions K7 Yesterday's Cup (Bummer Surf Instrumental)/Lion's Heart/Valentine/An Uncertain Time/White Cube
104 APOLLO VERMOUTH Fractured Youth K7 Burning Pages/Lust/Aftertaste/Never Ending/Vacant Lots/Drift
105 AUTOCOCOON Spirulina K7 West Marine/Inspirational Ghost/Oceansprayers/War Mail/Dark Scarf/Infinity Factorial/Eastern Beast
106   WIDESKY Silhouette, And The Stars Emerging K7 Cerebral Contrails/Transience-Immutability/Go, Be There./Moon On The Meadow/Rivers-Tears/Tendrills Recollect/The Future Is Never, Really./Respire, O Magnus!/And The Stars Emerging.
107 REIGHNBEAU Hands K7 Splinters/Hands/Run With The Woundedd/Dust/Echo/He/Saltwoundd/Dream
108 HOLLOW SUNSHINE Atascadero K7 Stay Down/Several Days/Hardly Understand/Wake For A Day
109 TANNER GARZA There's More To Life Than This K7 Remarks/Overlapping Dreams/Shimmer For Us/Iceberg Sweaters/Pennies For The Memory/(A Lullaby)
110 SHIVERING WINDOW When We Were Metal K7 River Is Dead/A Girl Named Cigarette/Cemetery Hill/Bleach Is Blue/Foster Sister/Pornography Is A Ghost/Curtain Faced Boy/Microwaving Cds/Sloucher/Fucked Up Fuck Ups/Everyday Is A Seance/I Fell In Love With The Snow
111 STUPID BUMMED Flowers And Lace K7 I'm No Fun 4 U/Halfway Here/It's Not You, It's me/Girl On The Internet/In The Fog/Part Of Me/Close To My Heart/I Remember
112 THE LOWERED Crayons Over Scalding Rocks K7 A Stairway/A Treasure To Neglect/An Eon Cruises By/Corners Of Ziplock/Creeping Like The Fog/Everywhere I Go/Nocturnal World Of Fun/Only then/Scores Of A Dove/Somerton Man
113 TERMINUS CURSUS 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 K7 Gravity/Holiday/Rust/Burden/That Night
114   BROWN BREAD Mitote K7  
115 HOLLOW BOYS Believe In Nothing K7 I Wandered Too Far From My Body/Rue/Spellbreaker/Unending/Heart Ring/Melted/Black Coast/Cancerlands/Afterwards/Wait/I Stood On A Grey Coast
116 EH46 A God With Horns K7 Monument/Who Is And Who Was/Sixth Seal Sun/Length/Pacific Coast Highway/Del Rey House/Quite Some Time
117 BIG WAVES OF PRETTY Live In Copenhagen K7 Paper Birch/<¤>/Dead Friends Sunglasses/\/\/\/\/*~*/Bare Mask/!I!!II!!!III/Yetunde/♥♥♥
118 ROSS FISH The Pelican Curse K7 I/Dwell;/Where/Hath/My/Love/Flown/To/?
119 ANCIENT CRUX Mariana Trench K7 Your I/Real World/Ocean Floor/Phasing Laugh Track/Sticking Around
120 DUGOUT CANOE Brass Ring / Merx K7 Brass Ring/Merx
121 BRAEYDEN JAE Held And Holding K7 Held/Holding
122 ROMANTIC FEELINGS Best Quality Crying Gown K7 Natural History/Time Loss/Good Luck/Crying/Counting/Reindeer Mountain/Prisms/Holding
123 JOHN THILL Passing Green Screen Village K7 Putting My CV Dazzle Paint On/Research Chemicals/Passing Green Screen Village/Adrift In The Driverless Car/Worried That The Drones Will Come/Bored In My Dreams Pt 1/Bored In My Dreams Pt 2/Taking Down The Sherwin Williams Logo/Vapor Pens/Overlays And Light Arrays/Last Days Of The Tea Shop
124 DURA/FORMER SELVES Triangles/Among The Lilies K7 DURA Triangles/FORMER SELVES Among The Lilies
125 KEVIN GREENSPON To Leave A Mark K7 Happiness Pt. 2/Lexical Trap/Imprint Pulse/Rust Eagle/A Step Towards/To Leave A Mark