Party Of One

This is an attempt to create a complete Party Of One discography.
Party Of One is Peter Hughes.

See also Peter Peter Hughes, Diskothi-q, Furniture One, Nothing Painted Blue.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1987 A Good Time (K7 Sonic Enemy) Intro & Prologue/African Safari Song/Fashion Blues/The Good Side Of California/Dirge In D-Minor/People I Met/Why I Don't Like Telephones/Man Ray/Fascism For Fun & Profit/Farewell Chino/Jon Jon Where Have You Gone?/Korea Ain't Got No S(e)oul/Epilogue
1988 White Noise (K7 Sonic Enemy) Highway 71/Ladder To The Sky/Video One Elegy/Big City Nights/Beautiful Burnout/Crystal Ball/American Gothic/Here We Go/Hold Me Now/Happy Days Are Here Again/Under The Influence Of Philip Glass/The Love Song Of J. Mario Prufrock/Fingerprint/Dance With Me/Three Times A Lady/Pomp & Circumstance/You Can Smoke All You Want/White Noise
1992 PARTY OF ONE/DELLY DAKTEL Pick Yr Monologue (K7 Sonic Enemy) PARTY OF ONE Age Of Reason/Wish You Were Dead/Hit The North 2 (I Take It All Back)/Excuses Are Like Assholes/& Speaking Of Assholes.../In Defense Of My Tattoo/Tuesday-Thursday Girl/Going To Pomona/DELLY DAKTEL Thumbs/Always Bring Yr Map/The Wind Bloweth/Hats Off/Gena Bear No.2/People Drown All Around/Gena Bear No.1/Friendly Advice/No Need/Pick Yr Monologue
1994 Super Leggera (K7 Car In Car Disco Product)Horseshoes/My New House/Claremont Cometh/Dark Matter/Winsconsin Optimist/Chinese Motherlode/Novice/Planned Obsolescence/Venus/(I Ain't Got No) Health Insurance/Stewing In Yr Juices/Self-Help/Heavy Water/I'm Never Leaving Home Again/One Too Many
    Trans Magetti (K7 Car In Car Disco Product) 




  VARIOUS ARTISTS Growing Up With You - A Chino Anthology 1986 -1988 (K7 Sonic Enemy)* Circus Song/Mike's A Dick/Milk/They Took Away My Radio/Pain Anguish Death And Destruction
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hard Core Acoustic Compilation (K7 Shrimper)* Thow Away
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS You And What Army? (K7 Sing, Eunuchs!)Most Eligible Bachelor
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantasy Band (A Shrimper Compilation) (7" Shrimper)Keeper
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Our Salvation Is In Hand - Various Artists Acoustic Based Compilation (CD Theme Park) Hit The North 3
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Abridged Perversion - A Shrimper Compilation Of Shrimper Compilations (CD Shrimper)Throw Away