This is an attempt to create a complete Osmose discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1997 WIO & WILL SIMMONS/OSMOSE Split (K7 Toothpick) WIO & WILL SIMMONS Collision Leads To Reaction/Special Milk/On Discomfort/Smoking With The Nomads (Willisnzage Mix)/OSMOSE Mindfull/Partylikker/P-Song/Art/Not My Kind Of Guy
    Hrajdenska (K7 Cactus Gum/Studio Muscle)*Cocktail Bar/Telephone Rings/1000 $/Desert Of Futurism/Channel 6/France On My Mind/Mary-Ann/Come Easy, Come Go/Leave Some Branches/Retune/Dark City Lake/Indistinguishable




1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Belgian Comp Vol. 1 (K7 Studio Muscle) Laughlovelaugh
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS In Release City (K7 Slowball) Pitimini
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Waffles And Windmills - A Compilation (K7 Lower Records) Telephone Rings
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Living With The Wolf (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) Easy Come, Easy Go
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS We'll Sail Out Far... Maybe A Little Too Far (2CD Apartment Records/Wabana)Dark City Lake