Amateur Anarchy

This is an attempt to create a complete Amateur Anarchy discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

?? BJ KRAMP Shopping Spree K7 How Absurd!/Riot In The Heartland/Better Be Right/Know Thyself, Nothing Too Much/Cold Eye/Tear Out The Truth's Tongue/Loony Bin/Start Spinning/Say Something/Everybody Sink/Death, The Final Strip Tease/Edna/With Or Without You
?? BJ KRAMP Bearhug K7 Look Back Down/I Shouldn't Care/Blameself/Filthy Spill/Ghost Of Some Guy/The Great Eyecolor Debate/Wishful Thinking/Tremble?/East Of The Tracks, South Of The City/Stay Away/Magic Brown eyes/Salvation Is Not/Need Three Feet/Thought Satran Dom/Bricklayer
?? BJ KRAMP/LITTLE JUPITER Armpit Grouch K7 (co-release with Cactus Gum) BJ KRAMP Equilibrium/Was She Weird?/House Of The Worm/Spit Straight/At Fault/Reprise/Techno Up Your Ass/Metal Up Your Techno/Get Outta My Dreams Get Into My Car/Instead/Friend At Yore/Always Sounds Easy/Weird Reprise/Okayet/Technokayet/Fab-Fab-Fabio!/50 Dollar Deductible/When The Saints/LITTLE JUPITER Two Weeks/Going Back/The Ending You Misunderstood/Bored/Damaged Goods/Metallic Silver Lining/Secret sauce/Axegrinder/Dominate This/Magnet's Coil
?? DISHWATER The Alaska Tapes K7 Shipwreck/Fish Killer/Tapped Out/Exile/My Court Of Law/Close The Drain/Juks & Ringo/Compared To What/Prince Pattinand/Aleutian Island Steeplechose/Ochanomizu Drop/First Family/Exile (Sliont Return)/Exile (Remix)/Ode To Selena
?? DISHWATER 4-Track Hecktrospective K7 Wilkomen/What Fore/In Memory Of Bonnie O'Connor/Swaggering Monster Midget/Noble Friend/No Mas/My Dad Doesn't Suck/Movie Of U/All Decked Out/None Of That Jazz/Love Song As An Excuse To Use A Rhodes/Bacon Smelt Thru Fog/Lonely Wind/Exile/Shipwreck
?? TIM WANISH Ufo's Over Săo Păulo K7 Burn/Break It/Downstairs (With Snapp And Dave)/Break It Again/Amigos/Instead Of Crying/Almost Got It Right/Locomaraca/Acoramacol/You Can Not Stop/Van Vleck/Foldback (Dave Speaks)/In Consideration Of The Curve Of The Earth/Stuck Up/Kitchen 3Am/Pong/'A' Train/My Middle Name Is Carlos/Shitty Jobs/Filler/Great Memories/The Sound Of Toys/Please Understand/Drum Machine Dies/Filler Continued/Understand Please/Subversive Conversation/Really Slow Song/Subversive Laughter/Seep/Jycophant/Chutney/Luscious/Race Cars/Centerfold (With Brian)/Boil Away/Sea And Sun/The Gist/Nice Game/Ice Cream Truck
?? SPARKLING JOE CHAMBERLAIN Some Day You'll End Up Chopped All Up In Half!! K7 Number One Action Film Star/Gang Threat/Sound On The Radio/200 Games On Atari 2600/Please Mr. Popular/The Toni Sound/This Is What We Call Talkin'/It's The Feeling Of Seltzer/Whatever Happened To Dee?/One Night Of Tap Dance/Conditioner Of Love/Pain In Theory/Univisions Best/Zotzuzusabadu-Rimmer/Carnival Freak Fun/Buggin' Your Bedroom/Soul Search Beach/If It Was In India/Sisters Advice/Mystic Fellas/It's On Tuesday Nights/Sparklin' Joe Plus (Kiss For The Irish)/Color Me Traitor/Funk Up Inside Of Me/You Count Wrong Jaman/Studabaker In Close Range/I Want To Speak To Eddie/Geppo's Remix
    LITTLE JUPITER Broken Key Lock K7 Something Else/If The Bell Broke/To Say Is Not/Forced/Sunshine & Noise/Ecstatic/Nothing Else/More Than You/Never/Golden Age/Backstreet Bond
    LITTLE JUPITER For The Love Of An Indie Rocker K7 Always Late, The Better/Stab Wounds/From Th' Womb/Roots/Selling Myself Short/Lookds Blind/The Last Day Of The World/Think Yourself/Giving In Again/Take The Lead/Smoke Some Crack (By The Umbrella Snatchers)