20-20 Sound

This is an attempt to create a complete 20-20 Sound discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

01   DOUG SHEPHERD Doug Shepherd  
02 VARIOUS ARTISTS Topps All-Stars No. 1 K7 ARCADE Good Friend/SARI BACILLA In The Hands Of A Saint/THE IRVING KLAW TRIO Nothing Is Nothing/BANGARANG Folsom Prison Blues/TRACK STAR Stars/KID DYNAMO Model 6/MOCKET Should It Wait?/JESSE PETERSON & FRIENDS Total Eclipse St. Louis/SUE P. FOX Popular Survey Says.../COUGAR Sari's House Of Wreckers/PANTIES All About You/LYNC The Last Song
03   PANTIES Ra-Cha-Cha  
04   JESSE PETERSON My Impulse Was To Duck  
05   PUTNEY SWOPE The Narrow, Pathetic World Of...  
06 VARIOUS ARTISTS Topps All-Stars No. 2 Roberto Clemente K7 MARK Don't Make Me Sorry/THINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282 Holiday For Strings/PUTNEY SWOPE My Only One/WHAM-O Space In/THE LEISURE CITY NEOPHONIC ORCHESTRA Matemathics - Night In The Science/THE GRADY SISTERS De Choc Electirque/FUCK Golden Arm/THE WEDDING PRESENT Spongie/RIMPINGO BEESTO Zdadc070l/THE CRUISE CONTROL HEARTS Now Are We In LOve/SONE Ammonia Was The Key/VIRGINIA DARE Love Is Real/TUMWATER Virgin Mary/BECKET MEOW Epicenter/MALAISE Flu
07   THE CRUISE CONTROL HEARTS The Cruise Control Hearts