Definite Limits

The Tinsley Cooling Towers were left standing for safety reasons after the demolition of the old Blackburn Meadows Power Station, following its closure in 1980.
The Bari Gasometer was built before the 1960s in the heart of the Libertà district, in the Corso Mazzini area.
The factory remained in operation until 1968. After its closure, a slow process of decommissioning of the structures began in the 1980s, leaving the entire neighborhood that housed them in a state of profound decay and with no green areas available.

The gasometer was certainly one of the symbols of Bari, as the Tinsley Cooling Towers were one of Sheffield.

Both places no longer exist.

My exploration of Sheffield starts right from the towers. They are represented on the first cover I made for “Definite Limits”.

I’ve never been to Sheffield, but I can imagine the 80s.

Tom Violence experienced them in the field, or rather in their little room.

“Definite Limits” is a treasure trove of musical archeology.

Update your playlists: Talk Talk, Tears For Fears, The The and now… Tom Violence.

The album features 4 songs by Tom Violence, 3 cover versions and a re-edit featuring the wonderful talents of Wio, Ed Nolbed, Good Grief’s Hercules Fence and Jan Burnett from Spare Snare.

Listen to “Definite Limits” here.

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