WFMU 7″ Top Ten

January 2023

1. LINDA SMITH – Figment of Your Imagination b​/​w Ideal View of the Ideal City (Almost Halloween Time)

2. THE SMASHING TIMES – Dreams on Union b/w A Changing Letter (Painterman Records)

3. THEE ISOLATORS – Crying Eyes b/w Close That Door (Iso-Tope Records)

4. GIGLINGER – J​ä​vla Nazi (Self Released)

5. THE OBLIQUE MYSTIQUE – Cheap! (Self Released)

6. ERVIN BERLIN – Junior’s Got Brain Damage (Total Punk)

7. THE CHISEL/MESS – Split (Beach Impediment)

8. JEANINES – Latest Light / After All (Market Square)

9. THE GABYS – The Gabys (Fruit & Flowers)

10. ALMOND JOY – Oh Henry! EP (K Records)

You can listen to ”Figment Of Your Imagination” here.

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