Walter Samuel is my hero, he keeps on saving the world.

Maybe together with Lucio.

“When I was a kid, I tackled the son of the boss of my neighborhood. The next day they beat me and shouted that I would never become someone. After a few years I saw them under the Argentine bus shouting my name.” (Walter Samuel)

With Walter Samuel, we Inter fans felt safe. I would always like to have Walter Samuel by my side, in difficult situations. You are 3-3 against Siena, Walter Samuel will become a forward and he will score the fourth goal.

I once saved a penalty kick from a boy that everyone feared in the neighborhood where I was born. He didn’t do anything to me but if he did, Walter Samuel would have intervened, for sure

I’ve never seen one of “Die Hard” in full.
With Bruce Willis I saw “The Sixth Sense”, “Pulp Fiction” and little else. Köhn made the portrait of him. The album is part of the series of portraits made by Western Vinyl in 2003 and in the last few days it has been sticking into my head. Listen to the final part of “Bruce Willis is my hero, he keeps on saving the world” and you will understand why. That ticking is the sound of the keys that are sticking together after going deep into the gray matter inside my head.
It took me a while to get over this song, yesterday and today I focused on “One Dark Night Drive” and “Remembering The Flash Back” which raised a whole series of questions in me. That hiss or whistle you hear in “One Dark Night Drive” Köhn achieves it by wetting his finger and gently running his fingertip along the edge of a glass of wine? How many “Die Hard” has Köhn seen and how many times each?