Lac Observation

The Loch Ness monster is called Nessie, what is the name of the monster that lives in the Lac Observation in Canada?

In every lake there is a monster. It’s a rule.

In Lake Balaton there are swans and there are children plunging into the brown waters without a mask. They must have developed gills, their eyes see in the dark.

I am a sea fish, in fresh waters I feel bad.
The swans kept looking at me and I felt embarrassed.

They were waiting for the moment when I too would dive or maybe they were just waiting for the right moment to peck at me.

I swam in Lake Tenno, and I reached the island that is in the center. The water was cloudy and the bottom muddy.

Had I been more courageous I would have also immersed myself in Lake Garda.

And in Bled where the water was clear. How inviting.

If I had to choose I would swim once again in Ghent lake. It’s a lake the one in the campsite, right?

The official Lac Observation biography reads: “Owls vibrate in chorus by the lake, the lake is on an island and the island in a lake. A rain of ten thousand years and a west wind. Patched orchestra of owls and other apocryphal beasts. They play (?) many objects of driftwood and winds, but also all the other things.”

About “Reptilian Dream” they say: “A collection of broken compasses 2017-2021
The Kingdom of Four extends its dominion over this record. There is a chasm meandering for endless miles in the depths of the earth. There, solitary, cold, the reptilian wyrm slithers through tortuous tunnels, slowly growling and growing eternally.
On the surface, where birds and crickets teach us songs, we dance glossy eyed among the trees, wander through shattered parking lots, and under the stars.”

Listen to “Reptilian Dream” by Lac Observation here .