Untitled #5

“Untitled #5” is the third single from Linda Smith’s “Untitled 1-10 Plus 1”.

Perfect timing! Today is my birthday and this is definitely one of the best gifts I have received today.

Nolan Reese is an editor and visual effects editor, a semi-amature coffee roaster living in Los Angeles, CA and a fan of my record label. He’s edited numerous music videos, commercials, short films, documentaries and features.

I’m really happy to collaborate with Nolan.

This video is fantastic.

Nolan about the video: ““Thanks to Linda Smith for creating such an inspiring track. Walking around at dusk listening to this song immediately filled my mind with visuals, I hope I did it justice. And thank you to Luigi Falagario for inviting me to be a part of this awesome project. As a fan of your label for years, its awesome to finally get to contribute to one of your releases, even though I’m not a musician. I’m so excited to get to collaborate with you both.”