What is your earliest memory that you can date with absolute accuracy?

Mine has the faded colors of a movie shot with a Super 8.

Not because a movie actually exists but that’s how I see it in my head. On 11 July 1982, the Italian national football team won the world cup. At the final whistle I remember that my father took my brother and me to the street. People seemed to be crazy to, I still remember a man with rather long hair who got on a white Fiat Ducato. He was singing a song by Toto Cutugno at the top of his voice, while the van was in motion. I don’t remember much else, but that scene remained indelible in my head.

I have many other memories earlier than that but this is the first that I can date exactly.

The video clip for “Untitled # 1” by Linda Smith has the same colors of my memory. Kyle Wood who is the author of the video edited some scenes from a family film, a holiday from Scotland to Stoke sometime in the 70s. The two girls are Margaret and Agnes, Kyle’s aunts.

The images combine perfectly with the notes of Linda Smith’s song.

And so today “Untitled 1-10 Plus 1” sounds in my ears like the soundtrack of an old family film, full of memories, nostalgic and delicate. Like a spring day spent near a lake, my parents buying me an orange juice and me crying because a bee gets into it before it’s finished.

“Untitled 1-10 Plus 1” is a soundtrack that leaves you breathless and takes you into a spiral of memories.

Linda Smith’s music has this power, it had it in the days of “I So Liked Spring” and it still has it today.

Kyle, the author of the video, is also one of my favorite artists, owner of the Lovers Turn To Monsters project, appeared on Almost Halloween Time Records on more than one occasion and one of the people I try to involve in all my projects, hopeful and certain that he will say yes. I don’t know if there are still free slots, but if I were you I would ask Kyle to buy one of his Corona Bundles.Almost Halloween Time Records reminds more and more of a family every day.Untitle 1-10 Plus 1 was mastered by C. Worth. Musician of undisputed talent, like Kyle, also C. is one of those artists that I always want by my side in every project. C. Worth has appeared on more than one occasion on Almost Halloween Time Records and of all the published productions, Emilia is certainly one of those I have most dear to my heart.Someday I’d like to sit by a fireplace with Linda, Kyle and C. to chat for a while or just hear them play together.