This is an attempt to create a complete Zoppo discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1997 Chi Pratica Lo Impara A Zoppicare! (LP Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) H.C. Reprise/Comedo/Gayday/No. 357/Sampleintotalpeace/Speed (Lovin' You)/103 Florence Flight/Burning Sand Under Your Sheets/Grand Prix Imprimé En Noir Et Vert Printemps/Let It Bleed/Back Into Things/She's Real/Blind/Brother Paolo's Trip In The Forest Of Rieti/Mmboot@sonik.demon.nl
1999 Belgian Style Pop (CD Transformed Dreams/The Drowning Man) Dirty Mind/Cross The Breeze/I Feel Really Uneasy Now/Cut No Ice/Teoveok/Enemy Structure/Punctual Guy/She Shakes Her Head And Looks At Me Sadly/Rusticate/Atsuta/Fluterock/Forberth/Television Screams/K-Ubik/Mick Pupe/Blind/A Talk About The Past/She Lies, She's Infested To The Core!/Flooded.mov
2001 Les Aumonts (CD/LP Transformed Dreams)Les Aumonts/Zoppo Is Finished/Chick With The Leak/Starlight Starbright/Avant Asta/Flashback/The Sky Is Full Of It/To Keep Us Occupied/The Middle
2006   Don't Trust Scarred Survivors (CD/LP Transformed Dreams) Leave The Trash/Square One/Exboygenius/Pure Ownage/Change Of Pace/Too Cool To Care/Relapse/There's One At Every Party/Wrong Way Around/Get Over Cute/Tricks Up My Sleeve


1997   Nontonnen (7" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Pictures Say Nothing/Fäh Fäh Fäh
1999 ZOPPO/FRAMBOOZE Double The Fun (7" The Drowning Man) ZOPPO Flooded/Tummy Touch/Catastrophe Fantasy/FRAMBOOZE Polijst/Zoppo - Frambooze: 2-0 (Let's Evoke A Natinol Telefonic Mexican Wave)/Rudy Sylvester/Whose Sofa Is This?
2003 ZOPPO/EL CAMINO Split (7" Drowning Man) ZOPPO I See The Sea/EL CAMINO 02:59:03


1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS Opscene Promo CD #1 (CD Papieren Tijger) Radio Racer
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS Chinese WIC Poster (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club)Feel U In Me
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta Video Comp Volume 1 (VHS Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Flooded
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Compilation Blokhiton (CD Ubik) Rustreate
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Last Laugh Is Guffaw (7'' Transformed Dreams)Nick's Hair
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS ??? (LP Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) I Feel U Mine
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Summer Sampler 1999 (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Cuts No Ice
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS NNP Nieuw Nederlands Peil 8 (Noorderslag) (CD Play It Again Sam/Conamus) I Feel Really Uneasy Now
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hometaping Is Illegal (And It's Killing Music) (CD Living Room Records) I Found A Tree
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Fake 2 (7" Fake And Transformed Dreams)Call The Shot
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS On Christmas Day (CD Last Night I Spent Another Lo-Fi Christmas