Yes Sensei

This is an attempt to create a complete Yes Sensei discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2002 What I Do Best Is What I Do Worst ‎(CD Rok Lok/The Children's Revolt) Shut Up & Sing Boy/Call Me Godofodo/Let's Pretend We're One Of The Cool Kids/What's The Matter Matterman?/Send Him Home In A Body Bag/Oh My God! It's A Pteradactyl/Jek Porkins For President/Some Lead Singer With Glasses
2003 We Who Transplant Sustain (CD Rok Lok) Russian Or Retarded/Progress Is Dead/Right Shirt, Wrong Band/Dissed In The Malibu/Introducing Mr No Frills/Oscillating Three Speed/Go Freedom Train Go!/Beef Bishop Way/I'm Still Working On It/The Wave And The Nod
2007 Yes Sensei (CD Rok Lok) This Gift Horse Has Cavities/Way To Be English/Shit. I'm A Werewolf/I Only Gamble With Chumps/Kompact Karma/Try My Tuna/He Was Really Upset About The Hammer
2011 In Excelsis (‎CD Rok Lok) Crystal Billy/Compeator/Playoff Beard/Giant Enemy Crabs/Matoaka/I'm Aquaman! But You Can Call Me Handsome Guy/The Summer He Experimented With Shorts/I Like Trucks


2008 3 Songs (7" Rok Lok) Don't Fear The Riffer/Guy Called, He Wants You To Stop Calling Him Guy/That's One Big Mammal