Woof Woof (The Dog Clan)

This is an attempt to create a complete Woof Woof (The Dog Clan) discography.
Woof Woof (The Dog Clan) is Chris Murray. See also Chris Murray and Rudy Waltz.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1993   The Papertowel Album (K7 3rd Dimensional Tapes)  
1993 Low Fidelity Science Fiction (K7 Sing, Eunuchs!) Skywalker/Sci-Fi Coca Cola/The Coming/Don't Forget To Pack/Tralfamadorian Greeting/Venus/Bubblegum/Spirit Man/Major Tom And Captain Fantastic/Froggy/Frank Miiis (From "Hair")/Herrr Majesty
1994 Psychotic Queenie Antenna Transmissions (K7 Sing, Eunuchs!) Boys (Part One)/Scars And Guitars/Boys (Part Two)/Crushed/Dead Mans Curve/Passenger 14/3rd Dimensional Biz/Sweet/Ambulance/Dolphins And Stuff/Boys (Part Three)
1996   The Great Frequency Change (K7 Tip Top)  




1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS You And What Army? (K7 Sing, Eunuchs!) Dead Man

Other Stuff

2007 CREEPING CHARLY AND FRIENDS Goodbye, Creeping Charly (K7 Mighty Feeble) Spirit Man