This is an attempt to create a complete Wallpaper discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1993 The Various Decorative Exemples Of... (K7 Union Pole)Hi/De-Activate/Fishy Space/Brownspot Of the Moon/Plain/Hmmmmmmm.../Red Pills/Return Signals/Solar Motion Lotion/The Glory Trail/Subway To Heaven/Shady/Hospital Tray/Bait/Only One That Counts/Dishwater Excerpt/Grid 'N' Demdar Hills/Silver/Vroom/Doc. Smiley: The Patient/If Only Birds Had Fountains/Nestina/Revolution Texas Style/Spray/Creative Process '78/Grassy Knolls And The Wind Mons/Box O' Postcards/Pollyfuse (A Lovers Theme)/Lone Pine Desert Explosion/Homosapien Volcano Of/Sweeteeikeelu Laterrr
1994   Slow Love Songs About Drugs And Horsies (K7 Union Pole)Reconstruct And Rewind/Feed/T.V. Dinners (1955)/Hollow/You're So Fucked Up & I Want To Eat Yo Face/Fade/Cornbread/Cheap Date/Drug Deal At The OK Corral/A Somber Moment Between Friends/Pittsburgh Point Pick Up/Kentucky Savior's Anthem/Lone Pine Desert Valium/Neeruoyhkecitisminyoface
1995 Domestic Landscape Activities Vol. 5 (K7 Union Pole)A Welcome/Television/2 Much Tyme 'N' Th' Sun/Nesting/Magic And Spooky (The Witch)/Senses/Shifting/Ramblin W' Jackson/Rapid Transportation/Pedestrian Drama/Bored/All You Want/Preacher Says/The Gravity King/Moving Forward/Gravitron/Creative Process '78/Bermuda Jack's Last Stand/Dead/Montana/Hollow/Seeds/Nuclear Family Nr./Plain/Freeway To The Stars/An American Trailer Park/Lil' Pink Sunflower/Han Solo/Grazin' County/Shady




1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Legend Of Ross (K7 Union Pole) Pretty Southern Memories
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Several Kinds Of Small Fuzzy People Gathered Together In Bands And Grooving To Floyd (K7 Eldest Son) Careful With That Axe Eugene
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Bottle Of Gallo: Highlights Of Union Pole Fest - 1994 (K7 Union Pole)Untitled
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Present This (7" Union Pole)Inc