Van Der Saar

This is an attempt to create a complete Van Der Saar discography.
Van Der Saar is Allan Lewis.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2005   Your Friends Are Knives (CD Kaw Tapes)  
2007 Swedish Sheets (CD Death Benefits) Drunken Despots/Prog! Solo! Mess!/Junior Slumps, Pretend Jumps/Lapsed Humans/Last Lines/The Night He Retired/Lion/Mazelton Lanes/I Am Wing Machine
2009 Red Circle (CD Gingham FC) City Dream/Oxford Collapse/Penn State/You Are A Chinese Girl/The Southern Wall/Who Knows Who/Kay's Lonely Cup/I'm Leaving For Manhattan/City Dream II/Disney Hi-Tops/Pink Beach/Eyes Of Arnold