Trumans Water

This is an attempt to create a complete Trumans Water discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1992   Of Thick Tum (CD/LP Homestead) Deep Grub Yonder/665/Yakboy=Nurturer/Nick Long Ding Barn/Tooth Ferry/Disindependence/Well Nigh Dusk/Wings Spred Wide I Thot "Ignition"/Janellopy/Spurning Of Angel Peg/Sorry About The Blood/Fong/Girler Too
1993   Spasm Smash XXXOXOX Ox And Ass (CD Homestead) Aroma Of Gina Arnold/Speeds Exceeding/Good Blood After Bad/Rations/Death To Dead Things/Sun Go Out/Bludgeon Elites & Stagger/Limbs/Athlete Who Is Suck/Top Of Morning/Lo Priest/Soar Ossinaxx At Long Last/Our Doctors Think We're Blind/Fingers 6 Steps Ahead of Our Minds/La Jolla My Armpit/K-Song/Mindstab, Forklift/To Milktruck/Bladder Stomp: Krautrock/The Sad Skinhead
1993   Godspeed The Static (LP Drunken Fish) Kick Penmanship/Sweet Sister Gay/Shower Stopper Shower Stopper Shower Stopper Shower Stopper Yeah/California Lies
1993 Godspeed The Vortex (CD The Way Out Sound) Total X-Stasis/Odor Is Free/Syrup Is Tangled/Swordfish In The Trees/Ominous Blips Fore/True-Star Down/New Rupture/Soup Of Volts/New Rapture/Ominous Blips Aft/Freon/Wayout No. 7/The 10 Minute Song
1993 10 X My Age (CD Elemental Records) Empty Queen II/Second Bass Drum/Enflamed (sic)/Paid Squat/Parabolic/Action Sound Deadman
1994   Godspeed The Hemorrhage (LP Homestead Records) Small-Jut Master/Jagged Bottlecap Jangle/Knuckle Suggestion/Amplify Idea/Storm/Ordnance/Ordnance (Ctd.)
1994   Godspeed The Punchline (CD/LP Homestead) Destroy 1998/Long End Of A Firearm/All Wet West Of Washington/Hair Junk Fibre/Ungalaxy/Antsmashes Yer Star (Dead Airwaves)/Enflamed/Outpatient Lightspeed/Infinity Times Zero/Sucker Mystique/Playboy Stabtone Bloodbath Go/Slander In New Slang/No Big (Wave) Star/Theme Of Blast/Fuller Piston Vinegar/22/Horsesense/Spaceship Next Door
1994 Santee Busbill (K7 Destroy All Music) Viva Zapata!/Aligned In Summer/Extinguished Lordship/A Taste Of Stickum Lingers/Ruth Died Of Booze
1994 Couch Of The Spastics (K7 Chocolate Monk) Nuestro Senora De La Concepcion/Knights In Cracked Leather/Touchdown Jubilee/To Spring/Dance Of The Fumblers/Rainbows To The Endzone/Forearm Shiver/The Generals Of Autumn/March To The Trenches/Space Jambalaya/Game Plan For Sudden Death/Easy Stripper Plus/Couch Of The Spastics/Berteld's Gutter Hijinx Etc./Grual With Conan
1995   Milktrain To Paydirt (CD/LP Homestead) Mechanical Days Safety System/Unitraction Bath/Lick Observatory/Spectro Helio Scope/Stares From New Enemies/Vexation Fruits/Sour Synapse-St. Job (International Gore)/Concussed/American Fat/Irly Traitor Consent/Mnemonic Elf Lock/Siskiyou Armiger/Asleep Sneeze/Off Peak Arson/Wind And Rain Over Wings
1995 The Peel Sessions (CD Strange Fruit)All Wet West Of Washington/Long End Of A Firearm/Large Organs/Seven Holes/Hair Junk Fiver/Death To Dead Things/Girler Too/Esoterica Of Abyssynia/Kingdom Of Heaven/No Naked Lights/True Tilt Pinball/Lick Observatory/Go-Go Dancer Solidified/Electro Muerta/Talking Hockey With Strangers/St. Job (Int'l Gore)
1995   Cough Forth Such Dilemmas (K7 Union Pole)**Yikes! Emission/Pitfull Of House/An Enormous And Sad Lump/Replete With Cheapie (Parts 1 And 2)/Glutzon Boregum/Enough Cutting Fistage/Rattle-Past Chock-Full/The Familiar Throes Of A Wicked Bummer/Well-Aimed Harangue/(Noise/Pan/Water)/The Big Ragoo/Beer-Tickle Klutski/Samovar Speedtrap/Nimble Goff-Cram/Stomachil/Days Too Hot For Substantial Motion/Falling Tremengalo/Cough Forth Such Dilemmas
1996 Action Ornaments (CD Runt Records)3 Straps Nose To Rear/4 Story Friend/A Hurting Helping/Mood Stain/Angel Spit Stars/Skeeter Dope/Gold Plated Pissin Troff/Mutual Blood Tied Force/Curl Up To Yer Empty Years/Restore Restore And Destroy/Flying In A Coin Operated Universe/Shoe Lace Or Else/Care Sliced Lies
1997 No Dead Space (K7 Union Pole)Slashing, 2 Minutes/Slingin' Derp/Littered With Scratches/A Can Of Whoop-Ass/Glee From Action Void/Almost Thrilled/Jitters Sting The Worst/The Whole Leisurely Sequence/Pele's Hair/Paulos Is Drunk/Damage Follows Blister/More 'Trane!/The Clown Supreme/Capped By Hard Rock/No Dead Space Jam '93/It's Not Saturday/Gone South To Feed At Warmer Troughs/Visual Effects/Broke As A Rule/Fossils Of This Study/.... And Not A Drop To Drink!
1997 Apistogramma Upcoming And Adjusted (CD Justice My Eye/Elevated Loin)I've Been Here Before Though I Don't Remember It/Skrimshaw Skalps/Family Style/Blistered And Soft/CY30-CY30B/The End Is A Cinch To See Even Behind Me/Rocket #9/Minus Time Space Plus Soul Time/Prune The Laggards/Ballad Of Finn McCool/Slum Summer
1998 Fragments Of A Lucky Break (LP Infinite Chug)The Obstacle Of Habit/Lyrical Nozzle/Strat-As-Fear/Wealth In A Flask/Sky Landslide/Your Courage/Woed World Whirlers/A Tiny World With The Jitters/Mall Removal Machine/60 Seconds Over Medium/The Worth Of Wait/Matter Smasher/Water For A Thirsty City/Someday You'll Be King/All Eye And Movement
2001   Trumans Water (CD Emperor Jones) Miss Spaceship/Who Owns The Sun/Wilt Banana/Self-Censored/Limping Towards Oblivion/Ondele Clouds/Rinsed In Ashes/Failure To Quit/Equatorial Antarctica/Second Wind/Limits Of The New Deal/La Bonita Cancion/Messed Possession/Another Day In The Dream Museum/Sun Tastes Like Fire
2001 Trumans Water (LP Delboy Records)Miss Spaceship/Who Owns The Sun/Wilt Banana/Radar 1941/Limping Towards Oblivion/Ondele Clouds/Cars/Equatorial Antarctica/La Bonita Cancion/Another Day In The Dream Museum/Sun Tastes Like Fire
2003   The Singles: 1992 - 1997 (CD No Sides)Aploitix/Mind Yer Altar/Another Movement/Sad Sailor Story/Habits Are Spirits/Silver Tongue Please/X Ray Eyes Or/Hey Fish/Mr. E/Empty Queen/Long End Of A Firearm/Disindependence/Skyjacker/Floorjacker/Finest Donut Theme Song/New Kinda Radio/Do The Spazz/Bat Cave/Ride The No-Wave/Consort Off The Crane/Emphasis Off/Standing On His Back/4th & Early 5th/Underwater
2003 You Are In The Line Of Fire And They Are Shooting At You (CD Homesleep)Rock Of Gibraltar/Somethings Feel Rough/Fire Vs Ice/Neither Created Nor Destroyed/Say Hi To The Lie Machine/Pry Stag Mile/Pulverizer Bear/The Joys of Resistance/Meteorites for Troglodytes/Magnetism and Good Credit/Pony Dress/Trapeze Sharks/Airs Smudgy Blanket/The Spirit is a Stomach/When Diet and Exercise Fail/Cherry Wants Change
2007   ROSOLINA MAR/TRUMANS WATER Rosolina Mar Meets Trumans Water (CD Robot Radio Records)TRUMANS WATER We Fish/Hail Sister Bottle/Can't Taste It/We Fish (Kirk Remix)/ROSOLINA MAR Acqua Alta Nella Bassa/The Death Of U/Zeus Faber/Mingozo Di Mongozo (Claudio Rocchetti Remix)


1992 Our Scars Like Badges (7" Homestead) Apolitix/Mind Yer Altar/Another Movement/Sad Sailor Story
1992 Laugh Light's Lit (7" Drunken Fish) Habits Are Spirits/Silver Tongue Please/X-Ray Eyes Or
1992   Jubilee (7" Way Out) Enter Slumlord/Rash Of Hotbed/Static Clobber Blass/4 Spux Spux/Infinite XPlosion Antennae/Schism Now/Groundwave/Transister Seizure/Blare Sacra Blaze/Self-Righteous Underage Billions Obliviate You
1993 Hey Fish (7" Drunken Fish) Hey Fish/Mr E/Empty Queen II
1993 Have You Got It Yet? (7" Fear And Loathing/Elemental) Long End Of A Firearm/Disindependence
1994   Skyjacker/Floorjacker (7" Sympathy For The Record Industry) Skyjacker/Floorjacker/Finest Donut Theme Song
1994 Spazz Rockdance Inferno (7" Clawfist) New Kinda Radio/Do the Spazz/Bat Cave /Ride the No-Wave
1995 The First Dead Man Of Diluvia (7" Howardian/Wantage) Standing On His Back/4th & Early 5th/Consort Of The Crane/Emphasis Off
1996 Great Flood EP (7" Footprint Recording) Underwater/I Drive A UFO/Icestorm/Windstorm
2000   Miss Spaceship (7" Sub Pop) Miss Spaceship/Radar 1941
2003 TRUMANS WATER/IM BEING GOOD Split (7" Infinite Chug) TRUMANS WATER Anti-Person-From-Porlock/Atom Spear/IM BEING GOOD Waste Of Bullets
2003   The Artishock Man (7" Ultra Eczema) The Artichoise Man/Cleaverising Beams/Shitrock Live/Boats, Haystack


1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS Altered States Of America (K7 Lime Lizard) Limbs
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS Ask For Disorder (CD Dutch East India)7 Holes
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS Ablaze! #10 Free Single (7" Elemental/Wiiija Records)Soar Ossinaxx At Long Last
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Buy This Used Compact Disc - A Dutch East India Sampler (CD Dutch East India) Soar Ossinaxx At Long Last
1994   VARIOUS ARTISTS Gonzo Circus (CD Gonzo Circus)Death To Dead Things (Live VPRO)
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS KXLU Eighty-Eight Point Nine FM - Los Angeles Live Vol. 1 (CD KXLU)Some Sort Of Medley
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Space Mountain (CD Rough Trade)Empty Queen II
1995   VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA U.S. Tour '95 (CD Japan Overseas) VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA/TRUMANS WATER Live 9/24/95 Satyricon Portland, Oregon USA
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Want Comp Deux (7" Wantage) Whole Human Freight
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Video Games Of The Twelfth Century (CD Nauscopy) Claymen Cometh (To Take Your Moustache)
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Way Out Sound - Catalog Of Singles) (CD Way Out Sound) Enter Slumlord/Rash Of Hotbed/Static Clobber Blass/4 Spux Spux/Infinite Xplosion/Schism Now/Groundwave/Transister Seizure/Blare Sacra Blaze/Self-Righteous Under Billions Obliviate You
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Area 52 Spli Single (7" Area 52)TRUMANS WATER Abstracter Jet Nine/I'M BEING GOOD Your Dog Hates You/GRAVEL SAMWIDGE What You Need/PENTHOUSE Timmy's Chagrin
2003 VARIOUS ARTISTS Everything Is Ending Here: A Tribute To Pavement (2CD Homesleep) Forklift
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish: A Tribute To Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band (CD Animal World Recordings) Hair Pie: Bake 2
2004   VARIOUS ARTISTS From The Spheres Of Gog Magog (LP Major Minor Records/Handmade Records) Bingo Youth
2005   VARIOUS ARTISTS Vote No! No Sides Records 2004 Sampler! (CD No Sides) Finger Six Steps Ahead Of Our Minds
2006   VARIOUS ARTISTS Sweet Fifteen - Rough Trade Publishing 1991 To 2006 (CD Rough Trade) Empty Queen II

Other Stuff

1996   VOLUME Stampone (CD Choke) (Azalia Snail, Daniel Oxenberg, Kevin Branstetter, Kevin Cascell, Kirk Branstetter) Acknowledgements/Ardently Wishing/Seedy Presence Revealed/Bionic Hemisphere/The Lure Anglers/Virtuous Caucus/Polemical Ties/Reclusive Bedsitter/Picking Huckleberries/Generally Broken/Founder Of A Fortean Institute/Enormous Chagrin/Famous Long Ago/Never Really The End/Protean Relapse