This is an attempt to create a complete Toss discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

2000 Toss (LP (K-raa-k)) Thalidomide/....../Faded Deceit/Ford Dynamics/Dispose/F.N.
2001   Untitled (CDR Veglia) 
2003   Titles Of Greatness Of Being (CD (K-raa-k)) Trivial/Eve/Tossx/Hissled/Timbre Strafe Machine/Protein Four/Until The End Of Soma/The Dusk Of So Many/Alternate Remark And The Inseed/Jung And Older/Dissolved In Arms/Elements Included




1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS (K-RAA-K) Sampler '99 (CDR (K-raa-k)) Thalidomide
2000 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Morc Compilation K7 One Bit
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS (K-RAA-K) Labelsampler (CD (K-raa-k))Automatica Interrupted; The Overlords Keep On Guessing
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Festivalsampler 2002 (CD (K-raa-k))Scarves
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Happy Birthday (CDR (K-raa-k)) Helter Skelter
2007   VARIOUS ARTISTS Glasvocht Label Sampler (CDR Glasvocht) Untitled