This is an attempt to create a complete Tiara discography.
Tiara are Brian Freshour, Eric Rottmayer, Brian Moore and Craig Freshour.
Craig left and was substituted by Matt D. and Eric K.
See also Eric Metronome
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

  Going Through Channels (K7 Eek!) Wanted To Be A Kite/Inchwise/D'Anglers/Broken Fools/A Semaphore/Today, Everything/Tried To Hard/Dead Love/Siphone The Slope/Bedroom Flys
1998   Calling The Whales (CD Nooo Records) Texas Tumbles/Snowglobe/Loophole/Watch The Cars/Venus Neck/Pretzel/We're The Same/Promise/Untitled/Calling The Whales/Bedroom Flys/Swingset/Pressing The Keys
2000   Again Cast In (CD Nooo Records) It's A Message/Washington/Snowmonsters/Lost/Navy Blue/When There's Nothing/What We May Find/The Film/Back To The One/Red Carpet Ride/The Caves/Wait So Long/10:00 PM
2002   Titletron (CD Grand Theft Autumn) The Extended Forecast/Wish You Away/The New Hero/The 1900's/Velveteen Rabbit/Grandpa (Turns To Trains)/Waiting On Blue Skies/The Living/What We've Become/Get Some Sleep/Nowhere Slow
2004   Summer Of The Lion, Summer Of The Lamb (CD We Want Action) Something Good To Come/In The Mirror Of The Heavens/Summertime Sleuths/Drawings/The Lion & The Lamb/Everyday/My Name Is Daniel/Day To Day/The Memory/Hard At Work/Outside/What We've Become (Again)/00000001/Boredom Of Summers
2005   Chained To The Crown (CD We Want Action) We Learned From The Best/Someone Is Listening/Holes In The Brain Of A Man/No Better For It/The Next Face/Everyone's A Player/Expert Eyes/Green And Grey/Chained To The Crown/The Night Air/The Reason Why
2005   TIARA VS MIRANDA SOUND Donewaiting.com Volume One (CD/LP Donewaiting) MIRANDA SOUND Were Making Amends/Lines Were Drawn/This Is How Kids Lose Their Cool/My Surname's An Airplane/TIARA Tiara Worthwhile/Sugar And Caffeine (Alt Version)/Someone Is Listening/Flowers For Charlie


1996   Find The Time (7" Lizard Family Music) Find The Time/From The Top/10lb Dream
1996   TIARA/PRESTON FURMAN Split (7" Seldom Scene Records) TIARA Birthmark/Drive Me Down/PRESTON FURMAN High Seas/Mexicana
1999   It's A Message (7" Glazed Records) It's A Message/Circle Of Friends
    TIARA/SILVER SCOOTER Split (7" Voice Of The Sky)  
2001   What We've Become (7" Our Own Records) What We've Become/Waiting On Blue Skies


1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS Dreamboat (CD Cassiel) Siphon The Slope
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Next Year We'll Be Robots Compilation #1 (K7 Robin Hood Records) Left Alone
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Oda King Made This Dress (CD Hub City Records)Headlights
2000 VARIOUS ARTISTS Trolley Bus Music Tour (CD Trolley Bus) The Same Things
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Holiday Matinee, Volume 2 (CD Better Looking Records) The Latest Sunn
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS Documenting The Sounds Of Relay Recording(s) (CD We Want Action) Drawings
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS Cringe.com/pilation v1 (CD Cringe) Paraffin