This is an attempt to create a complete T.H.U.D. discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1993 Vagina Power (K7 Car In Car Disco Product) 33129 (Paste Voice)/13862 Drawoh/24925/32334/31732/The Wave Music Café, Epiphanies Of Midnight In The City
1994 Space Patrol (K7 Car In Car Disco Product)Up Against A Wall/Bravery/Painful Perfection/The Return Of An Old Disease - Goiter/Orgasm/Love On A Shoestring/The Ingredient In Toothpaste That May Blacken Your Teeth/Under The Stairs/Orgasm (Continued)/Illustrious Omission/The "Light" Dessert With More Sugar Than Brownies/Decision/Schizophrenic Causes Reconsidered/Why You Should Make Your Own Baby Food




1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Silvergate And Dovetail (K7 Car In Car Disco Product)31732
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Gift Of Gab! (K7 Flannel Banjo) T.H.U.D AND BUZZSAW Wash Away