The Babies

This is an attempt to create a complete The Babies discography.
The Babies are Cassie Ramone, Kevin Morby, Nathanael Stark and Justin Sullivan.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2010   Tour Tape (K7 Whip Records) Downtown/All Things Come To Pass/Sick Kid/Breakin' The Law/Meet Me In The City/Caroline/Somebody Else/The War/My Name Is/Caroline II
2010 Tour Tape #2 (K7 Whip Records) Run Me Over/Here Comes Trouble/Thunder/Tears/On My Team/Wild II/Big Mercedes/Sunset/Wild I/Personality
2011 The Babies (LP/CD/K7 Shrimper) Run Me Over/Sunset/All Things Come To Pass/Voice Like Thunder/Meet Me In The City/Personality/Breakin' The Law/Sick Kid/Wild 1/Wild 2/Caroline


2010   All Things Come To Pass 7" (Wild World) All Things Come To Pass/Caroline
2010   Meet Me In The City 7" (Make A Mess Records) Meet Me In The City/Somebody Else
2011   Here Comes Trouble (7" Teenage Teardrops) Here Comes Trouble/My Tears
2011   The Wilds (7" LebensStrasse Records) Wild I/Wild II


2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS Counterfeit Blanks: A Shrimper Compilation (K7 Shrimper)My Tears

Other Stuff

2014 CASSIE RAMONE The Time Has Come (K7 Comfortable On A Tight Rope) Songs Of Love/The Time Has Come/Joe's Song/I'm A Freak/Hangin On/I Don't Really Wanna Go/Sensitive Soul/I Send My Love To You