Soul Junk

This is an attempt to create a complete Soul Junk discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1994 1950 (LP Holy Kiss Rex/CD Indie)The Lords Saxophone/Jesus Light The Light/I Call On You Jesus/1 John 4:10-15/Philippians 1:6-11/Junkrock Motorcade/Hebrews 10:12-17/1 Peter 3:15 – 2:3/So We Can Worship You/Philippians 3:8-11/Yes Bless You/Hebrews 11-6/2 Corinthians 17-18/Colossians 3 1-4/Acts 4 19-20 3 19-20/Saved Punk Gospel Nonet/Psalm 46/John 14:1-3/Luke 21:27-33/2 Peter 1:16-19-23/Rise Of Soul/Mark 7:6-9/Psalm 51
1994 1950 Free Shrimp (K7 Shrimper)The Lords Saxophone/Proverbs 1.20-33/Even The Archangel Michael/Father God/Shine Out Of Darkness/I Turned My Back On You/Heavenly Bodies Will Be Shaken/Hosea 6.1-3/You Who Are Thirsty/Ephesians 2.4-10/A Holy Fast/Matthew 11.28-30
1995 1951 (LP Shrimper)Spirit Of God Descend On Us/Bread Of Life/Turn To Joy/Forever And Ever Amen Alright/Peace Peace Peace/Sovereign Lord Did Say/Away Like A Wild Flower/Soul-Junk Theme/Set You Free/Jesus Not Religion/Struck Down/No Eye Has Seen/God Does Speak/Paralytic Man/The Life Appeared/Where Your Treasure Is/Alpha & Omega/Lifeless Things/Supreamacy/I Worship You
1995   1952 (CD Homestead)In Your Sanctuary/Spoiler!/Pegasus On The Slow Tip/Like The Sunrise/Sweet To My Soul/Doom Beat/The Kingdom's Fruit/Ape The Rich/In Their Sea Thru Raincoats/Eyes Of The Spirit/Goose-Eggs/Oahu Strum/Cold-Coct The Coroner/Episode!/7 Horned Star/Cup & Dish/Seeing Ear/Another Dome Ride/Hi-Priest/Snatched From The Fire/Arm In Action/Throne Speeda Light/Nectar Sublet/Men Of Memphis Cracked Your Skull/Sideways Drag/Move Like Kings/Soulology/Slo-Jam In The Endzone/Junk On Lax/Kingdom Of Heaven/Zion!
1995 1952 (LP Homestead Records)Yard Sax Leader/All The Prophets/Friend Lend Me Some Bread/Strongman/Electronix From A Puddle/Salve For Your Eyes/The Merchandise!/Whatever Is/Apocalypso/Drink The Jacuzzi/Yeah Fist City/Snail Trax/See No More Visions/Even Now/Kick In The Sink/Nicodemus Song
1996 1953 + 1954 (CD Homestead Records)Junca De Sol Andromeda/Quite Alright Rockers/Shine Out/Atonal Eternal!/Young Businessmens Psykick Makout/Poker Of The Eye/Wax Presidental/Bloody Men/Three Thousand Thirsty Thoughts/The Lion Has Roared/Some Pampered Gangster/Sturdy Jive/Graveyard Style/Let Jazz Destroy The Classix/Im'ma Root Canal/Tiger Of Righteousness/Oblong Toggle/Bass By Sonar/Puts Wings On Things/Everlasting Bib/Lagoon!/Sundial Tone Spray/I Blame You, Stallion/Lonely Sapphire/Parade Like The Zodiac/Bridesong
1998 1955 (CD Jackson/Rubio Recordings)Rebel SyphonUniversal Two-Day City/Pack Of Goons/May My Tongue Be Stuck Up On The Roof/Velodrome?/Prophecies/Old Dominion/Straight From Neptune/Double-O Javelin/Blunderbuss/Thrown Down/Cherry Stereo Chariot/Moonbeam?/All Men Are Grass/Glowing Funeral/As The Rain/Transubstantial Peel-Out/See His Face/More Of The Illusory Doorprize/Gorilla In The Mix/April 42nd/Numb Live And Looser/Quasars?/Subwoof Ape Job/Yellow Tooth Yooth/The Auriginal Manglist/Down With Sounds/All Lids/Some True Blue Gum From Seething Teeth/Turn On The Solar/Lazy Rattlesnake
2000 1956 (CD 5 Minute Walk Records/Sarabellum Recordings)Enter Venus/Ill-M-I/How We Flow/Sarpodyl/3po Soul/Life To False Metal/K.I.N.G.D.O.M.O.G.O.D./Eyes, Externally/Monkey Flower & Yarrow/Judah/Pumpfake/Lordy Child (Say Abba)/Sea Monsters & Gargoyles/The Peacemaker/Dry Bones/Sweet To My Soul (White Hot Apostle Mix)/Red Top (Featuring Pish Posh)
2002 1957 (LP Holy Kiss/Sounds Are Active) Phalanx/Non-Linear/Jelly Wings/Gotham/Ungst Func Slag Collision/Innerspacemen/Droptop Floride/Horse Posing As Unicorn/Ruby Doomsday/Mercury/Jammy July Pike/Rap City Ark/Uqbar Orbis/Vesuvius
2003   1958 (CD Sounds Are Active)Hezekiah & The Sad Cobras/Moonpie Eating/Autosmuddling/Thy Dark Streets Shineth/Tasmanian Pork/Buzzards/Geolinguistics/Hogging All The Islands/The Nerve & Gall/Sabor/World's Loudest Ventriloquist/Long Of Tooth/Mesa Dixie/Shots From The Master's Eye/Brougham
2007   1959 (CD Quiver Society!)Psalm 1/Psalm 2/Psalm 3/Psalm 4/Psalm 5/Psalm 6/Psalm 7/Psalm 8/Psalm 9/Psalm 10/Psalm 11/Psalm 12/Psalm 13/Psalm 14/Psalm 15/Psalm 16/Psalm 17/Psalm 18/Psalm 19/Psalm 20/Psalm 21/Psalm 22/Psalm 23


1994 1949 (7" Holy Kiss Rex)Stripes We Are Healed/Isaiah 9. 2,6/Peter 2. 6-10
1995 1947 (7'' Karate Brand Records) She's No Peasant/Take You To A Jewelers/Numchucks Over/Overflows/Stay Liquid
1995 1946 (7" Sub Pop)Go Away/Tombstone Derby/Anointed My Mouth/(Blame It On The) Mothership/Salvo!
1995 1945 (7" Homestead) Harbinger!/Sunken Royalty/Crank The Ruins/Gate Beautiful
1996 1944 (7" Infinite Chug) Chanting Her Name/Xploding Rainbow/Spiral Gum Drop/Keep Yr Antennae Up
1998 SOUL JUNK/DANIELSON FAMILE Insound Tour Support Series No. (CDS Insound) SOUL JUNK AND DANIELSON FAMILE Nashville: No Sanctuary Death Face (Parts 1-4)/SOUL JUNK Alpha & Omega/DANIELSON FAMILE A No No - Blackout/SOUL JUNK Wax Presidential/DANIELSON FAMILE Lord's Rest/SOUL JUNK Graveyard-Style
1998 MODEL ENGINE/SOUL JUNK Split Seven Inch (7" Sarabellum Recordings/5 Minute Walk Records)MODEL ENGINE Hang You Upside Down/SOUL JUNK Pass The Mic (Members Only Remix)
2000 1943 (12" 5 Minute Walk Records/Flapping Jet Records) Ill-m-i/Elevate You/3po Soul (Le Tigre Mix)/Ill-m-i (Instrumental)/Elevate You (Instrumental)/3po Soul (Instrumental Mix)
2001 1942 (CDS Sounds Familyre) Live Inside The Soul-Junk Cathedral/Israel And The Limping Hip/Soon Seated/3 Fascinating Smells/Weapons!/Good As Dead
2001 1941 (CDS Absalom Recordings) Sticker Shawk/Houston/Achilles Eye/Rubbernecker (Sto Neck Rub Remix)/Sulphur Puddle (Featuring Chuck P)
2001 VIVA VOCE & SOUL JUNK The Scissors & Blue Series #3 (CD Velvet Blue Music/Cut & Paste Collective) VIVA VOCE Welcome Mat/Paper Doll/All Daughters Raise Your Hand/SOUL JUNK Soft Adult Contempt/Shining Path (Ill-m-i Pt. 2) Feat. DJ Mizzicah On The Record Player/Slither Hither
2002   1940 (MP3 Nolines (Live On KFJC Sept. 15 2002)/Pomegranite (Live On KFJC Sept. 15 2002)/Gaptoothed (Live On KFJC Sept. 15 2002)/Thereisfreedom (Live On KFJC Sept. 15 2002)/Ungstfuncfreestyle (Live On KFJC Sept. 15 2002)/Sunk Fang Shuffle/Quality Freshness And Reasonable Princess/East Of Sun/Siam Cats/Supernatch/Black/Inverse Square Dance/Jobbleson/Netherjams/Ready Mix/Sasktachawana/Speedracer
2002   1939 (7" Milk And Honey Records) 
2002   1938 (CD Salad Dressing Records/In Transit Audio)Maratova Andaluge/Duke Duncan The Kid Chef Cooks A Royal Stew/Palmbranches/9 Stitches For Broken Fan Belt/Underwater Saloon/Yawp Aspersion/Vesuvius Re-Ups Erupts (Joel Skunk Remix)/I Am Hawkeye
2005   1937 (CD Sounds Are Active)Opidish (Slo-Ro Vs. M.C. Ponderosa Remix)/Begollar Tempus (Aelters Remix)/Seahorse Posing As Colorform (Create (!) Vs. Accident Remix)/Poolfullofstatic (Hairspray Or No? Remix)/Aiming Narrow (Wobbly Remix)/Jammy July Pike Remix ([Drekka] Remix)/Hornfront (Poison Arrows Remix)/Soul Structures Sourced (Stephen Ruiz Remix)/Atari Atari (Professor Kermit/Anish Vyas Remix)/Jibjob (Matt Davignon Remix)/NOVA (Soul-Junk/Evig Poesi Remix)/Ungst Func Slang Collision (Dev79 Remix)/Totale (Looproad Ruby Doomsday Remix)/Creech (Soul-Junk Remix)/Non-Linear (Jason Talbot Remix)/Organ Air (Patagonia Remix)/Clarks Green (Therefore Remix)/Canhop (Leafcutter John Remix)/Wack M.C. (Soul-Junk Remix)


1994   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Smitten Love Song Comp. (CD Karate Brand Records) Cathleen
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Ow, Quit It! Vol 2 (7" Volvolo Records)Matthew 5:13-16
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Slow Children At Play (CD 5th Beetle) Skulk On, Gentle Breeze
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Whump #1 Bonus Record (2x7'' Whump) Corpus
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS How To Sink A Fleeing Ship (A Squirrel Energy Now! Compilation) (K7 Squirrel Energy Now) On Our Merry Way/Judge Not
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Want Comp Deux (7" Wantage) Destroid
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS Methods Of Intimate Plumbing (CD Blue Bunny Records) Swallowed Up By Life
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Next Year We'll Be Robots Compilation #1 (K7 Robin Hood Records) New Jack With The Freshest Scent
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Ché's Private Milky Way Mobile Vol. 2 (LP Footprint) Telescoping
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Flushing The Vault (7" Titanium Exposé)Bottomless Might
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Drinking From Puddles: A Radio History (CD Kill Rock Stars)Sweet To My Soul
2000 VARIOUS ARTISTS 8.21 A Blue Bunny Compilation (CD Blue Bunny Records) If You Quaff The Oblations/When We Are Eaten By Lions/She's An Old Bat
2001   PISH POSH Indoor Storm (CD Rawkuts)Spyder Bag
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS Featuring Pigeon John (CD The Telephone Company) Monsters And Gargoyles
2004   VARIOUS ARTISTS Sounds Are Active/Asthmatic Kitty 2004 Sampler (CD Sounds Are Active/Asthmatic Kitty)Nova (Evig Poesi Remix)
2005   VARIOUS ARTISTS Strata - A Young Person's Guide To Experimental Music (CD Sounds Are Active/Joyful Noise Recordings)Genesis 15
2006   VARIOUS ARTISTS Futurism Ain't Shit To Me 2 (CD Kyo) Ungst Func Slag Collision
2010 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smooth Sounds: The Future Hits Of Wckr Spgt - A 20th Anniversary Shrimper Compilation (2CD/K7 Shrimper) A Better Line