Shy Rights Movement

This is an attempt to create a complete Shy Rights Movemnet discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

  Great Western (K7 Best Kept Secret)New Dawn/Big Nowhere/Tumbleweed/Serpent Song/Cold Inside/Drag Me/Merchant City Hotel/Sandy/Delta Forever/Lighthouse/Semi Precious/Great Western/In My Bones/Especially The Lights
    Songs From The Smalltime (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    Live & Dead (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    Vanity Recordings (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    The Happiness Project (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
  Reward Time (K7/CD Kaw Tapes) Just Like Violence/Double Negative/Song To The Nightshift/Those Lonely Roads/Only The Lost Can Find Their Way/The Solemn, Balanced Weight Of The Hammer/The Nine Billion Names For God/Hold Me Till I'm Whole/Spirit Of The Sidewalk
    Trauma Peepshow (K7/CD Kaw Tapes)  
    Live At The 13th Note, 16.3.99 (CD Kaw Tapes)  
    Fragments Of Shame Part 1 (CD Kaw Tapes)  
    Dark Shadows/Fade (CD Kaw Tapes)  
2008 Everything Is Disappointing: A Shy Rights Movement Collection (CDR Lonely Whistle)Sandy/Big Nowhere/Cold Inside/Semi-Precious/Great Western/Inside Of Me/Tumbleweed/Lighthouse/Especially The Lights/In My Bones/The Solemn, Balanced Weight Of The Hammer/What Jesus Wouldn't Do/Fade/All Through The Night


    Only The Lost Can Find Their (7" Kaw Tapes)  


    VARIOUS ARTISTS Agate (K7 Bliss)  
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Bliss Volume Eighty-Nine (K7 Bliss)  
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Bliss Volume One Hundred And Nineteen (K7 Bliss)  
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Card Carrying Supporters Of Romance (CD Morc Tapes/Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club)Great Western

Other stuff

2018 MARK RITCHIE Kidology (K7 Gertrude Tapes) Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday