The Secret Stars

This is an attempt to create a complete The Secret Stars discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1995 The Secret Stars (K7 Shrimper)Auto Reverse (Arcane 17)/Court/Our Voices Are Getting Higher/Shoe In/Math=Vacuum/Polaroid Prints/Tag Yours/Dating Is Stupid/September
1995 The Secret Stars (CD Shrimper)Vague/Life Of Submission/(Whisper: Eye)/Andy And Girls/Alienation #3/Kids Can't Maintain/Jumpstart #1/Snowday/(Whisper: Heart)/Aufheben/Untitled #2/Sleep, Star./Jumpstart/Your Life to Live/This New Garage/Psychic Intrusion/Darstellung/Moving Song/Zombie Samba/Femmes Damnees
1998 Genealogies (CD Shrimper)Haphazard Joy/Shoe In/Melt/N29, It's Alright/Can U Feel It?/The Four Senses/SERC/Sister, Brother/Trance Hall Storm/5,000,000,000/Some Sinatra/The Mode-E/The Vitamin-V/We Have Been Schooled By/Release Form/Back In The Car


1996 Nightingale (7" Atlas) Nightingale/RPMS
1998 Fourteen Days In Belpaese (7" Candy Apple/Green Records) RPMS/The Congress



Minor Releases, Promos, Etc.

1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Midheaven Autumn 1996 (CD Revolver USA) Vague