This is an attempt to create a complete Ribeye discography.
Ribeye is
Albert Cunningham, Phillip Lee Duncan and Darrell Fornell.
See also Caleb Fraid.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

  This Little Light Of Mine (K7 Doormat, TX)Dishwashers Like Us/Storyteller/Superstar/Brass Tacks/Dominion/Know Myself/Comedienne/Booty For You/Upper Hand/Baptist (Here's My Head)/American Sumo/Winter Was A Bug/Chained To A Rock/Harry Houdini
    Welcome Mat (K7 Doormat, TX) 
    Cusp (K7 Doormat, TX) 
1997 Obscurity Sings! (Double Chin Music) (2xK7 Doormat, TX)Ballad Of All Redemptions/My Confidence Is Drowsy/Rumplestiltskin (Sales Associate)/Butterfly Knife/All Things Must Pass/Port Arthur/Hammer On/Sorcerer (Yngwie Envy)/Another Male Prostitute Song/Pete Defreitas/Miracles In Ice/Go Wild Kats!
Oh Sheridinn, Pascagoula/Squeegee Tastic Lover/Cigarettes & Celebrity Sleuth/Pooh Bear Crisis/Scorpio Sitting Still/American Primitive/Tanya Tuckeresque/Annunciation Day/Phil Ochs (Too Folk To Fuck)/All Is Forgiven




1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Mein Compf (K7 Doormat, TX)Little Hot Hotel Room/Dishwashers Like Us
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Lonestar Palmetto (K7 Flannel Banjo) Blackeye Bumfuck
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Mein Compf II (K7 Doormat, TX)Mary Michael
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Mein Compf 3 (K7 Doormat, TX)Confidence
1997 VARIOS ARTISTS Hey Bobby J. - A Compilation Of Bobby J. And Friends (K7 Bobby J) Hey Bobby J./Everything Is Beautiful
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Zodiac Melodiac (K7 Doormat, TX)Scorpio Sitting Still (Scorpio)/Untitled
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Comp #6: Cooking Hows And Whys (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Hammer Off
  VARIOUS ARTISTS It Was A Pleasure (K7 Doormat, TX)Pete De Freitas
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS Main Compf 4 (K7 Doormat, TX)Windex Lover
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Prisoner Of The Spectacle - A Tribute To Charlie McAlister (K7 Doormat, TX)RIBEYE VS. MCALISTER Good Kind Man
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's A Doormat, Tx.mas (K7 Doormat, TX)RIBEYE Santa's Lae At: 17-Hannakuh With The Monsters/RIBEYE BECOMING REBELHEIRS Silent Nite/RIBEYE VS CHARLIE MCALISTER AND GEORGE WILLARD Cajun Xmas
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Mein Compf 5 (K7 Doormat, TX)Rumplestiltskin
2005 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Tape Deckade (1995-2005) (CDR Doormat, TX) RIBEYE Dishwashers Like Us/REBEL HEIRS Leftout To Try/ASHLEY HOLT Emmanuel/SMIRKWORTHY Korny/CHARLIE McALISTER Feu Feu Bitch/CALEB FRAID Local/MICHELLE GLAW Don't Let/PLUNDERSHOP Objects Defined By Space Between/CROSSPATCH Working The Rock/KIDDIE FRAID I Don't Love You/BJ KRAMP Scuttlebutt/REBEL HEIRS Crabcake Sue/FROG STRANGLER Little Suzie's Dress/GRAUSTERK Spray 4 Him/RIBEYE Rumplestiltskin (Sales Associate)/CALEB FRAID I Feel/STUNT DOUBLES Magnetic Promenade/BJ KRAMP Infinity Is Abstract/ASHLEY HOLT I'd Promenade With You/DARLENE OFFER Fucked Up (In A Sex Gang)/CROSSPATCH Ace Of Base/MICHELLE GLAW Tell Me The Secret/SWEAT FROST Anxious To Live/REGUCLARITY Public's Fire/DUCK KRAMP Everyday