This is an attempt to create a complete Plover discography.
Plover is Peter Duteweert. See also Birdskin.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1996 To The South (LP Rotten Windmill) Action Host/Scent/Black And Green/Do You Know Why/What's The Band Like/It's Late/Take You Everywhere/See You In Hell/The Train/Pearls/Will It Stop/Perfect Hair/Flowers/To The South/Our Bed Outside/Under The Rainbow/Hear The Tune


1995 EP (7" Rotten Windmill) Down/See You In Hell/Track/Fall Out


1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Fast Forward Sampler (CD Brinkman) Loose/Kip Kapone
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Strenght Thru Ooij - A Brinkman Waaghals 10th Anniversary Special (CD Brinkman)Wake The Old Man
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Tribute To Chris Knox... Vol. 1 (7" Acetone Records) Shade For Today
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Counting Several Fury Animals With A Toothpick Doesn’t Mean You Are Not Punkrock Vol 1 (K7 Toothpick) Oilbird/Wake The Old Man/It's Allright
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS 50 X Opscene 7" Oilbird
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Waffles And Windmills - A Compilation (K7 Lower Records) One More Story
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rotten Windmill Festival 1997 (7" Rotten Windmill) Ultimade You
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS We'll Sail Out Far... Maybe A Little Too Far (2CD Apartment Records/Wabana)Earplug