Peter Jefferies

This is an attempt to create a complete Peter Jefferies discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1987   PETER JEFFERIES AND JONO LONIE At Swim 2 Birds (LP Flying Nun) Introduction/Thief With The Silver/Piano (One)/Interalia/At Swim 2 Birds/Tarantella/Where The Flies Sleep/The Standing Stone/Short Was Fast/Piano (Two)
1991 The Last Great Challenge In A Dull World (CD/LP Ajax) Chain Or Reaction/Domestica/On An Unknown Beach/Guided Tour Of A Well Known Street/The House Of Weariness/Cold View/Likewise/The Fate Of The Human Carbine/Catapult/The Last Great Challenge In A Dull World/While I've Been Waiting/Neither Do I/The Other Side Of Reason/Listening In
1994 Electricity (CD/LP Ajax)Wined Up/Quality/Clear By Morning/Electricity/By Small Degrees/Snare/Scattered Logic/Couldn't Write A Book/Every Once In A While/Just Nothing/Crossover/White Prole/Brighten Or Bleed/Scissors
1996   Elevator Madness (CD/LP Empeor Jones) Elevator Madness/The Strange Case Of Stuart Townsend/World In Blanket/Loop/Echoes/28 Years/Satellites And Sparks/Shut Out/Sunset
1998   Substatic (CD Emperor Jones) Index/Signal/Damage/Kitty Loop/Three Movements
2019 PETER JEFFERIES Last Ticket Home (LP Grapefruit) Crossover/Lassitude/Guided Tour/Wined Up/Westgate Exit/Ghostwriter/Electricity (Live)/World In A Blanket (Live)/Cyclone Dawn/Fallaway/All Across The Morning Sky/Last Ticket Home
2019 PETER JEFFERIES Clutter (LP Grapefruit) Already Waiting/Whatever You Want/Just To Scare Myself/Difficult Days/Resolution/The Strange Case Of Stuart Townsend/Found Object #1/Whitey Peach/Age For The Innocent/Wined Up/Slow Motion/Tupelo/This Time Today


1990 PETER JEFFERIES/ROBBIE MUIR Catapult (7" Xpressway) Catapult/The Fate Of The Human Carbine
1992 PETER JEFFERIES/ROBBIE MUIR Swerve (2x7" Ajax) Image Of A Single Thought/Don't Call Me, I'll Call You/Swerve/A Chorus Of Interludes
1993 PETER JEFFERIES AND STEPHEN KILROY Crossover (7" Ajax) Crossover/Wined Up
1998 Live To Air (7" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club/Imperial and What Was Music) Come Down Easy/Elevator Madness