Paul K & The Weathermen

This is an attempt to create a complete Paul K & The Weathermen discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1982   THE PLASTIC FANGS Cloak And Dagger (K7 Shrunken Stomach)  
1983   THE PLASTIC FANGS Ugly Plastic Pieces (K7 Shrunken Stomach)  
1985   THE JOHNSONS The Johnsons (K7 Shrunken Stomach) Ragweed/The Answer Is Already No/Blind Man's Bluff/Fleeting Glimpse/Lyin' White Boy Blues/Manhattan/Money Melted Down/Radio Skin/Junk/Dear Old Daddy/Landfill Blues/Poor Man's Eyes/High Treason Blues/Silent Shame/Burn Baby Burn (Live)/Junk (Live)/Sidelines (Live)/The Answer Is Already No (Live)/Long Black Veil (Live)/Money Melted Down (Live)
1985   THE JOHNSONS Live At The Jockey Club (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records)  
1986   THE JOHNSONS Lap Of Luxury (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) All Juiced Up/Pickpocket/Misleading Phrase/Add Up The Bills/Newspapers/Burn Baby Burn/Everybody Is A Star/No Title/Load/Same Old Song/Contract Killer/3,000 Years/J'Accuse/No Difference/Sidelines/Chew Them Up/Red Wall Street/7 Day Drug/Moody River/Letter To Washington/Invisible Man/Hear Me Callin'-Fog/Take The 'A' Train/No Win Situation/The Motherland
1986   THE JOHNSONS Broken Spaceship (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Tammy's Blues/Concrete/Handfull Of Hope/Wood-D-Train/The Mausoleum Boys/Blue Eyes/Lottery/Conceal It/The Mask/Drug Train/GOD/Poor Man's Eyes/The Letter/Dreamland/The Summer Wind/Tear Up The Floor/Enemy Agent/Midtown Motel/Cut Throat/The Arson Biz/The Saint And The Princess/Sittin On Top Of The World/Ellsmere Island/Marching In A Circle/Holy Rain/The Tower/Apple In My Eye/Broken Spaceship
1986   THE JOHNSONS Christmas Tape (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Silent Night/Jesus Christ/White Christmas/Father Christmas/The Christian Life/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Christmas/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/Silent Night/Charlie Lucky-Three-Card Monte/Blue Moon/Circling The Runway/Venus In Furs/The Summer Wind/Caroline Says/Summertime/Blue Moon/Somebody To Love/Take The A Train
1987   SPY VS. SPY Patriots (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Highway 401/6:00 A.M./Voices Of Dow And Jones/Look Around/You Can't Have Me/Trailer/My Knife/(Too Many) Yakking Passengers/Landfill Blues/Murdered/Perfect World/New Orleans To N.Y.C./Amphetamines And Coffee/Marla/Look Again/The Little Man Is King/The Weatherman Says Rain/Patriots/Everything Is/Charlie Parker Says
1987   SPY VS. SPY More Rope (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Dyin' In The Streets/Nighttime/Motorboat (False Start)/Cigarette Machine/Mission Control/Old Fashioned Hate Song/Back Down On The Drag I/Motorboat (Reich)/Crooked Old Jack/War Crime Reported/On The Floor/Ransom Note/(Down By) Law/One Candle Still Burns/Everything Is/Blue Light/Kurt's Blue Return/Welcome To 'Hotseat'/Treasure Chest/Voices Of Dow And Jones/Charlie Parker Says/Back Down On The Drag II/Shut Off The Cash-Junk Voice Forever
1987   SPY VS. SPY Live Guerilla (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records)
Sterling Morrison Blues/Junk/Contract Killer/O. K. But Not Righ Here In The Office/Take The A Train/Are You Alive?/Malachi/Poor Man's Eyes/No Difference/Sidelines/Tim's Drone/The Tragic Tale Of False Face/Wasting Time On The Ground/Landfill Blues/The Big Game/What Love Is/Gun Hungry/The Tower/Senselessly Cruel/A Night In Tunisia/Voices Of Dow And Jones/Money Melted Down
1987   SPY VS. SPY Al Capone Slept Here (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Manhattan/Dyin' In The Streets/Hey Joe/Nicotine Psychosis Blues/Isis/Battle Of Armageddon/Fog/Add Up The Bills/I Love You Still/What Goes On/Gypsy Boy/Real Cool Time/Drug Train/Aloneagainor/Werewolves-Hey Joe/Blank Expressions/Battle Of Armageddon/Drunk Behind The Pulpit/I Can Only Give You Everything/Take The K Train/A Name And A Face/I Love You Still
1987   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Even Odds (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Gangster Movie/Shadowplay/The Ruin-Can't Get Next To You/The Master Criminal/Recoil (Lock The Door, Leave The Key)/Living For The City/King Of The Hobos/(You Better) Make Tracks/Afternoon Tea/The Lady Is A Tramp/Nicotine Psychosis Blues/Ether-Do You Know How It Feels To Be Hungry?/The Whiskey Priests/I Heard Her Call My Name/House On Fire/Tears Of A Clown/Radio Hanoi/Suspension Bridges
1987   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Foul Weather (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Little Sister Susan/Leading Economic Indicators-Junk/Sympathy For The Devil/Used Without Permission/Sometime Gymnasium Blues/Principles/Post Office Pinup/Money Has No Smell/3rd And Ten/Give Up The Ghost/City Planning/Synthetic Fog/Stolen Cars/The Cut-Up Kid/Satellite (Word Processor)/All Juiced Up/Little Wing/Railway/Louisville Downs/Canal Street Station/Chinese/Appalachia Is White Harlem/Still In A Cave
1987   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Bag Of Worms (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) All Things To All People/Minnesota Mine/Sniper Baby/Principles/16 Tons/Slurry/Money Has No Smell/Detroit '67 (High Speed Chase)/I Shot The Sheriff/Times Like These/God's Loaded Gun/Trickle Down/Archangel/Lord North-Cold Morning/Landfill Dub/Travellogue/Throw Me A Line/Pretty Boy Floyd/Valence Street/Bag Of Worms/Jarvik Seven/This Is TING Country/Money In The Bank/Oil Can Shake/Who's Gonna Dance On Whose Grave?
1987   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Blue Money (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Speed Freak/Leo Fender/The Master Plan/Signal Fire/Brompton's Cocktail/(Down On The) Poorfarm/Graft/Better Living Through Chemistry/These Things Take Time/According To Bill/The Thorazine Shuffle/Eve Of Destruction/Blue Money/Burial At Sea/A Night In Tunisia/Humorless/He Wants More/If You Will/Cloud #25/Marlboro Country/I've Got You Under My Skin/Ghetto Blues/Molotov Cocktail/Dirty Black Room/Ghetto Doll/Blue Murder
1987   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Canal Street Station (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) The Arson Biz/Heart On A Nail/Lost In The Forest/Hymn In D/Nowhere/Blank Expressions/Just Like I Thought/Name And A Face/Blacks And Blues/Gloria/Fog/The Motherland/The Ghost/Blank Expressions/Place The Blame/That Midas Touch/Down The Road/Fire Escape/No Difference/Galvanic Skin Response/Root Canal Blues/Invisible Man/A Man For All Seasons/Silent Shame/I Love You Still
1987   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Cold Front (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Sat Down To A Game/The Old House/The Pidgeon/Invisible Man/The Sound Of Our Screams/Contract Killer/Street Hassle/Bad Water/Mute/Amphetamines And Coffee/American Express/Seen And Not Heard/77 Miles/Winning The Game-Dark Brown Car/Bugging Device/God Bless America/Saliersville/Little Sister Susan/Jerusalem (Instrumental)
1987   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Live At CBGB - Pt 1 (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records)  
1987   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Twenty Three (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) The Crack/Shadow V/Legal Casino/Lawnmower Blues/Work All Night/A Distant Hand Lifted/If Anything's Left/Let It Rain/Long Black Veil/Burglar/Big Dumb And Ugly/Home On The Range/Jerusalem/Burglar Dub/Blow Up/The Suspect/Fancy Footwork-The Dr. Is Not In
1988   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN The Death Tape (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records)  
1988   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Patriots (LP Cut Corner Records) Marla/My Knife/Dow And Jones/Landfill Blues/Everything Is/Patriots
1988   PAUL K CONSPIRACY Joe Nix's Life Of Crime - An Opera By Paul K And The Weathermen (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Broadcast/City Desk Reporter (Late Evening Wrap-Up)/An Average House On A Quiet Street/(Proud To Be) A Burglar/Scapegoat/Architect Of A Major Deal/Father And Son/Fancy Footwork-A Bullet For Joey/Limp Up The Street/Freddie The Fink/The Doctor Will See You Now/Prison Blues/Chillingworth Road/The Suspect/Cops And Robbers (Watch That Man)/Let's Make A Deal/New Location/Stripper In The Cell/Greasy F***/King Rat/Hired Gun/I've Gone Legitimate-Protection/The Pigeon/Voices From The Future/The Xerox Mob/Magic Charms/The Kiss Of St. Jude
1988   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Blood (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Highway Zero/Endorphins/95/The Shredding Party/Jaco Pastorius/Nothing Makes Me Happy/Khartoum/Master Of Suspicion/Tolerance/Faith Cripple/Kapital/Desperation Move/The Bicycle Empire/Heart Attack/I Want You Back/77th And Broadway/Battle Of Armageddon/Fog/Nicotine Psychosis Blues/I Love You Still/Manhattan/Orbis Tertius/Burn Down The World
1988   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Rhymes/Reims (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Still More Voices/Detroit Civil War/She Can Wear Anything/The Panther/Come Quickly/Chalk Outline/Good Morning Cyprus/Water Into Wine/War Counsel-3rd Stone-War Chant/Axe To Grind/Gangster Movie/Shadowplay/The Ruin-Can't Get Next To You/The Master Criminal/Recoil (Lock The Door, Leave The Key)/Living For The City/King Of The Hobos
1988   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Holy War/Drug War (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Interstate/Book Of Lies/Amphetamines And Coffee/Borrowed Souls/Night In Tunisia/Heart Attack/Nothing Makes Me Happy/Sattelite/Chalk Outline/Take The K Train/Sattelite/Interstate/Hear Me Callin'-Fog/The Mask/The Tower/Tragic Tale Of False Face/The Set-Up
1988   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Standards (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Stand By Me : Lee Harvey & The Diversions/Sweet Jane : Subway Slim & The Track Repairs/I Heard Her Call My Name : The Crow Blossoms/Strychnine : The Heretics/How Much I Lied : The Cracks/Night Time : Baked Alaska/Summertime : Cannonball Buckston/Everybody Is A Star : Love Yourself/There You Go : John Horn/I'm Set Free : The Fronds/Row Your Boat : Wildflower Youth Orchestra/The Summer Wind : The Paranormals/Sittin' On Top Of The World : The Hard Hats/You Can't Have Me : The Johnsons/Shapes Of Things : The Scavengers/A-Train (Slight Return) : Unknown Assailant/Moody River : The Muckrakers/Living For The City : Six Feet Deep/(It's The) Same Old Song : Mr. Clean/Pale Blue Eyes : Pharoah Green/Oh Good Shepherd : The Fishers Of Men/Some Kinda Love-What Goes On : The F***Ing Bums/You Can't Have Me (Slight Return) : The Johnsons/Hot Burrito #2 : The Leopards Of Nashville/Good Bait : The Mosquitoes
1989   PAUL K CONSPIRACY Prints of the City (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Never Tried It/Welcome To The Past/Conceal It/Midtown Motel/Holy Rain/Junk Money/The Weatherman Says Rain/Circling The Runway/Angel In Black/Sharp Teeth/The Only Direction Is Down/All Things To All People/Minnesota Mine/Throw A Line/Vallance Street/Bag Of Worms/Verify The Facts/Detroit '67/This Is Ting Country/Times Like These/God's Loaded Gun/Jarvik 7
1989   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Greed (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) In Such Pain/Tammy's Blues/Concrete/Midtown Motel/The Arson Biz/All Points North/Null Zone/The Tower/Enemy Agents/Buckets Of Poison/Ellesmere Island/Marching In A Circle/Maelstrom/Dreamland/You Gotta Move/Conceal It/The Mask/Greed/Loaded-Drug Store Rock/From Here To There/(Love Is Like An) Itchin' In My Heart/Sick Of All Of This/Pickpocket/John Dillinger Says/J'Accuse/The Motherland (Live)/Dull Aching Pain
1989   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Fools And Fanatics (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) No Difference/The Big Game/Surgical Steel/The Thorazine Shuffle/I Don't Know Why I Love You/The Crack/Dark Night/Work All Night/The Proton Man/A Distant Hand Lifted/Deep Freeze/Burglar/Big Dumb And Ugly/Home On The Range/Jerusalem/Burglar Dub/Blow-Up/The Suspect/Fancy Footwork-The Dr. Is Not In
1989   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN The Evil Twin (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records)  
1989   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records)  
1989   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Coverage (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Medley: Third Stone From The Sun-Some Kinda Love-Sister Ray/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Beware Of Darkness/Farther Along/Which Side Are You On?/Panic In Detroit/Tuesday's Gone/Walking With A Mountain/Barstool Blues/Cool It Down/Bring It To Me/Human Being/Don't Think Twice It's Allright/Love In Vain/Candy Says/Loser/Joey
1990   WEATHERMEN - PAUL K AND TIM WELCH Kindred Souls (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records) Shooting Up A Storm/Let This Be A Lesson/Can't Find My Way Home/Iron Lung/Boyd's Blues/Gallagher's Last Run/Perfect Day/7 Deadly Sins/Add Up The Bills/Money Melted Down/Robespierre/Radiant And White/Grave Robber/Hand Of Fate/Wish I Could Sleep/Shakey James/Reign-Opposition/Monkey House/Ramblin' Man
1990   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Cousin (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records)  
1990   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Nashville (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records)  
1990   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Live At CBGB - Pt 2 (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records)  
1991   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Radio Dazed (K7 Shrunken Stomach Records)  
1991 PAUL K The Big Nowhere (CD SilenZ Records) Poor Man's Eyes/Robespierre/Flood The Market/Too Many Yakking Passengers/Superhighway/Post Office Pinup/Nashville, Tennessee/Midtown Motel/One More Joke/Needle Park/Already In The Ground/The Arson Biz/Thousand Dollar Wedding/Herbert Hunke Says
1992   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN The Killer In The Rain (CD SilenZ Records) The Third Day Is The Worst/Desperation Move/Dear Dutch/Highway Zero/Heart Attack/Pushbutton Worlds/Leave Me In Tears/Nothing Makes Me Happy/Chalk Outline/Crossroads Of The World/Sacred Mud/The Killer In The Rain/The Long Goodbye
1992   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN The Blue Sun (CD Homestead) Liquid/Amphetamines & Coffee/Root Canal Blues/Interstate/Mandarin Jade/High In The Air/Haunt Me Til I'm Gone/Placing The Blame/The Grid/Sattelite/Kapital/The Blue Sun
1993   PAUL K Blues For Charlie Lucky (CD SilenZ Records) Black And Blues/Stop The Film/John Riley/God's Own Singer/The Central States Pension Fund/Telephones And Mirrors/The Big Nowhere/Jerusalem/Nicotine Psychos Blues/Radiant And White/Autumn Leaves/The Rotten Tooth/Foglight/Charlie Lucky Says
1993   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Garden Of Forking Paths (CD Silenz Records) Stone In My Shoe/Something I Never Did Own/Radiant And White/Stolen Gems/To Win Is To Fail/The Tower/7 Gates To The City/N*gger/This Broken Heart/Coconut Grove/Disappear/Jerusalem Tomorrow/Carrville/Jimmy Blue Eyes/The Brush Fire/The History Of Rain
1993   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Garden Of Forking Paths (CD SilenZ Records) Stone In My Shoe/Something I Never Did Own/Radiant And White/Stolen Gems/To Win Is To Fail/The Tower/7 Gates To The City/N*gger/This Broken Heart/Coconut Grove/Disappear/Jerusalem Tomorrow/Carrville/Jimmy Blue Eyes/The Brush Fire/The History Of Rain
1995   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Now And At The Hour Of Our Death, Amen (CD SilenZ Records) Nashville, Tennessee/Everything Is/30 Coins Of Gold/You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory/Potter's Field/Blessing In Disguise/My Knife/A Quick Smile/Disappear/Jerusalem/Cody Cody/Cold Summer Night/When You Read This I'll Be Gone/Liar's Prayer
1995   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Achilles Heel (CD Thirsty Ear) Little David/Roses For The Rich/Deportee/Golden Opportunity/Internet Worm/Achilles Heel/Cold Summer Night/Add Up The Bills/Rerun/When You Read This I'll Be Gone/Tecumseh Valley/Everything's Forgiven
1995 PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Corpus (K7 Shrimper)Disappear/Burn Down The World/Take The K Train/Night In Tunisia/Good Bait/That's Life/A Song For You/Kapital/Oh Good Shepard/Hot Burrito #2/Two Planets
1997   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Love Is A Gas (CD Alias)Apple In My Eye/Another Night On This Earth/Slow It Down/David Ruffin's Tears/Everything That Glitters/Lavender Door/Deep Freeze/Jesus Children Of America/Liar's Prayer/To See You If You Fall/Manna/Love Is A Gas/You're My Best Friend
1998   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN A Wilderness Of Mirrors (CD Alias Records) Overture/What You Dream And What You Know/Crash/Switching Sides I/Aftermath/7 Room Motel/Switching Sides II/Imperial Statues/Big Bad City/Wilderness Of Mirrors/The Quality Of Mercy/Living A Little, Laughing A Little/Love's Accomplice/Haunt/The Bottle And The Cork/One More Form Of Pride
1999   PAUL K AND THE PRAYERS Saratoga (2CD Alias Records)On The Floor/The Truth Ain't On The Sign/They Just Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To/Airport Road/The Judge (On Judgement Day)/Artificial Heart/It's Gonna Rain On You/Once It Happens/Once It Happens/1992-Snakes Live In The Desert/You Took It Too Far/Harm's Swift Way/That Perfect Spot/Intro/Sacred Mud/Disappear/Stolen Gems/Radiant And White/Marie/This Broken Heart/Long Black Veil
1999   PAUL K AND THE PRAYERS Makers On The Rocks (MP3 52nd Steam Media) 
2000   PAUL K AND THE PRAYERS She's Wired In Stereo (MP3 52nd Steam Media) 
2000   PAUL K & THE PRAYERS Cycles (CD Shrunken Stomach)It'll Get Much Worse/Say That You Like It/She's Wired In Stereo/I Don't Feel Like Singin/Nothin' Ever Happens 'Round Here/Cycles/Talkin' T.V. Weatherwoman Blues/Champagne And Novocaine/Tears And Smiles/It'll Do You Good/When You Were Certain/Ain't Gonna Lie No More/No Need To Worry/Song For Nestor Almendros/It Don't Worry Me
2001   PAUL K & THE PRAYERS The Night We Cheated Death (CD Shrunken Stomach)Waitin' Round To Die/The Judge (On Judgement Day)/Sacred Mud/Artificial Heart/Long Black Veil/Nashville, Tennessee/Holiday Inn/They Just Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To/You Took It Too Far/The Lavender Door/Sparrow/Radiant & White/Two Hands/Slow It Down/Stardust


1992   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Stolen Gems (7" SilenZ Records)  
1994 PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Deep Freeze (7" Dead Dog Records) Deep Freeze/Faded Flowers
1995   PAUL K AND THE WEATHERMEN Coin Of The Realm (7" Fiasco Records) Coin Of The Realm/Untitled/Potter's Field/Just So YA Know/Pillar Of Salt/Wind Chill Factor/The Drunk Without A Face