Paul & Laura / Paul Lydon

This is an attempt to create a complete Paul & Laura discography.
See also Blek Ink.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1989 PAUL AND LAURA Bad Good (K7 Self Released) So!/Earth/Attacking The Brain/Cry/Topsy Turvy/Love Music/I Was Having Fun/Self-Preservation Instinct/Wind/Blue-Green/Secrets/In-flight Magazine/Neighborhood Vigilantes/Rubberband Song *1/Junk/Litigation/Rubberband Song *2/Little Wet Ball/Fure/Me & You
1991 PAUL AND LAURA Mobius Shrimp (K7 Self Released) Fiskur/Hester Prynne/Beat/ Qekkst Vatni/Untitled/Sherbet/HIV/Thirtysomething/Desire/Life Is A Mobius Band/Jello/I Like You Because.../Disappear
1992 PAUL AND LAURA Ilmvatnujokull (K7 Lonely Whistle) Wakna Klifra/Filusaga/Prince Polo/Fantasy/Red Ribbons/Portrait Of My Grandmother/Meat/Heilagur Maur/Roller/Vegetable/Barnabk/Tennurnar Hennar/Man With A Green Hat/Jlatr/House
1994 PAUL LYDON Red Nubble Signal (K7 Chocolate Monk) Whitecaps-Sun/Chalkmark/Afternoon With Extra Arm/Brookfarm In West Roxbury/Granite Cricket Park/Midday Sun On Office Window/Creek Bed/2 Slopes Out Of Synch/Showing You Water
1997 PAUL & LAURA/BLEK INK Six White Ghosts (K7 Shrimper)PAUL & LAURA He's Not Happy Today/Art Show/Tlandi Vlar/Six White Ghosts/Paper Box/Pjarmor/BLEK INK Envelope/Architect's Plan/Beneath The Sea/Canyon/Sideways Sun Lemon Juice/Crystal Car/Camping Trip/Allan Tyne Of Farrow
2003 PAUL LYDON Vitlaust Hs (CD Nano) Bletturinn Minn/a Borgar Sig Ekki/Huldi Akurinn/Vitlaust Hs/Nman/Passadu ig/Ljsmynd/Suaustantt/Einbrei Br


1994   Fiskur (7" Hoppel Di Hoy) Fiskur/I Like You Because/Red Ribbons/Portrait Of My Grandmother/Jlatr



Other Stuff

1995 BLEK INK Random Strike (7" No Label) Random Strike/Skjrinn/Plastic Wrap/Clicking Clock/Morning
1996   REPTILICUS Temperature Of Blood (CD Cat's Heaven)The Happy Mother
1996 SANNDREYMI Sanndreymi (CD Nano) A Hita Keju/ Jrnbrautarplani/Lita Ryk/Trollgarn Og Brfaklemmur/A Elta Togara/ Lunga/Lrttur Mlningarblettur/Melir Og Nlonttlur/Gegns Ppa/lferningar/Slskin Vefnai/Fortuny-Kjllinn/Vi Gullhrsana
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Badaboom Gramophone #3 (CD Badaboom Gramophone) PAUL LYDON & LINDA SMITH Untitled
2000 BLEK INK Blek Ink (CD Ba Da Bing!)Trust/Go for Beginners/Flag/Pappirsflugur/Evergreen/Castle of the Order/Forgotten/Faith Leads/Invisible Wedding/Dinner and Dominoes/Rain/Veil/Dot Dash/April/Night on the Ocean/Imaginary Line/Don't Take Too Long