This is an attempt to create a complete Neener discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

  Lifetime Guarenteed (K7 Cactus Gum)Jerk/The One They Called Him/Pez Machine/Gonna/Fishing Tank/Alien Bob/Barbie Queen/Big Black Bin/Holy Everywhere/Naive Little Girl Like Me/God's A Punk Rocker/Where Do We Go/James Dean/Losing Is Beautiful/Beautiful Losers, Nine Nine
    Panics And Bollocks (K7 Cactus Gum) 
    Drei (K7 Cactus Gum) 




1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hide & Go Seek (K7 Cactus Gum) Gluesniffing Song
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Chutes And Ladders - A Cactus Gum Compilation (K7 Cactus Gum) Mushroom Gurl
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Whiskey, You're The Devil (CD Cactus Gum)World Domination
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Cheese Compilation (K7 Nearsighted Records) Nervous Breakdown
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Try For Summer, Plan For Fall (CD Short Round Records) Mentos