This is an attempt to create a complete Moviola discography.
Moviola is Jake Housh, Ted Hattemer, Jerry Dannemiller, Scotty Tabachnick and Greg Bonnell.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1995 Frantic (CD Spirit Of Orr)Out To Graze/Color Copy/Pipes & Fitting/Delusion/Sensuous/Thank You Matches/Ear To The Wall/All By Myself/Bank Machine/Frantic/Rodeo/Walk/Drinking Wine/Ice Fishing/Untitled Track
1995 The Year You Were Born (LP Anyway)1970/Payday/Din/Wisdom Teeth/Sheila/No Heroics/Kind Enough/What's The Point/Drumulator/Rustoleum/Be There Anyway/She Took The Bus/Consequence/Catastrophe/Emmett/Xtian
1998 Glen Echo Autoharp (CD Spirit Of Orr)Telling You Nothing/No Wonder/Spin The Car/No Longer You/Better Off # 1/Crossing State Lines/Home Demonstration Agent/Sunburn/Glen Echo Autoharp/Pigeon Shot/Motorcycle/Bakersfield/Caught Up/Proximity/We Can See/Better Off # 2/At The Wheel
1999 The Durable Dream (CD Spirit Of Orr)Flag You Down/Crowding The Sky/The Durable Dream/Waltz On The Raidroad/It Only Rains On Saturday/Call My Work/Theres A Hole In The Aviary/Treaty/Accosted/1-4 Tank/Monument/Better Luck Next Time/Auburn Green
2001 Rumors Of The Faithful (CD Spirit Of Orr) Covers And Pages/Rumors Of The Faithful/Exit Pearl (Paddington Platform 7)/John Butler Train/Oregonia/This Conversation/Misdirected Brother/Sam's Curfew/October Leaves/Old Town East/Lay It Down/Top Of The Street
2004 East Of Eager (CD Anyway Records)Ghost Of Daniel Boone/Hitched/Halflife/Kew Garden Hills/Wise Men Say/About You/Morning Paper/Ashes Pop/24K/Luis Aparicio/East Of Eager
2007 Dead Knowledge (CD+DVDR Catbird Records)Iuka Ravine/Akron To Oakland/Rudy/Humility/Tears In A Jar/Knotty Pine/Your Major/Spanish Moss/Memphis Matinee/Black Haired Katherine/Don't I Know/Hand To Mouth/Truth And Devotion/Gone To Seed/Opheum Leitmotif/Au Revoir Blues/Don't I Know (Video)/Truth And Devotion (Video)/Rudy (Video)/Humility (Video)/Gone To Seed (Video)
2008 Broken Horses (Early Rarities) (CDR Spirit Of Orr) The Ledge/Somewhere Else/Broken Horses/Rockbottom Falls/Ted Was Born In The Summer Of Love/City Like This/Bank Machine/Bass Kids Ears/St. Vincent/County Lines/Spark/Half As Long/Inhalants/Signals Crossed/Convenient Store/Landlord/Trouble With The Preacher/Air Out The Motorcade/Right Brain/Greenwood/Forget Anything/Miss Smith


1993 Waste (7" MindWalk/Eardrop Productions/Anyway Records) Waste/Gin & Tonic
1994 Lookin' In (7" Anyway Records) Lookin' In/Ted Was Born In The Summer Of Love/Roebuck/Cartography/Miss Smith
1994 All By Myself (7" Ratfish Records) All By Myself/Delusion/Convenient Store
1995 MOVIOLA/COBRA VERDE Split (7" Wabana) MOVIOLA Empty Ford/Noah's Blues/Inhalants/COBRA VERDE Blood On The Moon
1996   MOVIOLA/ERIC'S TRIP Split (7" Me Too! Records) MOVIOLA Payday/Don't Spook The Horse/ERIC'S TRIP Pillow (Red)
1997 Brainhole (7" Wabana) Really Understand/Deming Street/Broken Horses/Monument
1997 Next Door EP (7" Ata-Glance) Luis Aparicio/Treaty/The Trouble With The Preaches/The Ledge
1997 Crowding The Sky (7" Fucked Up Records) Crowding The Sky/Landlord/Right Brain/City Like This
1998 Kitchen Waltz Preamble (7" Kim Will Kill Me) Calling On The Line/Muscle Car/Bass Kids Ears
2002 MOVIOLA/HANDSOME FAMILY Quiet Weather Singles Series (7" Spirit Of Orr) MOVIOLA St. Vincent/HANDSOME FAMILY Banks Of The Ohio
2002 MOVIOLA/EYESINWEASEL Quiet Weather Singles Series (7" Spirit Of Orr/Wigwam) MOVIOLA Spark/EYESINWEASEL Sadder Than You


1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Cowtown Vol. IV (7" Anyway Records)Floorboards
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Opscene 50 (CD Gap Recordings) Catastrophe
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Chutes And Ladders - A Cactus Gum Compilation (K7 Cactus Gum) Baby You're My Whatsastuff
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Whiskey, You're The Devil (CD Cactus Gum)She's Like That
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Extra Walt! (2x7" Walt Records) Rock Bottom Falls
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS Pee Out Yer Ball (CD Flux Records) Factory Girl
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Exhibit A - Chronicling The Folk Music Of The Nineties (K7 H Records) Tennis Shoes
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Matter Dominates Spirit, A Tribute To Jim Shepard (CD Meta Records) End Of The Bar
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Surefire Exclusive Label Sampler Spring/Summer 2001 (CD Wabana) Covers And Pages
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS v2 (CD Cringe) Green Wood