This is an attempt to create a complete Mongrell discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1997   LORETTA & DENISE MONGRELL Eleven Songs (K7 Luveable Nurse)Store I Work/Daryl/Eternal Man/Heather Went To Summercamp/Bow Adagio/Doze Off/In The Sack/Blond Girl/Birds/Woke& Slept/Ding Dong Waldemar/What Became
1999 Local Squirl In Rest (CDR Luveable Nurse)Cooler Than Cool/Wake Up/Floor Sweeping/Birds/Trial/Restless
2000   Java Tapes (CDR Luveable Nurse)Fish Fish Fish/Carl/Single Bee/V-Shape/Sniffin'/Tips About Romance/Turtle Picknick/Molly Six Plates/Would You Say That She Is


2001 BINGO TRAPPERS/MONGRELL/PERNATH/WIO Split 7" (Morc Tapes/Luveable Nurse)BINGO TRAPPERS Intended Youth/MONGRELL Lemon Juice/PERNATH Ginger And Lime/WIO Countless


2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hometaping Is Illegal (And It's Killing Music) (CD Living Room Records) Cooler Than Cool