This is an attempt to create a complete Matricarians discography.
Matricarians is Alan Davidson, Duncan Hart, David Mackay and Susan Matthew.
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2007   Matricarians (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle) 
2008 An Absence Of Ostacles (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle)Our Apron-String Theory/By Aikey Side/Palette Of Circumstances/Ribbons And Rings/She Dived Down, He Swam Up/Even In The Oddest Places Mix 2/On Hearing A Thrush Sing In A Morning Walk In January/Circumstance/Little String/Even In The Oddest Places Mix 1
2008 Laburnum Snails (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle)The Laird O' Elfin's Horn/Ma Bonnie Lassie/Oh What Is Batchelors Made O' Then?/We Mould The Lands Like Unto Us/Robin's Testament/The Thiggin' Song/The Present Time Is Oors/The Fyvie Ploughmen/Lucky Tattie-Suckysweetiemix/I Love My Love/Disconnected/Lucky Tattie-Chokeytoydeathmix
2009   Updown & Sideways (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle)Introduction To Thomas Truax/A Ploughman & His Lover-Plover/Gandar-Dower Tracks The Marozi/Get Up, Young Woman/Dorsal Fins/Gandar-Dover Organises A Cheetah Race In London/Starlings/The Mermaid/Gandar-Dover Is Stalked By A Japanese Submarine/The Busker, Katharine Jaffray/Constant Love/Gandar-Dover Takes Off In His Biplane/The Bonnie Woods O' Hatton/The Souter's Feast/Gandar-Dover Wanders Off Course
2009 Water Music (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle)The Sinking Of The Despot Of Skene/Beneath The Reeds/Playing With Toys On A Rainy Day/Granda's Bath/The Scotia Bar Cistern/Drap O' Dew/Water Pipe Hum/A Sailor And His True Love/The Dripping Tap/Donald Blue/Jock Sheep/Bowls & Bells-Clear Rinnin' Burnie/Boddamers Hanged The Monkey/Disconnected/God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman/Tipsy Carols
2009   Water Music (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle)  
2010   Chewart Croft (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle) The Midwife Had A Baby/An Abandoned Child In Barclay St/Laurencekirk: A Market Garden In 1906/Platelets Mix 1/Kirkcaldy, Early November 1919/Robot Birds Of Fowlsheugh/Kirkcaldy, Late November 1919/He Cut A Sappy Sucker/Robot Chicks Are Scared To Fledge/Platelets Mix 2
2010   The Circumbendibus Railway (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle) Mysteries Of North East Street - Mix 1/The Death Of May/Counter Intuitive/The Gentlewomen Of The Third-Class Carriage/The Circumbendibus Railway Imagined/..... Or The Limpet Mill Line?/The Third Mystery - The Sawdust Floor/I'm A Traveller/A (Hidden) Meaning/Sunday Morning At The Goods Yard/Mysteries Of North East Street - Mix 2/Sting Of Spite - Live At Tunnels 2, 26th Aug 2010
2011   Perilous Crossings (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle) A Room Where We Forget Things/Lime Plaster Angels/Bluebottle Biker Gang/Four Overlapping Dreams/November's Thundersnow: The First Flurries/Day Of Hawks And A Small Yellow Bird/The Pleasures Of Love, The Pains Of Calculus/Different Engines/All Night When I'm Not There/The Well Of Spa/Journey Round A Romany Busker/A Quieter Warmith On The Beech Leaves/November's Thundersnow: The Full Storm/Icicle Eyes: Live At Tunnels, 16th Dec 2010
2011   When We Were... (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle)Zithering/A Short Mile & 15 Others/Bobby Wellins' First Christmas In Ferryden/Luminous Witches/A Kitten Cynic/The Mouse Submariner/Eggs In The Boiler/Zithering Unadorned/Bobby Wellins Unadorned/A Kitten, Cynically Exploited
2011 Do You Know? (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle)On The Eve Of A Birth/The Crows Know/We Came In From The Rain & Did Some Clattery Things/A Gentler Dram/Crumpled Valentine/The Forgotten Tower/Zeppelin Attack On Rhynie, 1916: Live At Cellar 35/Patrick Scrimunit: Live At Tunnels
2012   10 Impertinent Questions (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle)Why Are You Reluctant To Leave The Woods?/Will You Play Dominoes Or Bagatelle?/Who Ate The Boxing Day Leftovers?/Did You Feel Sorry?/Can You Be Any More Inane?/Where Exactly Did It Happen?/Do I Have A Choice?/Are You Going, Too?/Was It That Time In Port Errol?/How Was It For You?
2012   Porthill Gymnastic Club 1912-13 (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle)Coaltits & Sparrowhauks 2/For The Forward Moon/A Pill, A Snake & A Bomb/A Plague Of Slaters/Nothing Comes To Mind - First Thoughts/Porthill Gymnastic Club, 1912-13/Crows, Magnum/Hilversum - My Father's Old Radio/Bogie's Bonnie Belle - Live At Tunnels, March 2012/A Pair O' Nicky-Tams - Live At Tunnels, March 2012/Thomas Of The Glens - Live At Tunnels, March 2012/Nothing Comes To Mind - Second Thoughts/Coaltits & Sparrowhauks 1
2012   Birdsandburns (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle)Transitory Planes/Three Jays & A Woodpecker/Hawks & Swallows/Found Sounds - The Huntly Tape, Part 1/Dragonflies & Bandies/Woodpigeons Waiting/Colour Films Of The 1920s/Birds & Burns O' Blairgowrie (Field Recordings)/Gulls Of Urquhart Road/Found Sounds - The Huntly Tape, Part 2/Synchro-Swimming In The Gene Pool/The Burn O' Vat, 23rd July 2012 (Live On Site)
2013   Fish Watching Traffic (CDR Les Enfants Du Paradiddle)The Pigeon And The Many Leaves/Little Sally Walker/Umbilical Chord/Fish Watching Traffic/Christmas Hunting Song/Bogie's Bonnie Belle / Jock Sheep (Live At The City Halls, Glasgow)/A Poor Widow/Blacktop Deer In December/Battle Of Justice Mills/Live In The Living Room. Holburn Street