Mark Morris

This is an attempt to create a complete Mark Morris discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1995 Corky + His Little Brother Tom (K7 Mighty Feeble)Document/Hot Chocolate/Tippy/This Is Mom/Spray/Light Vibrations/Fresca Confession/Basement #4/Jed/Paint A Picture/Thinkin'/Ashley's Story/Mr. Mellow (+ The Marks On His Wrist)/Long Distance/Journey Thru The Past/A Beautiful Thing/Meow/Sorry (New Mix)
  Corky Dreams (K7 Mighty Feeble)Carousel Song/Alien Conspiracy/The King Kong Problem/Errol Flynn/I Will/Waltz Of The Flowers/Witness/Corky's Song/Won't You Come Home/Temple Door/The Ol' Hickory Tree/Orange Tattoo/Life March/Summer's End/Song For Charlotte/Tango/Like Tyrone Powers/Pretty Little Grave/The Angel/Flying Fish/Sunlight Thru Windows/Song Before Bed/Corky's Dream/Song For Charlotte (Noisy Version)/Let Me Call You Sweetheart/Guitar Song/Culture And Vice/Hitler's Dog/Sad Song/Holy Madness/End Song
1996 The Hidden Significance Of Charlotte's Leg (K7 Mighty Feeble) Friendly Obsession Continued/The One I Love/I'll Sing You Jingle Bells/Your Mother Should Know/Forget Corky/26 Fays (After The 4th Of July)/Cain And I/The Hidden Significance Of Charlotte's Leg/Evergreen/I'm Taking You Home Kathleen/A Better Way/Homemade Song/Row Your Boat (Traditional)/You Can Fly/September (Again)/Straight To The Moon/3 AM/Greg's Book Of Dreams/Mandy On The Phone/Post-School Days/Walking Down A Side Road/Standing Up And Falling Down/Sex With Chastity/Steetlight Shining/Bullhead Lettuce/Gets Worse/Sneaking Up On You/Green Acres/North Courth (Amanda's Song)/Tell No Lies/Underture
1996 Songs From The Microwave Background (K7 Mighty Feeble) Green, Green Lawns/Sort Of Literary/Bedtime/Bickle/Recalling Jezebel/Who Was There?/Kathy's Train/Are You Afraid Of Death?/All The Guitars/Mom's Cider/I Changed My Mind When I Saw The Sunglasses/Wednesday Is Almost Over
1997 Bedlam Necklace (K7 Mighty Feeble) Well Hung/The Saddest Song/Quits/This Town Is For Losers (& It's Where I Belong)/Songs For Girls/Charlotte/Spiky Haired Joe/Voice/Why This?/I Love You/Bedlam Necklace
1997 THE MARK MORRIS CRUSADE Cavalcade Of Trust (K7 Mighty Feeble) Whipping Boy/Crash & Burn/Melanie w/ Black Lipstick On/Prick/Skinny Punk Girl/Chicago, Illinois/Dear Greg/Worth Your Time/Karl's Son/Not Like You/Give Her Love Blues/Shades Of Gatsby (Matt's Dream)/Sex With Chastity (Banjo Version)/The Way We Walk/Godzilla vs. Banjo Joe/Kathy's Train/Psalm 134/Central Park Ottumwa, Thursday 6 P.M.
1997 THE MARK MORRIS CHORUS Prophets Without Honor (K7 Mighty Feeble) A Prophet Without Honor/Daffodowndilly/There Is A Person/Ferris Wheel/Many Roads/You Are The Girl/Wandering Man/Even Here/Jennifer Moves/Warning Signs/My Father's Arms/Needle's Eye/Joseph & His Brothers/Things I Cannot See/Rusty Tin Cans



Other Stuff

1998 FRIDAY THEN SATURDAY Friday Then Saturday (K7 Mighty Feeble) (Mark Morris and Greg Peterson) The Mighty Thought/Drips/But On The Second Night/Curve Up, Or Down/Dissolve And Reassemble/Prodigal Sons/Pillow Of A Heart/This Makes Me A Mummy/With The Sound Off/Another Years's Eve/We Can Play With It's Echo/Abby Likes Autumn, Etc/Tabletop Mountain/This Is The Song/How Near The End
2007 CREEPING CHARLY AND FRIENDS Goodbye, Creeping Charly (K7 Mighty Feeble) Evergreen