Little Wings

This is an attempt to create a complete Gazer Tapes discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2000 Discover Worlds Of Wonder (CD K Records) I Won't Be Burned/The Shredder/To Bee Who I'll Bee/Tonight I Will Fight/Sand Canyon/Airport In My Heart/Listening Safely/Good Luck, Goodbye/Even Grey Hair Gets Blue/Unicorn/I Won't Be Burned
2012 Made It Rain (LP People In A Position To Know/Gnome Life Records) Rivers Of Babylon/Too Many Rivers To Cross/Scuby/I Thought You Were Singing To Me/Later Days/Bucked The System/Halloween 2020/Strange Victory, Strange Defeat/The Gambler/Human Nature/Fun, Fun, Fun
2019 Ropes In Paradise (LP People In A Position To Know) I Was High/Easy Street/Mexicali Blues/Jaddy Frank/Wheels/Miller's Cave/Lonesome Tune/Old Things/She Believes In Me/Torn And Frayed
2019 Wonderue (LP Moone Records)Filled With Wonder/Faith Children/Shredder Sequel/When You Know Love/Treat It Kind/Si SI/I Saw Reflections/Understand/Do Be/Light Be Bright/So I Finally Belong To The Night
2020 Wonderue Preview (10" Lathe Cut People In A Position To Know) I'm Dirty Now/In Favor of Life/Now I Am Filled With Wonder/I'm Feeling Tough/Welcome To California/Hawks + Dove/Wonderue I/I Will Survive, I Will Get High/Wonderue II/Wonderue III/Hiss/Dedication


2014 Me, That's Me (CDS/Lathe Cut People In A Position To Know) Me, That's Me/Me, That's Me
2016   The Shredder Trilogy (8" Lathe Cut People In A Position To Know) The Shredder/Shredder Sequel/Fall Sweep


2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Rising Cost Of Livin' High & Lovin' Hard - A Tribute To Kris Kristofferson (2LP + 7" Flexi People In A Position To Know) I May Smoke Too Much