Linda Smith

This is an attempt to create a complete Linda Smith discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1987   The Space Between The Buildings (K7 Preference)  
1988   Do You Know The Way...? (K7 Preference)  
1988   The Space Between The Buildings/Do You Know The Way? (CD Preference) The Wishing Well/Girl On The Train/It's Your Party, Too/What Eleanora Told Isadora/Come To My Senses/But Is She Happy?/The Space Between The Buildings/Put A Little Love In Your Heart/All I Did/Idea/There's A/Do You Know The Way To San Jose?/Confidence/How Funny/I Could Care/Take This
1989   Love Songs For Laughs (K7 Preference) 
1991   Put It In Writing (K7 Preference) 
1995 Nothing Else Matters (CD Feel Good All Over)The Answer To Your Question/In No Uncertain Terms/I'll Never See You Again/For Here Or To Go/In The Hospital/Bright Side/All Of The Blue/Only A Moment/I See Your Face/It Seems To Me/Little To Be Won/Nothing Else Matters
1997   Preference: Selected Songs, 1987-1991 (CD Harriet) 
  I So Liked Spring (K7 Shrimper)Fin De Fete/Again/The Pedlar/Afternoon Tea/I So Liked Spring/Rooms/From A Window/Absence/A Quoi Bon Dire/In The Fields/May, 1915/Not For That City
2002   Emily's House (CD Preference)Emily's House/The Time Of Year/No 2 People/Table By The Window/You Changed/Night/Where You Are/Club Soda & Lime/Emily's Grave/Solitary Pursuits/Along The Quiet Path
2005   Something New! (CD Preference)Something Old/Leaving The Station/Something New!/For A Little While/Corporate Blunders/How It Was/ReEnactment/Public Life Story/Purple Lips/It's Now/Train Tune/Free And Clearly/Something New! (Remix by Arthur Loves Plastic)
2014 All The Stars That Never Were - An Introduction To Linda Smith (K7 Juniper Tree Songs) Confidence/The Space Between The Buildings/Emily's House/There's A.../But Is She Happy?/Because You Asked Me/Figment Of Your Imagination/I So Liked Spring/Cemetery Song/The Answer To Your Question/Ut's Now/Girl On The Train/Night/All I Did/Fin De FÍte/Do You Know The Way To San Jose?/This Reminds Me


1990   Gorgeous Water (7" Harriet)  
1993 Till Another Time (7" Slumberland) Till Another Time/I Just Had To/In This


1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Seek Refuge From Your Intolerable Situation (LP Garden Of Delights) This Reminds Me
  VARIOUS ARTISTS We Are Not Alone - Songs For The Lo-Fi Generation (K7 Best Kept Secret)Train Tune
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Badaboom Gramophone #3 (CD Badaboom Gramophone) PAUL LYDON & LINDA SMITH Untitled
1998   VARIOUS ARTIS Friendly Society - A Harriet Records Compilation (CD Harriet Records) All The Umbrellas In London/A Quiet Evening
2002 VARIOUS ARTISTS We Are Not Alone - Songs For The Lo-Fi Generation Vol. 7 (K7 Best Kept Secret)No 2 People