Lettuce Prey

This is an attempt to create a complete Lettuce Prey discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1995 Shattered Vessels And Mended Sherds (K7 Catsup Plate)The Cold And Cool Of John Property/White Suits/Sweaty Vinegary Scent/Means A Lot/Salad State/One More/My Suitcase Is My Friend/How Far Away Are we?/All Of This For A Pine Cone
1999   Atlatl (LP Catsup Plate)The Onus Is On You/Jello Mold Bundt Fan Decor/For Your Grist Mill/It Sounds Nice/My Wife, My Dog/Can't Be Blind/Homily On The Anomaly/Julie With .../Bycycle Of Bees
1999 Blood From A Stoner Witch (K7 Best Kept Secret)Kamloops/Sargasso sea/Blood From A Stoner Witch/Canyon Sunrise/Much Bigger Than Me/Quiet One Eight/Mammoth Steppe/Pick A Pony/Born To/Horses/6x6x6 Feet/Taxonomy/Planet Of The 8's/Mind Garden
2003 Jesus Christ Air Conditioner (K7 Monotone)Passion Is-Does/In Starlight/Why Sicryd/4004
2004 Early Years (K7 Monotone)Starkissed Fish Sailor/Les Mis/Sky Queen/Foggy Sunday/Affinal Kin (Reprise)/Bee Line Fr Yr Love/Tel/Weave/No Star Loam Star/A Bedroom Pastoral/6x6x6


1996   Revolver (7" Yakuza) Revolver/Flintlock
1998   The Moho Boundary (7" Tappersize Records) For Your Gristmill/In Transit


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