This is an attempt to create a complete Joy discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

2003 Joy (CD Shrimper)Lump Of Eels/Garden State Parkway/Magma Pump/Sex/Little Breaths/Something/Pulverized/The Trouble With Motivation/Untitled/My Favorite Parking Lot/Change And Adaptation
2004   Hatred & Grief (CDR Self Released) 
2005 Devil's Blues (CD Shrimper)You Were A Fire - You Were A Flood/Goner's Blues/Tiger's Paws/Love Is Lonesome/Untitled #3/Low/Death Of Doubt/Smoking Sixes/Red As Rust/Sulphur And Smoke/Love's Bones/Strummed On A Bent Harp
2015   Shallows (CD Shrimper)Distortion/Oh, Emily/Big Valley/Three, At Least/Seeing Skulls/The Stars Over Somerville/Defiance/Bold Love/Our Shadows Anchor Us To The Earth/Seawater Kisses/Untitled 4/Reef & Wreck/Swum/Sea Life


2006 Sailing Days (CDEP Shrimper)Tiger's Paws/Sailing Days/Blue Light/Hammers And Hail/Sex


2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS WE Festival 2002 (CD ???) (The Jack McCoys morphed into Joy)THE JACK MCCOYS On A Plane Over Prague
2010 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smooth Sounds: The Future Hits Of Wckr Spgt - A 20th Anniversary Shrimper Compilation (2CD/K7 Shrimper) Pullman Heights